Summer 2009 Hotspots: Where is everyone on PSU?

As graduation and school commences, Phantasy Star Universe sees a small increase of casual and non-event players. Unfortunately for the Pc/Ps2 server, everyone is scattered across all three planets. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a party or much less chat with someone.


We present to you the usual hotspots people play during this time. If your a new player, read closely as it will shed some light as to why players are in this particular spot.


 Cylez City 5th Floor


Recommended Level 1-50

Percentage of Locked Party: 50%

Reason: Carriguine, Mission Points, Gaozoran Rod

Guardians Colony 5th Floor is the home to story mode and Maximum Attack G. If your a newbie here, it's your chance to gain some levels pretty quickly but you will need a full party or higher level player to survive the C rank.

Higher level players usually hunt the Carriguine as it can be used to synth the Carriguine Rucar. Other players tend to complete chapters in story mode. It will make it easier to solo missions as you receive partner cards from NPCs.


Cylez City 4th Floor


Recommended Level: 1-10, 50+

Percentage of Locked Parties: 20%

Reason: PA Fragments

Guardians Colony 4th floor is usually the chatting district of the Ps2/PC  servers. There currently hasn't been much chatting on this floor like previous years but it's usually a good spot to ask someone a question. Low level players usually start off in Linear Line and work there way through.

Once you play at S rank you may see some PA fragment parties. PA Fragments are used to purchase special photon arts that are available in the Guardians Branch on each planet.

The enemies here will throw Megid. It can become very expensive to new players who do not have shops and can't afford scape dolls.


Pavilion of Air: Top


Recommended Level: 1+

Percentage of Locked Parties: 40%

Reason: Diads, Serafi Senba, Mission Points

Pavilion of Air: Top is home to the popular mission, White Beast. It's probably the first place someone would recommend you to visit. It's a very easy mission that gives out a good amount of mission points very quickly.

For higher level players it also gives them the chance to receive Diad and Serafi-senba. Its a pretty good place to chat with players.


 Kugo Hot Springs


Recommended Level: 75+

Percentage of Locked Parties: 80%

Reason:  Technic Leveling, Milla

Kugo Hot Springs is a pretty cool place to relax.  We've seen more and more players hunt here, and it's beginning to look like a spot to hang out in. It is not very fond to open parties since most groups are hunting for Milla.

Forces usually come here for Technic leveling because most of the enemies are clustered together. Sakura Blast is special in that it has a few safe spots within the crevices against the walls or behind the tree roots. You can easily level Ra-class technics here without getting hit.


Paracabana Coast


Recommended Level: 60+

Percentage of Locked Parties: 70%

Reason: Armas Line

Paracabana Coast is a good hangout and chat spot for players. Many high level players will stick around here so they can get their hands on the Armas Line. There may be some low level parties here, however, Megid is thrown very often here and will use up scape dolls pretty quickly.

Mother Brain is another major problem as it requires a two step process that needs to be dealt with as quickly and efficient as possible.

Bruce Dungeon S Rank Strategy Guide

Alright by now you should probably have an idea of whats going on Bruce Dungeon S. Some of you may not but its best to stay ahead of the game. So lets go through some of the aspects of why some teams fail and how others survive. If you would like to add in your own special comment on particular situations, send in a comment below and it may be added into this guide.

There are many different strategies on completing Bruce Dungeon S. This is just one of them, other teams may be comfortable with different routes and may like all their members to stay together. This guide will cover split groups which was the norm for Bruce Dungeon A B and C. However I have played in groups where most people have stayed together and completed the mission with S.

Block 1

When setting up your party you can decide to split your group into 2. The Red Team will be played by Fortefighters, Protransers, Fighgunners, Acfrofighters, Fortegunners and ForteTecher. Fighters need to have the most HP to be able to receive a considerable amount of damage. Protransers and Gunners need to use traps to so that fighters can kill off enemies. Both Fighters and Gunners in Red Teams should equip Star Atomizers and Sol Atomizers because common failures basically come from a techer not being around to heal, or cure your stun status.

The Blue Team aka Bruce team should be played by ForteTecher, Wartecher, Acrotecher, Acrofighters. Techers will mostly heal Bruce.

Keys are #1 priority in finishing on time. Get keys first before you defeat any enemies.

During Block 1, you will encounter 4 warps. On your minimap face to the left or west to understand which warp is right and which one is left. The bottom warps are the ones closest to you. The top warps are the ones farthest to you, they are by the wall. Other team members learned the warps a different way. They might say "right warp" or "left warp."

In this guide:
Right Warp pertains to the Top Right Warp.
Left Warp pertains to Bottom Left Warp.


At the four warps, Bruce will say:

  • "There is only one right answer…" Top Left Warp
  • "The one Handed Sword is Easiest To Weild" Top Right Warp
  • "My Skills with a Pistol is legendary" Bottom Left Warp
  • "Nothing" Bottom Right Warp


Block 2

Bil De Vears commonly cause a team to fail a mission. Generally the strategy against Bil De Vears is to not knock them back with your Photon Arts. However when your under a time constraint and trying to get the most damage per second, it is unlikely you may follow this. To be more realistic against this type of ememy, Fortefighters, Fighgunners, and Protransers should attack head on, the rest should stay back and heal if needed. Fortefighters are most likely to die when Bil De Vears stomp on the ground and they become stunned. It is the job of both members on the Red Team to equip Star and Sol Atomizers if no Protransers  and Techers are present.


The Red Team should enter the portal for Key #2

Key #2 is a frequent death spot. The Blue Team should never enter the portal because it is a pretty small room with a lot going on. You can't always control where Bruce will run so please keep the Blue Team out of these areas.  Key #2 can be less stressful if 3 people stay in the room. Protransers should stun or freeze Bil De Vears. Fighters will attack head on, and Techers can heal ailments.

– More To Come –

The Collector Items Exchange Mission plus Moving Your Room to Parum

Yokus Melton is the shop owner of the newest mission at the Parm Leaf Cafe. The mission works by basically exchanging items she requests. You can trade them in for various decorations and music discs for your room. Some items she requests might be very hard to obtain like the Transfer: Parum remodeling ticket which moves your room to Parum. Once you move, you can now enter your room at the Guardians Center on Parum.


Exchange Items And Where to Get Them


Transfer: Parum

  • 1 Airboard:
    • Buy 20 Par Ash at MA-GRMS: Holtes store on Parum
    • Buy [B] Parum Souvenir at MA-GRMS: Holtes store and synthesize the Airboard with PM.
  • 1 Sunflower:
    • Buy 20 Par Wood at MA-GRMS: Holtes store on Parum
    • Buy [B] Parum Souvenir at MA-GRMS: Holtes then synthesize the Sunflower with PM.
  • 1 Beetle:
    • Try searching in Sleeping Warriors or Other Relics Areas
    • Buy 1 in Player Shops for greater than 5,500,000

Transfer: Moatoob

  • 1 Moatoob Sotets:
    • Buy 20 Mot Ash at MA-GRMS: Dagora store
    • Buy [B] Moat. Souvenir at MA-GRMS: Dagora then synthesize with PM.
  • 1 Moatoob Kazla:
    • Obtain 20 Mot Wood at MA-GRMS: Dagora store
    • Buy [B] Moat. Souvenir at MA-GRMS: Dagora then synthesize with PM.
  • 1 Vanda:
    • Buy 1 [B] Vanda Figure at MA-GRMS: Cylez store
    • Obtain 3 Vanda Derma by fighting Vandas on Moatoob.
    • Synthesize this item with PM
  • 1 Lapucha Figure
    • Buy 1 [B] Lapucha Figure at MA-GRMS: Cylez store.
    • Then obtain 3 Lapucha Shell by fighting Lapucha enemy on any Moatoob mission.
    • Synthesize this Item with PM.

PM Fighroll, Bullgroll, Defgroll, Techgroll

  • 5 Omega Acid
    • Omega Acid randomly drops during all missions.
    • White Beast

Mushroom Light (S)

  • (20) Moatoob Truffle
  • (20) Baji Truffle
  • (20) Rotton Truffle
  • (20) Mad Truffle
    • Obtain two sets of  20 Truffles among them.
    • Usually Found in C Rank Missions or Habirao Forbidden District

Mushroom Light (M)

  • (15) Moatoob Truffle
  • (15) Balji Truffle
  • (15) Rotten Truffle
  • (15) Mad Truffle
    • Obtain three sets of 15 Truffles among them.
    • Usually Found in C Rank Missions or Habirao Forbidden District

Bio Panic Remodling Ticket

  • 2 Mushroom Light (S)
  • 1 Mushroom Light (M)
    • Bio Panic is a unique Remodeling Ticket that resembles Habirao Forbidden Discrict.


Bio Panic Room.