Phantasy Star Online 2 Now Features a Desert Planet

Satoshi Sakai went on stage to present the 2nd Fan Briefing. He announced some of the results of the Closed Beta Test and introduced new features implemented in the Open Beta Test. Unfortunately the Open Beta Test dates were not announced today.

Later on PSO2 will implement a Desert Planet, new costumes, new story quests, and a time attack quest.  But for now let's go through what's actually coming in the Open Beta.

OBT: New Planet Liliipa

Liliipa: A harsh environment where the whole planet is covered in sand. It has the remains of a civilization that existed once before. In many places there are structures that mine resources from the planet.



The Great Wall!

Desert: An area covered in sand. There's hardly any traces of lifeforms, but there seems to be robots roaming about. They seem to have lost their masters and attack indiscriminately. The Arks have also confirmed the presence of the Darkers.


OBT: New Enemy


Gwanada: The Desert Boss, a large-sized Darker which lies hidden beneath the sand. Not only does it have large pincers, but it can easily manipulate its many tentacles.



Gilnas: A large machine with a sturdy body. Within its body lies a hidden core. Unless you destroy the core, it will  attack you even if its body is scattered in pieces. 


Signogan: Medium sized robot that moves very quickly.




Feature Recap

Open Beta Test Features

  • New Planet (Lillipa)
  • New Field (Desert)
  • New Boss (Gwanada)
  • New Enemy: Robots
  • New Story Quest
  • Class Level 30
  • Hard Mode

Official Release Features

  • New Field (Frozen Soil)
  • New Enemy (De Marmoth)
  • New Enemy (King Yede)
  • New Enemy (Yede)
  • New Boss (Marmoth)
  • New Boss (Snow Banshee)
  • Class Level 40
  • New Costume and Hairstyles added to AC Scratch
  • Mag's 3rd evolution.
  • Time Attack Quest


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