PSO2 JP: Summer Update 2 (Crystal Dragon)


The Crystal Dragon update spans three separate dates, August 1st, August 8th, and the end of August. The August 1st update is covered in the previous post.


August 8th Update

A new field on Planet Amduscia will open up on August 8th, 2012. This field is known as the floating continent, but you may also refer to it as "Dragon Land." When the campship is in Amduscia's atmosphere, you can see this new field as floating islands high above the surface. It's theorized that these islands float due to the magnetic forces of the earth's crust.


Those level 35 and over can gain clearance to access this area.


New enemies include the バリドラン Baridran, one of the dragons that inhabit the floating continent. They can produce photospheres from within their bodies. They are slightly more intelligent than other dragons and may behave differently based on whether it's alone or with other enemies. Though their vision is slightly poor, they have keen sense of smell and will hurl these photospheres at targets.


Check out this new interrupt event! Similarly to an electric cage death match,  the dragons have set up a trap that has players confined to a small arena surrounded by an energy field.


Another enemy is the ウィンディラ Windira, one of the dragons that inhabit the floating continent. With their huge wings, they can perform mid-air beam breath attacks, as well as body attacks.



The クォーツ・ドラゴン Quartz Dragon is a huge crystal dragon that inhabits the floating continent. The crystal covering its body doesn't only function as armor, it can also be used as a weapon to shoot off powerful attacks. If you want to reduce its mobility, one should aim for its wings.

Around August 20th, Sakai will talk about more details regarding the third part of the Crystal Dragon update. Expect news of new story quests, new time attack quests, and the next scratch update!

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A Deluxe Michela!

From August 8th through September 26th, 2012, a new character will be appearing in the lobby. Her name is ミケーラ Michela and she'll be giving out client orders. She'll have her eyes on players who change classes and will be giving out various requests under the guise of "finding yourself"?


You can find her by the Aesthetics Counter.
I wonder why they placed her here…

(I have a feeling this is referring to SOMETHING…. It's soo transparent..)


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