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As Maximum Attack X undergoes EXTENDED server maintenance, we'll do some catchup with items that are now currently on the Japanese Playstation Store.

All Maximum Attack related missions and exchange items will be updated within the original Maximum Attack X Overview post. Please consult it as I add data collected by users through the various Japanese wikis.

マキシマムアタッククロス II

Maximum Attack Cross II: A new mystical space was discovered within the Ark. This time this location simulates the Planet Parum. Continue investigating and uncover the mysteries of the Ark.

Download Items for 4/28/10

凍剣アンカーキング (Frozen Sword Anchor King)
50% Ice Sword
FREE of Charge


ファイアーアーム (FireArm)
50% Fire Rifle
200 YEN

コンゴウラ (Kongora)
50% Ground Wand
200 Yen

アンク・ギアズ (Ank Gears)
50% Lightning Axe
200 Yen


The next download item will be a present from the winner of "Gurhal's fastest".

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