Is MAX too hard? When Time Attackers Design Items!

Sakai posted a new blog post addressing some of the recent complaints with the event and minor news about the Design Items.

Regarding Difficulty:

There have been comments saying how "the monsters are too strong". So within this limited amount of time I have adjusted the difficulty accordingly. Hopefully the points acquired during this week will be much higher.

Regarding Offline Play:

There have been comments asking if it's possible to play this mission offline… Well you'll just have to wait a while until some time after the event is over. Of course the EXP bonus rate will be adjusted.

Regarding the next Download Items:

Two teams who were the fastest in Little Wing Grand Prix created item designs!


Team 生主 member: Apple♪ [林檎♪] created this double saber weapon. It's supposed to represent an apple that is cut in the shape of a rabbit, and it has a beam of electricity looking sparks in the center. It is known as 「ウィニングアップル」 Winning Apple because they are the champions!


Team 生主 Member: Excellency [閣下] created a long bow that is supposed to represent the wild motif of the Yuto's Karsh clan. It is known as 「アンク・カッカ」 Ank Kakka, because the name parodies the kanji 閣下, which in hiragana is かっか which in romaji is kakka, so now you know because it's Mike's supershort show!


[via pspo2 blog]

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