PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (10/8/2014)

Enter a facility on Planet Wopal, and level your Mag to new heights after this maintenance!


October 8th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 03.00.01
  • Client: ver. 3.0101.0
  • Patch Size: 1.9 GB (PC) / 502 MB (Vita)
  • If Pre-Patched: 221 MB

Sega is implementing two measures in response to their investigation into the server load.

  • Free Partners will be temporarily suspended.
  • Partial matches will no longer be made when searching for others at the Visiphone through [Character Search], as well as [Player Search] by Player ID, Wish List, or Present List.

They plan to carry out another server investigation in the future. The schedule will be announced at a later time.


Emerging Facility b
浮上施設 Emerging Facility

New Field

  • Emerging Facility

New Quests

  • 浮上施設地域生態調査 Emerging Facility Ecological Survey
  • レオマドゥラード討伐 Subdue Rheo Madullard
  • 浮上施設探索 Emerging Facility Exploration

Free-Field Coast Exploration must be cleared to unlock the new field.

Nepto Cassadora
ネプト・キャサドーラ Nepto Cassadora

レオマドゥラード Rheo Madullard

New Orders

  • New Client Orders, Daily Orders, and Team Orders added.

New Interrupt Events


  • Level cap raised to 190.

Crafting System

  • Timed Ability raised to 50.
  • New recipes and achievements added.

Daily Crafts

  • Daily Crafts will now cover Timed Abilities.
  • New Daily Craft NPCs were added.

 New Latents

  • New latent abilities were added.
  • Added latent abilities to some pre-existing weapons.

AC Shop Update

  • Added an item to the AC Shop.
  • Changed the price for [+150% Rare Drop Booster (x3)] to 500 AC.

FUN Shop

  • Added Lobby Action:   139「ポーズ13」 (Pose 13) to the FUN Shop.
  • Revived the Dragon Altar scenery pass in the FUN Shop.
  • Changed the price for [Grind Risk Reducer (+2)] to 1600 FUN.
  • Changed the display order so that it shows items of the same category.

My Room Shop

  • Updated the My Room Shop lineup.

Prize Exchange Counter (Casino)

  • Added regular and limited items to the exchange counter.

Some items may go out of rotation, and will re-appear at a later time.

Team Names

  • You can now re-edit the Team's name in 7 days instead of 30 days.

Lobby Action Items

  • Changed the names of all lobby action items making it easier to understand their contents.

AC Auto Charge Settings

  • AC will be automatically charged to your account based on the Auto Charge Settings when logging into the game.

Server Load Reduction Measures

  • Partial matches will no longer be made when searching for others at the Visiphone through [Character Search].
  • Partial matches will no longer be made when searching for others at the Visiphone through [Player Search] by Player ID, Wish List, or Present List.
  • The Free Partner system has been temporarily suspended. You will not be able to summon Free Partners at this time.

Special Weapon Adjustments

  • [Lucky Rise I], [Meseta Fever I], and [EXP Boost I] abilities selected during item appraisel has a set chance of being granted with the rank [II] or rank [III} ability.

Gunner Skill Adjustments

  • Increased the chaining time by 1 second for Chain Trigger.
  • The maximum values for S-Roll JA Bonus has changed from 160% to 110%.
  • An all skill tree reset pass has been distributed. This can be found in the Admin Storage Box.

Gunner PA Adjustments

Action Name Power PP Range Speed
Aerial Shooting ※1 UP
Bullet Squall UP
Dead Approach UP
Messiah Time UP
Infinity Fire UP
Satellite Aim UP
Elder Rebellion UP
Reverse Tap ※2 UP
Heel Stab UP
Shift Period UP

※1 Shortened the charging times.
※2 Adjusted its range and behavior so that the suction effect occurs when activated in the air.

Double Saber Adjustments

  • The Double Saber's weapon action is capped at two whirlwinds occurring at the same time.

Launcher Adjustments

  • Cluster Bullet's power has been reduced.

Crafting Adjustments

  • Raised the minimum damage for some high level recipes. (Previous articles state this is for weapons that require Silvadest, Silvagrimo, and Silvania as materials.)
  • Ice Fang Nabarta and Umbral Namegid merit values have been nerfed.
  • Reduced the Meseta costs for Technic Customizations.

Mining Base Defense Adjustments

  • Enemies with the panic status effect will try not to target the base.

Pajhadu-lin's Adjustments

  • Pajhadu-lin will move at a slower speed.

Pitch Black Territory Adjustments

  • Adjusted the number of tainted lanterns at the start of the Pahjadu-lin Emergency Trial
  • Relaxed the difficulty by reducing the amount of Pahjadu-lin's you have to defeat in the Emergency Trial.
  • The Gigre Gunnegam Emergency Trial has changed to appear after defeating all the Pahjadu-lins.
  • Changed the PSE's that occur.

Celestial Bullet Nerfs

  • Lv.1:0.3%
  • Lv.2:0.4%
  • Lv.3:0.5%
  • Max HP Absorption per hit: 50.

Innocent Appearance Nerfs

  • Lv.1:Same
  • Lv.2:Uncharged Technic Power 60%
  • Lv.3:Uncharged Technic Power 70%

 Elysion Adjustments

  • Elysion T-ATK increased.

Other Adjustments

  • Changed the sorting order when setting active skills to the sub-palette.
  • The "Observe the Event" camera will focus on some large scale enemies at a more appropriate location.
  • Falz Angel/Falz Hunar can now appear in an Emergency Trial in each Free-Field.
  • After clearing an Emergency Quest, you now have the option of selecting to retry the same quest again from the Camp Ship teleporter.
  • Shortened the quest area structuring of the "The Long-Awaited Tomorrow" Story Quest.
  • Crafting notices will display when recipes, achievements, craft-lines, and licenses are unlocked.
  • New timed abilities will be elected for the "Recommended Effect" in the Timed Ability Installation menu.
  • Added a preview display window to the Arks Ship Competition Prize Shop, and Casino Prize Shop.
  • Added a [Rewards Available] tab at the Title Counter for titles you have yet to claim.
  • Changed some of the rewards at the Title Counter. (You may pick up the new rewards if you've already claimed them prior to this update.)
  • The color changing entry in the Beauty Salon has changed to only be selectable for a costume that supports it, even when you do not possess a color changing pass. (Though you won't be able to access that menu anyway without the pass.)
  • Added message packs in each free field.
  • EXP numbers will still display even when enemies are defeated off screen.
  • You can now sell items en masse by using the "multi-select button" on the PC version.
  • If the numpad keys are set for switching the palette in the Keyboard Configuration settings, you can now use keys 7 ~ 9 to switch the sub-palette.
  • Each effect will display with an icon in the "ongoing effects" pane when checking your character's stats.
  • You can now fuse [Mind Resist] and other similar abilities in Item Affixing.
    • Ex: Mind Resist + Shot Resist + Blow Resist = All Resist
    • Ex: Flame Resist + Ice Resist + Shock Resist = All Resist
  • In addition, [All Resist] can now be transferred.
  • The Matter Board will automatically set the guide marker to the most appropriate node in advancing the story.

Campaign Rewards

  • Episode 3 Balance Adjustments Compensation
    • トライブースト+100% +100% Tribooster
    • FUN1000獲得チケット 1000 FUN Ticket
    • カラーチェンジパス Color Changing Pass
    • 強化成功率+100% Grind Success (100%)
    • 強化リスク軽減(+2) Grind Risk Reducer (+2) x4
    • リリパリウムフルチャージ Liliparium Full Charge
    • メリット値+30% Merit value +30%
    • デメリット値-10% Demerit -10% (x4)
  • TGS Secret Phrase Present
    • *ダブル・ハリセン Double Harisen
    • カジノコインパス Casino Coin Pass x5
  • PSO2 x PSO2es Linked Play Campaign
    • +100% Tribooster
  • Episode 3: Create a Character and Level Up Campaign
  • Buy AC Campaign #13


PSO2es v.1.6.2 (October Update)

  • Download (Uploaded by Synth)
  • English Patch by AIDA of Arks Layer
  • Corrected a bug where the game becomes inoperable if you had too many items/chips.
  • A Rappy Medal can be picked up at the mailbox as compensation for this bug.
  • Patch Notes Incomplete.


Ruins field es
★7 Arks Quest [Ruins] Field Added!


Banther Ong
Sharp Fangs Charges Across the Field
October 10th ~ October 17th @ 14:00 JST

New Emergency Quest

  • Defeat the Banther Ong for a chance to acquire its ★11 Chip.
  • Recycle those chips to acquire ★11 weapons available for a limited time. 
  • One of these 11 star weapons comes equipped with 5 special abilities.


Recycle Shop
New Recycle Shop Items
(Available until 10/22)


Weapon Name Recycle Shop Special Abilities
Hurio Snorty ヒュリオスノーティ
Hurio Snorty
★11 [Banther Ong]
Gift Receptor
Soul Receptor
Shoot III
Stamina III
Fang Soul
Hurio Sangoku ヒュリオサンゴク
Hurio Sangoku
★11 [Banther Ong]
Shoot III
Stamina III
Fang Soul


New PSO2es Special Abilities

  • The ギフトレセプター (Gift Receptor) special ability provides a set chance at transferring  [Meseta Fever I], [Lucky Rise I], or [EXP Boost I] special abilities.

Chip Lab

New Feature

  • Chip Laboratory: Enjoy conversations with Seraphy while perusing a library of chips.
  • Receive bonuses based on the number of chips you have gathered.

Special Quest

  • United Rendezvous (Energy Costs Halved) until October 15th.

esScratch "PSO2 Illustration Collection Vol.3"

  • Echo [Excellent]: Provides a great deal of damage to Naberius natives.
  • Mystery Chip


Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Daylight Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Pacific / Hawaii

São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan


Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega's discretion.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with their start and completion times as separate entries.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the "period" suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.


AC Scratch Ticket Bargain Campaign #2

AC Scratch Ticket Bargain Campaign 2

Purchase AC Scratch ticket bundles during the weeklong campaign period to earn valuable prizes at a later date.

Campaign Period

  • 10.8 ~ 10.15

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Purchase the AC Scratch Ticket (12x) bundle to receive:

  • Free Salon Pass

(2) Purchase the AC Scratch Gold Ticket (11x) bundle to receive:

  • Latan Rappy Suit

※Purchasing individual 200 or 500 AC scratch tickets will not qualify you for this campaign.

Prize Distribution Date

  • Late October


New Registration Campaign #11

New Registration Campaign 11

Receive items aimed towards players just starting out by registering a new PSO2 account and creating a character during the campaign period.

Campaign Period

  • 10.8 ~ 11.5

Campaign Qualifications

Create a new PSO2 account during the campaign period to receive:

  • Evo. Device / Green Puyo
  • +50% EXP Booster (x4)
  • セレスタレイザー/ナハト Celesta Laser / Nacht

PSO2 accounts created prior to the start of this campaign do not qualify for the prizes. Logging in without creating a character will not qualify you for the prizes. The campaign specifically targets new registrations for PSO2, not PSO2es.

Completion PeriodPrize Distribution Date
1st Round10.8 ~ 10.15Late October
2nd Round10.15 ~ 10.22Late October
3rd Round10.22 ~ 10.29Early November
4th Round10.29 ~ 11.5Mid-November


Client Order Campaign #66

Client Order Campaign 66

Clear the qualifying client orders for Hans and Kressida during the campaign period to receive several prizes.

Campaign Period

  • 10.8 ~ 10.15

Qualifying Client Orders

(1) Complete Hans' client order 「竜宮の駒からの挑戦」Challenge from the Palace to receive:

  • +50% EXP Booster (x2)
  • Casino Coin Pass (x2)

(2) Complete Kressida's client order 「浮上施設のテッテーテキな探索!」 Thorough Exploration of the Emerging Facility! to receive:

  • +50% Rare Drop Booster (x2)
  • Grinder (x30)

Prize Distribution Date

  • October 22nd after maintenance at the Visiphone.


750,000 Downloads Campaign

750,000 Downloads Campaign

Sega is celebrating PSO2es reaching 750,000 downloads with three campaigns!

#1 Login Campaign

Earn one Rappy Medal each day you log in from October 9th @ 0:00 JST ~ October 15th @ 23:59 JST.

Logging in every day during the campaign period will earn you three Rappy Medals on the final day, bringing your total to nine.

The medals can be picked up from your mail in the game.

#2 Thanks for Continued Playing Campaign

Players who logged into PSO2es between September 10th and October 8th's maintenance will receive one Hunewearl Chip in their mail.

This Hunewearl chip provides additional damage when an attack hits the enemy.

※The gift will expire if not picked up before October 22nd's maintenance.

#3 Welcome Back GO! GO! Campaign

Players who have not logged into PSO2es since September 10th's maintenance will receive gifts in PSO2 and PSO2es.

In addition, ★1 Arks Quests will provide a x1.5 EXP boost during the campaign period.

Campaign Period

  • 10.8 ~ 10.22

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Log into PSO2es during the campaign period to receive the following items in PSO2es:

  • Fonewearl Chip
  • Rappy Medal (x5)
  • Singing Rappy Chip (x5)
  • 500 FUN

Gifts will be delivered to your in-game mail the day after logging in following October 8th's maintenance @ 15:00 JST.

(2) Log into PSO2es during the campaign period to receive the following items in PSO2:

  • Casino Coin Pass (x5)
  • +50% Triboost (x5)
  • Grinder (x55)

Gifts will be delivered in late October at the Visiphone.

※You must log into PSO2es during the campaign period to receive the gifts. Logging into PSO2 will not count towards the campaign.


1 Million Vita Users Special Campaign Part 2

1 Million Vita Users Campaign 

10 Day Boost Period

October 10th through October 19th @ 23:59 JST

  • +100% Rare Drop Boost
  • +100% Rare Enemies
  • +100% EXP
  • Daily Campaign Rewards.
Login Day Present
10.10 +100% Tribooster ×1
10.11 Halfdoll ×1
10.12 Casino Coin Pass ×2
10.13 Extreme Pass ×4
10.14 Grind Risk Reducer (-2) ×2
10.15 +250% Rare Drop Booster ×1
10.16 +100% Tribooster ×1
10.17 Half Doll ×1
10.18 Casino Coin Pass ×2
10.19 +100% Tribooster ×1

You have until 23:59 on the appointed day to claim your Campaign Reward.

31 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (10/8/2014)”

  1. "Sega is implementing two measures in response to their investigation into the server load."

    I wonder how these could possibly be causing any noticeable amount of lag for the whole servers…

    1. Yes its great news but i really doubt that is the issue, If it fixes the server Load i will be very surprised. But i do kinda remember that a while back before free NPCs where added, the lag wasn't as bad, but still doubt it will fix it. Good on SEGA for taking some action finally.

  2. Something I don't understand: I did the two parts of the pre-patch (So if it can answer previous question too, yes you could download two pre-patches between last wednesday and yesterday), and just finished the final part of the patch. It's said 221Mo here but the Tweaker made me downoad 412.95/413.11Mo to totally end it. Why? I guess I have an idea about that but no clue knowing if it's the right reason or not.
    I keep this question in mind since a long time because it's not the first time at all.

    1. Just a bit of advice, 😛 Its better to wait for maint day and download the patch in full, There have been some issues in the past SEGA managed to rectify, but its always better to wait if an issue like yours has arisen. I personally had the same problem, then all of a sudden i had to redownload the patches all over again. xD

    2. I don't know, honestly the only pre-patch I didn't do was the first one, but nothing was different, nothing to re-download with pre-patches… My thoughts were just that some files are certainly just updated, so for exemple this 221Mo this time is the total size of new content, the rest are old files updated so it wasn't count, but I'm really curious to know some other ideas about that.

    3. did you remove the opening video files and forgot to put them back before patching?

    4. If you were talking to me, I didn't change anything about these videos. I read somewherer that sometimes, the game wouldn't react after lauching and stays on a black screen so I didn't change anything.

  3. I hope it don't have anything to do with someone stealing information from SEGA servers to do their own private server. Hacking surely lags stuff and it will be probably illegal.

    Also it's possible that SEGA's server routing is finally taking it's toll. Yahoo of Japan's fault for not announcing the routes to the world.

    1. "I hope it don’t have anything to do with someone stealing information from SEGA servers to do their own private server. Hacking surely lags stuff and it will be probably illegal."

      For the record all of the data that is being used to work on the private server is all done on the clientside, not PSO2Proxy, not PSO2, I'm doing nothing to their servers. c:

      Just clearing that up~

  4. S Roll JA Bonus falling to 10% only
    now thinking where that 9 SP will goes to…
    Celestial bullet Potential only gave maximum 50 HP

    that`s some BIG Downgrade

    1. ok, time for gunners to feel the nostalgia train like Gunner were on EP1 TwT bye-bye cool 3k-4k damage per hit and hello 1k damage per hit TwT /

    2. yeap, back then, I had to compensate the gunner's lack of firepower with my skill, so I invested a lot of hours just experimenting and practicing techniques on how to be a good tmg user.

      but, enemies back then were a lot easier compared to now, gunners like me…we're gonna need to step up our game again xD
      gotta admit though, the JA roll bonus made me sort of lazy when it comes to using gunner… I still do comboes but most of the time, it's just JA > infi fire…

  5. I think it's good… I'm a gunner for years and love it not because it's Guld Milla's OP or Stylish Roll OP… But I really love tmg and that kicks :3 as Bouncer Jet boots failed to impress me so I keep playing as gunner…

    I JA-Sroll much with it, because it is the only way to get maximum damage with gunner… but sometime I do normal JA combo just too rare, and I hope this balancing could lessened how many times I need to Sroll… But actually it's already a habit for me X_x…

    Guld Milla? I'm graduated from Guld Milla long ago, as I found it's too OP and make everything way too easy, I dare I can even Solo loser if I want but that's just a waste of time because I can't Record it o_O… H44 Missouri T is my favorite for now in term of design and elegance… not to mention it has good potential (atleast for yesterday, before the nerf)… And of course I want that Fubuki Rinka :3 so cute…

    Sorry this is just my rants :3 I hope most (true) gunner have the same Idea as me…

    1. guld mila reduced my expenses on mates to zero (not to mention, it keeps the perfect keeper skill active) xD
      I only buy monomates to feed my mag, hehe

      I also keep a "main tmg," (presently, it's the H44 or pandora extreme) guld mila is just sorta like a sidearm when I need hp restoration.

  6. If they have so many issues with ja s-roll, why not remove it and give gunners a new ability? The pre-requisites are shit anyway.

  7. >clusterbullet nerfed

    ah, just as I was starting to get used to how to aim it. though I will admit that pulling 20k+ with properly aimed shots when not being particularly tricked out was kinda crazy. for something that comes out that quick.

    > s-roll JAB 110%

    chain, you gunners! CHAAAAAAAIN!

    >•The color changing entry in the Beauty Salon has changed to only be selectable for a costume that supports it, even when you do not possess a color changing pass. (Though you won’t be able to access that menu without the pass.)

    …wasn't it that way already, sega?

    1. I don't think it let you, or I wasn't able to. I know for cast the color change options are all greyed out, so this would be nice if it lets you preview it with casts. 😀

    2. @ -Z- and Kouki, it's nothing exciting. All that happened was, they made the menu no longer grey out if you have an outfit that can change colors. However, you still can't access the menu without the pass, so it's basically just a pop-up ad for the color changing pass.

  8. Dunno what page you put the balance adjustments on, but the development team says the changed Panic so enemies will no longer attack the towers during Mine Defense. I feel like that's pretty huge, before panicked enemies would target the closest thing (including, and often especially, the towers), but now Panic is actually useful defensively.

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