PSO2 Fan Briefing 2nd Screenshot Dump

There might be another test before the open test. (Possibly..)

  • PSO2 still plans to start early summer
  • New Planet Lilipa
  • Lilipa contains robot and darker enemies.
  • New Snowy Naberius Field
  • Dinians can talk
  • Hard Mode (Starts at Level 20)
  • Level 30 in Open Beta.
  • Level 40 in the Official game.
  • Time Attack Quests
  • New Boss for Desert: Gwanada looks like a Beetle
  • New Boss for Snow: Marmoth (Mammoth like enemy)
  • Enemy Weapons.
  • 3rd Evolution for Mags
  • ゲッテムハルト Gechtemhalt? Story Character

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