Beasts: How to Nanoblast!

There comes a time in a Beast’s life where you ready to progress into maturity. Nanoblasting is when a Beast turns into a BEAST. Your the tallest hovering over all your party, and you can smash and bash to any enemy on the screen. But there are a few requirements before you can become a full blown beast. 


Nanoblast Minimum Requirements:

  1. Are you a Beast?
  2. Are you Level 20 or above?
  3. Do you have 10,000 Meseta or More?

If you answered YES to all three questions you may already be a Winner!

On the Guardians Colony, head to the 3rd Floor, and enter the Makeup Shop. Choose a Beast Badge and select from the four choices.

After you select your choice you can now officially Nanoblast.


While your battling, you will notice a 4 bars below your name. Each bar starts out grey and will slowly fill up. These bars fill up when you attack an enemy, or when the enemy attacks you. They fill up much faster when you are critically hit, so if you need to fill them up fast just try to get hit, and eventually it will become a glowing lens flare!

During this mode you can now push your Main attack and Photon Art Attack buttons at the same time. No matter what console you are playing on; Xbox 360, PS2, or PC, you will always need to press your Main attack and Photon Art Attack buttons together. You can only do this when you are not moving, otherwise you will just keep hitting enemies.

A Blue Beast is an Independent Beast

There are four different Beast Badges 

  1. Vande Val
    • This is the Invincibility Beast Badge. It has the shortest time span but is the most useful in battle. You will not get hit from any attacks and you can mash away as much as you like. Use this against bosses like Dulk Fakis, and you’ll have full health while everyone is near dying.
  2. Adaka Val
    • This is the Power Beast Badge. It has the highest hit rate. Unfortunately you can still receive damage and since you can’t heal yourself you will often times need to play very defensively around strong enemies. If you have a healer in your team, you should try to stay around them.
  3. Boggo Val
    • This is the Defense Beast Bladge. It has the highest defense rate from attacks. Unfortunately you can still receive damage. If you have a healer in your team, you should try to stay around them when near death
  4. Zeed Val
    • This is the Speed Beast Bladge. It has the highest agility and evasion rate from attacks. You may be dodging some attacks which gives you oppurtunity to do a Just Counter!

Motherbrain Guide

 Mother Brain

Its your Motherbrain and she’s mad that you didn’t wash the dishes!

Motherbrain is back for a new purpose and a new goal. She’s been infected by the seed and its up to you to purify her. Motherbrain is pretty much the same as Dulk Fakis in pretty much everything, with a few minor differences.

Her mainly annoying action is to put shields up. During this time if your in a large party, this won’t be much of a problem. Your party can just keep blasting at her sheilds while someone is there to heal you.  However in a 1-2 person party this will be problematic as most of your attacks hit 0. During this time its best to wait for her arms to come down, back away before they slam on top of you, then attack her arms directly. When her arms moves towards you, face forward and try not to turn your back against it. We’ll explain in more detail later on why you should do that.

Its Motherbrain! Clean your room!

Motherbrain tries out new relaxing breathing techniques

Her other attack is the blueish purple gas that comes up most of the time when she has her sheilds up. You should again face forward and keep running forward when this gas pushes you back.

When her shields are down, you have a limited time to attack at her face. Listen for the vocal and sound effect cues that tell you when she’s about to put her machine gun and blast you to peices. Its easily avoidable if you pay attention to a white ring on the ground. However if your constantly dodging her machine gun attacks you won’t have any time to even hit her.

So why should you face forward during her attack? Leo yells, "From Behind!" for a reason. If your back is facing her arm, she will have a higher chance of critical damage against you. If you face forward, you will have a higher chance of dodging her attacks, thus you’ll be able to do the Just Counter.  For her arm, I would suggest to stay away from it when she’s about to push you back since you won’t be dodging her attacks all the time, but if you get stuck in the situation where your pressed against her arms, just face forward. For her purple gas, I always recommend staying forward because this is her most easily dodgeable attack.