PSO2 JP: Call of Mortality Update (10/10/2012)

Today's update.

Class and Weapon Update

  • Class Level 50
  • New Photon Arts
    For Wired Lance, Knuckles, Twin Daggers, Double Sabers, Gunslash, Assault Rifle, Twin Machine Guns.
  • New Class Skills
  • New Technics: Fire / Lighting / Wind / Dark

New Skills

The following Skills have been added to the skill tree: (unfinished/researching)

New Fighter Skills

  • チェイスアドバンス: Chase Advance: Bonus attack damage is given to an enemy inflicted with a status effect.
  • チェイスバインド: Chase Bind: When attacking an enemy inflicted with a status effect, the bind status effect may occur.
  • ハーフラインスレイヤー Halfline Slayer:  When HP is less than 50% S-ATK and R-ATK increases.
  • デッドラインスレイヤー Deadline Slayer:  When HP is less than 25% S-ATK and R-ATK increases.

New Hunter Skills

  • アイアンウィル:  Iron Will: You may be left with 1 HP, if you receive damage that would normally incapacitate you.
  • フラッシュガード1  Flash Guard: S-ATK and R-ATK damage reduced.
  • フラッシュテックガード Flash Tech Guard: T-ATK damage reduced.
  • ガードスタンスバーン Guard Stance Burn: When the Guard Stance skill is used, it will restore the burn status effect. 
  • ガードスタンスポイズン Guard Stance Poison: When the Guard Stance skill is used, it will restore the poison status effect.
  • フューリーSアップ1 Fury Stance Up 1: During a fury stance, S-ATK and R-ATK increases.
  • フューリーSアップ2 Fury Stance Up 2: During a fury stance, S-ATK and R-ATK increases.

New Ranger Skills

  • トラップサーチ: Trap Search: Discover hidden traps
  • スタンディングスナイプ2: Standing Snipe 2
  • ミラージュショット Mirage Shot : Load a Mirage bullet to the Launcher to inflict the mirage status effect.

New Gunner Skills

  • ゼロレンジアドバンス2Zero Range Advance 2
  • オートメイトデッドライン Automate deadline

New Force Skills

  • フォトンフレアアドバンス Photon Flare Advance: When the Photon Flare skill is used, T-ATK increases further.
  • アイスマスタリー2 Ice Mastery 2
  • フレイムマスタリー2 Flame Mastery 2
  • ボルトマスタリー2 Bolt Mastery 2

New Techer Skills

  •  ライトマスタリー2 Light Mastery 2
  • エレメントウィークヒット Element Weak hit: Additional damage given to the enemy's weak element.
  • ダークマスタリー2 Dark Mastery 2
  • ウィンドマスタリー2 Wind Mastery 2


New Rare Enemies

Burn Doral



These are just a portion of the rare enemies.

Very Hard Difficulty:

  • Forest (Arks Quest: Lv 40+ \ Free: Lv 41+)
  • Caves (Arks Quest: Lv 41+ \ Free: Lv 42+)
  • Desert (Arks Quest: Lv 41+ \ Free: Lv 42+)
  • All Emergency Quests (Lv 41+)

Client Orders

  • New Client Orders, New Daily Orders

System Update

  • 10 Star Weapons/Units and Lv 11+ PA/Technic disks added.
  • You can not trade or sell 10 star or higher weapons/units or Lv 11+ PA/Technics to other players. Because of this, weapons/units higher than 10 star and level 11+ disks will not have bound to owner settings.
  • After creating a room and four hours have passed, interrupt events and enemies will no longer respawn. (This applies to MPA and some single party areas.)
  • You can not create a party to join a room mid-way after the room has been created for more than 3 hours and 30 minutes.

たれツインテール(Hanging Twin Tail)

A new female only default hairstyle was added to character creation.

Balance Changes

  • The price for Weapons and Units sold to NPCs has decreased.
  • 7 star+ weapons will drop with 20 ~ 45% attribute percentage.
  • Weapons decided by the Tekker will have 25 ~ 50% attribute percentage.
  • Boss enemy dropped meseta value has increased.
  • Reduced the number of data needed for the レベル制限解除試練・Ⅰfirst Level Cap Client Order.


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