PSO2 JP: No Maintenance (12/30/2020)

Happy Holidays, Arks! There will be no maintenance this week. Campaigns will be posted tomorrow as they are posted on the official site.

Next week will be the Yakuza Collaboration along with the return of SPACE MAGATSU to start off the new year. Later on, we'll be receiving the new graphic engine in February, a Screen Shooting Studio, and Arks Ship Fire Swirl Refinement. I'm sure the next PSO2 Station!+ will go over these, so check that out on January 23rd to learn more.

Looking toward to NGS, we'll no longer be actively updating certain databases on our site. I do plan to eventually update the PSO2 Roadmap. NGS Closed Beta (JP) is coming up soon! The dead-line to sign up is January 4th!

This year, we've been trying new ideas for posts to freshen things up such as the [Revisiting the Phantasy Star Series] posts. The last part of that series will be coming early January so please look forward to it.  We'll continue to always look for new ways to freshen things up, and any feedback regarding the site is welcomed.

Thank you for all your support up to now, and we hope to see you all in the New Genesis!

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