PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance to Fix the EXP Curve

There have been many comments and feedback regarding the 10/10/2012 update. In addition, many have inquired about the required EXP needed to reach beyond level 41. We'll discuss these changes below.

Concerning the current EXP situation.

The experience table was set around July after the official game started. It was under the assumption that after level 41, class leveling slowed down in comparison to previous levels. It was based around the assumption that around that time, players were speeding through levels and in very hard mode, you could acquire much of the experience through the appearance of rare enemies.

This can no longer stand considering the game's situation has changed since then. He thinks the leveling up speed should be a little bit faster considering we have access to few quests at this difficulty setting and that we're leveling multiple classes. However, this was to be done after the level cap. His original plan was:

  • After the November update it would be possible to acquire experience when reaching the cap, you would use this to trade for special items.
  • At the beginning of next year, they will introduce a system for those that reach the level cap that includes highly difficult quest and fields.

But since the current experience table has teared away the motivation and willingness to play, the development team will revise the experience needed to level through 41 ~ 50 ahead of schedule.

These modifications won't come around until tonight's maintenance.

Special Maintenance:

  • October 12th 09:00 ~ 14:00 JST
  • October 11th  8:00 ~ 1:00 AM EST
  • Countdown Timer

Selling to NPC Shop Situation:

They received many opinions regarding these changes. They were going to make adjustments while looking at the current flow of meseta, but they think they should look into this as soon as possible.

  • On October 17th, 2012's maintenance, they will reduce the prices you pay for recovery items, medical center services, and grinding.

Though the October 10th update nerfed some aspects, in the future, they plan to boost other areas as well to compensate. They will also examine other changes made in this update based on feedback. It's not their policy to forever keep these changes once it is applied. They will continue to examine the situation and make appropriate adjustments for the betterment of the game.

Concerning Cheaters:

They have now implemented a system to detect cheaters in the October 10th update. In the future, once a problem is detected, they will switch over to suspending the accounts immediately.


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