Phantasy Star Online 2 TGS 2011 Screenshot Dump

So far we get to see a new city and we're going to add some of the points of improvement that will change from the Alpha Test.



FoCast in the City.

PSO2 Improvement Plans!

List Updated: Sept 16 4:26PM est

User Interface

  • Make great changes to parts that were difficult to understand including icons.
  • When you are using the gamepad, you can chat immediately if you touch the keyboard.
  • Make it easier to participate in parties from the quest counter.
  • Make other general changes.

Character Creation

  • Implement morphing when creating a Cast
  • Removal of Defense stats on costumes.
  • Support color changes for the eyebrows.


  • Some changes for the Force Class
  • Force: Increase the power of uncharged Technics
  • Force: Charge Technics in the Sub-palette.
  • Hunters and Rangers: They are currently investigating what changes they should make to these classes.


TGS Commentary

Game Watch + 4Gamer notes


If you were wondering, the current issue with the eyebrows was that you were allowed to choose only three colors, black, brown, and white. Now they will greatly improve upon this aspect so that at least it can match your hair color. How this will be implemented I do not know yet.

As for the User Interface, some players were complaining at how small some of the icons were.

There were many requests to remove defense stats on clothing. Players like the ability to wear what they want freely without having the problem where end-game, everyone wears the same clothes.

The damage given from techs that were not charged was fairly low. Now these uncharged techs will have higher damage output. Also, forces can now charge techs that are in the sub-palette. Previously only techs that were linked to the rod could be charged.

After the Alpha Test, users were asked to report their opinions on things they liked about the alpha test. Features like operating their player character, user interface, and communication were rated low while Character Creation and Background Music were rated high.

"To those that participated in the Alpha Test, thank you very much for giving us your precious opinions and time […] Because there are other elements that were not announced yet like Mags and My Room, please expect announcements in the future" ~Producer Satoshi Sakai

As for 4Gamer, they were able to fight the dragon at level 10 and they noted that if you destroy a part on the tail, it will reduce the range and power of it's attack.

 Phantasy Star Online 2 50% Complete?

According to the pamphlet distributed at Tokyo Game Show, as of September 2011, Phantasy Star Online 2 is 50% complete.

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