PSO2 Closed Beta Test Completed

The Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test is now complete. The CBT Players site will continue to run until May 7th, 2012 at 20:00. Sakai will be collecting feedback in a player survey until May 7th, 16:00 JST.

From April 19th to the 26th, the game went through a rough patch of disconnects and lag. After the April 27th server maintenance, they were finally able to solve the problem and the server ran nonstop for 71 hours.  Despite this they still had disconnections, lag, and bugs. In the future he hopes to resolve all the problems people sent in.

Unfortunately the beta testing site was also running slowly, and some people weren't able to report bugs. Despite this, people still posted their feedback on the BBS. He saw various opinions dealing with the cash and scratch portions of the game. Though the current standard f2p model for pso2 will remain mostly the same, based on user feedback, it could be possible that some of the cash portions of the game may see some changes. But mainly, their goal is to have the basis of the game free to play.

(If you're new here, feedback is collected through a survey. The producer responds to the feedback informing us of changes that would come into the next testing phase. The specifics on what these changes are will be discussed at a later time. It's best not to speculate on what these changes will be until it's posted.)

Another thing is that you should not uninstall your PSO2 Beta Client. They have plans to update the same client for the next test.

At the Akihabara Game Festa, they will show new fields, new bosses, and new features. Look for it at Nico Nico tomorrow night. Also if you attend you will get to see the 2nd part of the briefing with a talk show and secret footage. (Though the press release mentioned that Sakai will show the new field or perhaps it's something else?)

As for the Open Beta, originally it was meant to start at a relatively early time, but based on the situation that happened in the Closed Beta, the schedule had to be changed. We will discuss the scheduling details of the open beta at another time, for now the development team needs to go through and fix the problems that occurred. You will have to wait a little bit longer until the open beta starts.

By now most of you should have completed the PSO2 Closed Beta Test Survey. If you haven't already done so, here's a run through on what the questions ask. When you log into the CBT site, click the BIG GREEN BUTTON to the right to start. We recommend answering certain questions in Japanese as the development staff is apparently not so fluent in English. (See Facebook page.)

Q1. What's your Main Control Scheme

  • Make A Selection
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Gamepad and Keyboard
  • Gamepad and Keyboard (Keyboard used only for chat)

Q2. What's your gamepad make and model?

Left Side

  • Please make a selection
  • I do not use it
  • Sanwa Supply
  • Logitech
  • Buffulo
  • Elecom
  • Xbox 360
  • Other

Right Side

  • Type in Model Number

Q3. What Internet Connection do you use?
Internet Connection

  • ADSL
  • Fiber Optics
  • Cable (CATV)
  • Other

Internet Method

  • Wired
  • Wireless

Q4. Please checkmark the titles you have played before.

  • Phantasy Star Portable (PSP)
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSP)
  • Phantasy Star Universe (PC/PS2/XBox360)
  • I did not play any of these.

  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP)
  • Phantasy Star Online Series (DC/GC/PC/XBOX)
  • Phantasy Star Zero (NDS)

Q5. Did you participate in the previous alpha tests?

  • ( ) Alpha Test 1 and 2 ( ) Alpha Test 1 ( ) Alpha Test 2 ( ) Neither

Q6. For each of the following entries, please rate from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

  • Game installation including the Launcher     great! (5 4 3 2 1) terrible!
  • The whole title sequence from title to login.
  • Character creation
  • User Interface
  • Character Control Scheme
  • Quest Contents
  • Enemy Behavior
  • Game Balance
  • Character, field, enemy graphics
  • Motion (animation)
  • Effects
  • Communication Functions
  • My Room
  • My Shop
  • BGM
  • Tutorial
  • Story Progress
  • Ranking and Urgent Quest Events
  • FUN
  • Mag
  • Client Order
  • Tekker Shop
  • Friend Partner (NPC)
  • Overall

 Q7. From what you played in the CBT, which aspect should be strengthened the most?

  • Character Actions
  • Increase the number of weapons
  • More weapon categories
  • Increase the variety of PA and Skills
  • More luscious graphics
  • Improve Character Creation
  • Improve Enemies
  • More Map Variations
  • Improve Chat Functions
  • Add Something you can raise other than characters like Pets.
  • Improve My Room Functions
  • Improve Story and Setting
  • Improve elements where lots of people can play.
  •  Improve areas other than battle
  • Add Competitive elements

Q8) Where do you go to learn about Phantasy Star Online 2 (Choose All that Apply)

Left Side

  • PSO2 Official Site
  • Phantasy Star Series Blog (Sakai's Blog)
  • 4Gamer
  • Game Site Banner Ads
  • Net BBS or Blog
  • PSO2 Character Contest Site
  • Net Cafe
  • From a Friend (Except CBT Invitation)

Right Side

  • PSO2 Twitter
  • Official Email Newsletter
  • Game Site Article
  • Other Site Banner Ads (like niconico)
  • Magazine News Article / Advertisement
  • Presentations (Like Media Briefing 2nd)
  • CBT Invitation Mail
  • Other

Q9.  Please choose the service you currently have an account with.

  • Facebook
  • Mixi
  • Twitter
  • Mobage
  • GREE’
  • Amoeba
  • Youtube
  • Nico Nico Douga
  • Yahoo Japan ID
  • Livedoor
  • Google Account
  • Other
  • None

Q10. From the following, please select the online game and portal sites you use.

  • Capcom Online Games
  • Game Chu
  • mgame
  • MK-Style
  • play nc
  • gamania
  • Gungho Games
  • Gamepot
  • HanGame
  • Other
  • Nothing in particular

Q11. Which PC Games do you usually play?

Left side

  • FF11
  • Monster Hunter Frontier Online
  • C9
  • Harezora Legend
  • Tartaros Online
  • Maple Story
  • Dungeon Fighter Online
  • Vindictus
  • Lineage II
  • Wizardry Online
  • Megaten Online
  • Sudden Attack
  • Toy Wars
  • Alliance of Valiant
  • None

Right Side

  • FF14
  • Dynasty Warriors Online
  • TERA
  • Dragon Nest
  • Tower of Aion
  • Fantasy Earth Zero
  • Tails Waver
  • Mabinogi
  • Ragnarok Online
  • Perfect World
  • Nabunaga's Ambition Online
  • Chocotto Land
  • Paper Man
  • Elsword
  • Other

Q12.  Which game consoles and handhelds do you have?

  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation Portable
  • Playstation Vita
  • Wii
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Xbox 360
  • Dumb Phone
  • Iphone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Desktop PC
  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • Android Tablet
  • Windows Tablet
  • Other
  • None in particular

Q13. When PSO2 Official Game comes out will you play it?

  • Please make a selection
  • I won't purchase Cash Items but I will play
  • I will purchase Cash items and play.
  • I don't know if I'll purchase Cash Items but I will play.
  • I'm not going to play.
  • I don't know.

Q14) When PSO2 starts, which forms of devices will you play on?

  • PC Only
  • Vita Only
  • iPhone Only
  • Android Only
  • PC + Vita
  • PC + Android
  • PC + iPhone
  • Vita + iPhone
  • Vita + Android
  • PC + Vita + iPhone
  • PC + Vita + Android
  • I don't know yet
  • None.

Q15: Were you able to play this test normally?

  • Yes, I could play the game normally and play with other people
  • I could play the game normally, but was only able to do so solo.
  • I downloaded the client but the game did not even start.
  • I wasn’t even able to download it.

Q16: What comments would you like to give the development team in 1000 characters or less.

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