Mission Carnival Hoverboard Race for Feb 6th


Hope you are all enjoying the mission carnival. Japan's xbox360 site has been updated for the release of the other half of mission carnival. In this update World of Illusion Alpha will be gone until February 20th, 2009. In it's place, World of Illusion Beta will take over. World of Illusion Beta follows the same setup as Alpha, except with different challenges.

Another mission Thunderburst Duel will also be released where you collect Zonspheres and survive traps. Crystal Seeker will have new items added, Electroheart, Falclaw, and more.

  • Scheduled Update through February 27th
    • World of Illusion: Beta
    • Panther Blitz: Hoverboard Race
    • Thunderburst Duel: Free Mode and Gamble Mode
    • Crystal Central: New Items
    • Casino Rotation
  • Scheduled Update for February 20th
    • World of Illusion: Alpha returns

World of Illusion Alpha: Strategy Guide


World of Illusion Alpha

World of Illusion is a very difficult mission, so difficult that it's rarely fully completed. World of Illusion requires 240 tickets divided amongst up to 4 players. If you are in a 4 person party you will pay 60 Event tickets. If you don't have any tickets you can exchange them at the exchange mission counter. A total of 6 Zonspheres will be needed to participate.

What Should I Bring?

Don't even bother playing this mission if you don't have any Freeze / Resist.

  • Suggested Equipment
    • A Dark Line Shield
    • A Light Line Shield
    • Light Weapons
    • Fire Weapons
    • Rifle with Knockdown
    • Slicers
    • Tornado Dance Photon Art
    • S Rank Range-Mag with Ground Element
    • Wands
    • Nosdiga
    • Resta
    • Stun / Resist
    • Star Atomizers
    • Dimates (for Megistaride or SUV/Nano)


Stage 1

Use: Light Weapons, Dark Line Shield

Strategy: Fight enemies normally.

Stage 2

Use: Light Ranged Weapons, Dark Line Shield

Strategy: Stay in the center and fight from a distance.  The pink areas will shoot Zonde at you so stay out of it.

Stage 3


Use:  Light Ranged Weapons, Dark line shields

Strategy: One person should stand on the switch, the rest of the team should shoot from a distance. The main problem here is the Gaozoran. They will shoot Foie and damage pretty hard. Try to stay away and use ranged weapons or slicers.

One person should be close to the person standing on the switch and star atomize in case they git hit by Foie. The second issue is the Deljaban shooting Megid. If you have De Colte Line on you'll be immune to the instant death.


Stage 4


Use: Light Armor, Long Distance Dark Weapons, Freeze / Resist

Strategy: Please remember to switch your armor before pressing the switch. Have one person run to the other side of the map straight in front of you. They will need to stand on some switches to prevent turrets from shooting at you. The major issue here is the Zamvapas. Zamvapas shoot Barta, and will likely charge at a person soon afterwards. Use your long distanced weapons to kill while moving out the way.

You can have two players stay relatively close to each other so they may heal. Hunters should use Slice PA: Choutou Kantsu-jin against the Zamvapas. The main point is to quickly kill them before they run you over.


Stage 5


Use: Line Shields neither Fire nor Ice
Use: Long Distance Fire Weapons, Freeze / Resist

Strategy:  Note the area where the start switch is. You will stay in that vicinity and kill from a distance. Slicers, Twin Handguns, Rifles, or any technique that can attack from a distance is essential. The main problem with this mission is the Kamatoze. If they Freeze you, make sure someone is nearby to heal.

Everyone should stay near the center of the map and kill quickly. If you stray far off from the group, you may likely get caught in a ground trap while turrets shoot at you. Techers like to use Nosdiga here.


Stage 6


Use: Ice Armor, Long Distance Fire/Dark Weapons, Freeze / Resist

Strategy: In the center of the stage there will be a trap that will knock 99% of your full HP. You can either choose to detonate the trap at the beginning of the mission or stay far away from it. You must be 100% full health to survive this trap.

Ranged weapons work best here. On your map you'll see several pink spots. You can actually try to wedge yourself in between those spots to stay safe. Use slicers, guns, or any long distanced weapons. This stage is actually easier if you split into two groups, and stay with at least one person. Make the enemies come towards you.


Stage 7


Before you press the switch have one person
stand in the center of the rock formation.

Use: Neutral Armor, Long Distance Fire Weapons, Freeze / Resist

Strategy: As you teleport to this mission, a gunner should turn 180 degrees and stand at the center in front of the rock formation.  When the stage actually starts there will be a floor switch that will turn off some of the traps in this stage. If the person stands off of it, you will see ice flames rising from the ground trying to freeze you.

Everyone else will stand by that person and help with attacking.  If you keep your group together the enemies will come towards you and you can quickly heal each other and attack just in case.


Stage 8


Use: Dark Armor, Strong Long Distance Light Weapons, Freeze / Resist

Strategy: At the start of this mission turn around 180 degrees and you will find two safe corners. Its best if the group splits up and heads to each corner. Use star atomizer if your partner is in trouble. You'll be safe as long as you spam ranged attacks and Tornado Dance. If your low on members, use the Galdeen to fill your Nano/SUV.

Stage 9


The Carriguine is on the opposite side of the party

Use: High % Dark Armor, Long Distance Light Weapons, Nanoblast, SUV

Strategy: This stage is very difficult, and you'll have to play a game of cat and mouse to finish it. This stage is a square  with a hollow center. What you'll do is attack enemies from the opposite side using your long distanced weapons.  The Carriguine's however will kill you very easily as they try to run you over, confuse you, and throw Megid in your direction.


Before killing Galdeen, use them to increase your SUV/Nano

The current strategy floating around is to level your nanoblast or SUV by getting hit by Galdeen. A techer can heal you so you don't have to waste Trimates. After a while, three Carriguine's will spawn. As soon as you see blue squares on your map. Run towards one  of the three Carriguines and SUV or Nanoblast them. Make sure your other team mates are within the blue squares.

A safe strategy is for Casts to SUV first, then after they are finished, Beasts will Nanoblast to kill the left overs.  As soon as the last Carriguine is dead everyone has to make a mad dash to the blue areas on the map.

Stage 10


Use: Light Armor, Dark Melee or Ranged Weapons,
Use:  Stun / Resist, Nanoblast, SUV

Strategy: The last stage before the boss. This one is slightly different. There is one trap on each of the four corners. A large pink box will show you where the trap is currently set. If you are a beast or cast, use these traps to your advantage as they will help set off your blast gauge. Stun / Resist will help for the most part against the Svaltus.

Try killing Svaltus as quickly as possible and save your Nanoblast or SUV until 3 Svaltus appear at the same time. Beasts can pretty much fight the remaining Svaltus as everyone else runs and shoots from a distance. Otherwise try to inflict Freeze and Stun on the Svaltus.

Winter Carnival: Charged Puzzle Guide


World Of Illusion Alpha | Charged Puzzle

Charged Puzzle: How does it work?

The first main mission of the Winter Carnival is the Charged Puzzle. In this mission, players will locate plasma balls scattered through several blocks Each plasma ball has a specific letter or a specific number. You can play this mission solo however we recommend playing with at least 3 players so you can all decide which boss you can go against.

After you locate plasma balls, there are three receptacles that each need 1 ball inserted into them. Once you've inserted a total of three balls, the gate will open and you will run off to the last block. This block will contain either a boss portal if you have successfully completed an image, or regular portal if you messed up.

Shock Shot Stage


A very straightforward area. The hearts on the map represent where Heart plasma balls are. Play through this area and collect all the plasma balls here. Plasma Ball – Heart A can be obtained if you shoot a switch on the wall.


Shoot at this switch and Plasma Ball – Heart A will be yours!


Ice Blast Stage



Ice Blast has a hidden Plasma Ball – Heart B within the narrow corridor. Walk through the false wall to obtain it. Afterwards defeat the enemies and you will teleport to the last room where you can grab Plasma Ball – Rose 4.


Quake Blast Stage


Quake Blast is very straight forward. You'll need two members to open a gate with Zon-drops. Plasma ball – Rose 1 is on the floor once you walk down in it's own little crawl space.


Plasma Ball – Rose 1 Located Here

You and your team can head over to Plasma Ball – Heart C  after passing through some traps, then exit this area with the portal in front of you.


Shock Staff Stage


Might be a tad challenging with the Jarba's and traps. Both of the plasma balls are hidden this time. Plasma Ball – Rose 1 can be found in a Zonde Trap. If you destroy this, the rose will show up.


Behind this false wall is a Plasma Ball – Heart  D

You'll be teleported into a new room where you'll go up against several Jarba and traps spamming Zonde at you. After you destroy everything you'll see 4 boxes with Zon-drops inside. You will see a very suspicious looking wall near the 4 boxes. Walk through it and you'll obtain Plasma Ball – Heart D.


Flame Blast Stage


A somewhat challenging stage and the plasma balls are hidden yet again. When you first start the stage walk straight in front of you to find a false wall. There will be a Plasma Ball – Rose 2. Head back and fight your way through a room full of fire enemies. If you step on the ground switch in the middle, the fire traps will stop shooting. It's probably best to have a gunner on your team to stay here. The next area has a two person switch. If you step on it you'll get boxes of Zon-drops.


Yes there's a trap all the way up there!
If you shoot it down a Plasma Ball – Rose 3 will appear.

Shoot down the trap to receive your Plasma Ball – Rose 3. Once you defeat every enemy you'll find another plasma ball hidden under the stairs behind you.


Underneath the stairs you can pick up Plasma Ball – Heart B.

Congratulations you've found all the Plasma Balls! Now its time for the fun part, choosing a boss! The guide will describe how you obtain each boss below. You may only choose one boss, so please read only under the section pertaining to that boss.


Choosing A Boss

Bosses are obtained by selecting the appropriate plasma balls and placing them in the appropriate area. There are two Heart Plasma Ball receptacles and one Rose Plasma Ball receptacle.

Beginning from the main entrance of the Charged Puzzle mission, walk forward and turn 180 degrees as you reach the end. The heart receptacle on you left will be the first letter. The middle path holds the rose receptacle, which will be your number. The right receptacle will be the last letter.


If you were facing the entrance, your screen should look like this.
To your left is your first letter. (Heart Receptacle)
In front of you is the number. (Rose Receptacle)
To your right is the last letter. (Heart Receptacle)

Each boss has a specific letter and number combination. Please choose either Zoal Goug, Magas Maggahna, Mother Brain, or Seed Megashi as your boss. Read only the section that pertains to the boss you chose.

Zoal Goug Fence Pattern


[B] [1] [A]

The Zoal Goug fence pattern can be obtained during solo play.
Place B in the first receptacle, then 1 in the second, and A in the third.


Magas Maggahna Fence Pattern


[D] [2] [C]

 Place D in the first receptacle, then 2 in the second, and C in the third.


Mother Brain Fence Pattern

mother brain

[G] [3] [F]

Place G in the first receptacle, then 3 in the second, and F in the third.

Seed Megashi Fence Pattern


Place E in the first receptacle, then 2 in the second, and C in the third.

[E] [2] [C]

[thanks Grimace and Li]