Hatsune Miku Costumes and More Coming to Phantasy Star Online 2

Last night during the Dengeki Game Festival 2013, Sakai showed some footage of the new Hatsune Miku costume and mag collaboration coming in April.

The hosts took a tour through the Hot Springs Team Room where we discovered there's separate male and female changing rooms. A door will prevent male characters from entering the female changing area. When this happened, the audience chuckled as the male character exclaimed "I can't see… the panties…"


They also showed an extended trailer of the new Dragon Sanctuary (or Dragon Altar) field coming in April. It was interesting to see Dinians mounting an enemy.

[Videos by Manta]

Dragon EX

Dragon EX

Shougai (Japanese PSO Fansite) talking to Sakai at the Dengeki Event, inquired about the Dragon Boss that appears in the new field. Sakai said his name is "Dragon EX (or Dragon X)" When he's enraged, his body parts change color.

What we know:

  • According to Shougai, the Dragon's name is "Dragon EX" or "Dragon X"




Multiple Emergency Quests

Shougai (A Japanese PSO fansite) got to chat with Sakai at the Dengeki event asking what areas of improvements he has for the game. He can't say when but there's a possibility we may see several emergency quests occur at the same time.

What we know

  • The idea of having several Emergency Quests at the same time could be a possibility.

What we don't know

  • The exact process on how this would work. (Will it be set up like Dark Falz EQs? Or would you just choose from the list of EQ that are available.)


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