PSO2 Broadcast 5: Recap

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Show Recap

  • During their playthrough of F.Continent, you could finally see the volcano area beneath the field. The volcano only showed up in the first area.
  • Kuna's song is titled "Our Fighting," during her music video you could see Claris attacking the player. There was something about a "Score Attack Tournament battle" near the start of the quest but it was kind of blurry.
  • The Chrome Dragon appears in the city dome as well as his own boss arena.
  • They were trying to get panty shots with Vita's Augmented Reality feature.
  • Red Double Saber +9 was 514 S-ATK
  • In the development team's Vita server, you can see white heart decorations in the Gate Area (Quest Lobby).
  • Advance Quests are single party quests. When you clear them they get more and more difficult. Your "Advance Risk" resets in a week. You will see the date and time of when it will reset from the Quest Counter.
  • Before you start an Advance Quest, you have to pay Advance Capsules. In the video, you needed 10 Advance Capsule c to do the Desert Advance Quest.
  • You can either purchase Advance Capsules or find them within Advance Quests.
  • There's a new Interrupt Event where you have to do a lobby action in front of the Lillipas, kind of like a game of telephone. (Late Feb)
  • You will need "90 wind Pyroxenes Vayu" and one Iku-tachi to get Kagu-tachi.
  • Kagu-tachi is a 10 star weapon, wind element with 528 S-ATK.
  • Instead of a battery icon, when your Mag's energy is low, it displays a gas tank empty style icon.
  • They'll be giving out Ichitaro, Atsuko Enomoto, and Haruko Momoi voices for free as item codes. The process in which you can obtain them will be discussed in an upcoming broadcast. The next broadcast is currently slated for 3/5.

 Vita Augmented

Sakai and gang using Vita's "Character Portrait" feature.


FC Volcano

You can see the Volcano area beneath the Floating Continent Field.


Red Double Sabers

Of course you're more interested in Red Double Sabers.


White day hearts

White Day hearts in the lobby.


Lillipa Wonder Caravan

Shii Valentine Costume

The next scratch is titled "Lillipa Wonder Caravan," here you can acquire desert themed costumes and parts including Shii's Valentine's outfit and the Lillipa Suit.

Male and Female Arks Civilian costumes are coming too!



Gameplay Improvements:

  • Make it easier to level up to 30.
  • Make some item names easier to understand.
  • Premium Space added. The number of available Premium Blocks will be reconsidered.
  • An Aesthetics ticket that lets you reuse the Aesthetics counter for a certain amount of time.  (Premium Set)
  • Search for several matters at the same time.
  • Hunter Balance Adjustments
  • Transfer over into another block and directly join their party at the quest counter.
  • A predictive text feature when searching through My Shop.

Coming after February 28th, 2013

  • New Boss "Chrome Dragon" (Vita First)
  • New Interrupt Event
  • Story Chapter 9: (Vita First)
  • Side Story (PC First)
  • AC Scratch: Universe Star Collection (Sakai didn't want to spill the beans about this particular scratch, but he mentioned "Something ___s" which pretty much alludes to Guardians uniform.)

Playstation Vita Version Adjustments

  • Take screenshots without the interface
  • Copy and Paste chat
  • Symbol Art shortcuts
  • You can switch locked-on targets
  • Faster Keyboard activation
  • 3G support
  • Customize any key
  • Adjusted the camera operation speed for the right analogue stick.
  • You can chat even while accessing objects.
  • Added a shortcut for the Character Information Screen
  • Made the breasts jiggle.
  • A mini chatlog was added
  • Disabled sleep for continuous gameplay.
  • Character skin color will be adjusted to look more natural.
  • Camera Position Settings added
  • Added support for auto-closing the chat window after a message was sent. Added a button to send continuous messages.

[thanks Keii and Manta]


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