PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance (2/26/2014)


ARKS General Election Winners!

IoIo has won the female division of the ARKS General Election!

Kroto Klotho has won the male division of the ARKS General Election!

Items based around a theme of the winning characters will be revealed at a later date!


Maintenance Information

PSO2 Livestream #17

  • March Update
  • Collab Information.
  • The Unveiling of "Mining Base Defense Round 2!"
  • PSO2 Trivia Corner
  • Lobby Action Presents
  • Airs: March 4th @ 21:00 JST on Nico Nico

Feb 26th Maintenance Complete

  • Feb 26th @ 9:00 ~ 20:00 JST
  • Feb 25th @ 7:00 PM ~ 6:00 AM  EST

Maintenance Contents

  • Yet another server equipment maintenance.

The Big Push

  • We have one last panel to unlock. If we achieve 5,400,000 Bingo points before March 5th, we'll unlock all the Unity Festival rewards!

Stone Exchange Materials

There seems to be some confusion regarding the differences between stone types for Advance Quests and Extreme Quests. So we'll take the opportunity to clarify each of these stones for the upcoming March 5th update.

輝石 = Pyroxenes

  • These stones drop in [Advance Quests]
  • You can 'Refine' them along with a certain weapon to create an "upgraded" version of that weapon.
  • i.e Ikutachi + 90 Wind Vayu Pyroxenes = Kagudachi

大輝石 = Large Pyroxenes / Big Pyroxenes

  • These stones drop in [Super Hard Advance Quests]
  • You can use them as exchange materials for a weapon that looks like a blue (Ishurai/Surukurai) or a yellow (Messer Agate/Lava Seeker) among other things.
  • The Dengeki scan says you can convert specific Pyroxenes into Large Pyroxenes. (Speculating here, but presumably, wind pyroxenes into large wind pyroxenes.)

魔石 = Spellstones

  • These are commonly referred to as the "Extreme Quest Stones"
  • You can use these stones to acquire 11★ weapons
  • The upcoming "BIO" weapon series will require spellstones.

Campaigns and Boost event information will be added to this post during and after maintenance.


Boost Event and Advance Notices

Quna Boost Event

Quna's live concerts will either trigger Mining Base Defense or Raging Dark Arms.

Emergency Quest Advance Notice [Japanese Standard Time]

  • Black = Raging Dark Arms
  • Brown = Where's the Chocolate 2
  • Blue = Chaotic Tranquility
  • Red = Mining Base Defense
  • Green = ARKS Ship Fire Swirl
2.26       21:00 23:30
2.27   13:00 15:30   23:30
2.28  1:00 13:00 15:30   23:30
3.1   13:00 15:30   23:30
3.2 1:00 9:30 15:30  


3.3   10:30   21:00


3.4 11:00 13:00   20:00  


Emergency Quest Advance Notice [Eastern Standard Time]

2.26   7:00AM
2.27 1:30AM
2.28 1:30AM
3.1 1:30AM
3.2 1:30AM
3.3   7:00AM
3.4   6:00AM

Quna's concert will begin 30 minutes prior to any Emergency Quest that starts on the half hour.


Quna's "Our Fighting" Japanese Standard Time

2.26 23:00
2.27 23:00
2.28 15:00
3.1 23:00
3.2 9:00 15:00
3.3 10:00 23:00


Quna's "Everlasting Encore" Japanese Standard Time

2.27 15:00
2.28 23:00
3.1 15:00
3.2 22:00


Emergency Quest Boost Event

Super Falz Boost 「Raging Dark Arms」
「Utterly Profound」
+100% Rare Drop Boost
Chocolate 2 Boost 「Where's the Chocolate 2」
+100% EXP/Rare Drop Boost

All [Super Falz] and [Where's The Chocolate 2] emergency quests will receive these boosts until March 4th @ 23:59 JST.


Boost Days

3.1 「Atrocious Ocean」+100% EXP/Rare Drop Boost
3.2 「Raging Dark Arms」「Utterly Profound」
+100% Rare Drop Boost
3.3 +50% Rare Drop Boost for ALL Quests

Boosts apply 0:00 ~ 23:59 JST for the above mentioned days. Due to the effects of both boost events, Raging Dark Arms and Utterly Profound will receive a +200% rare drop boost on March 2nd.


Client Order Campaign #44

Client Order Camp 44

Clear Hans client orders to receive some lovely White Day gifts!

Campaign Period

  • 2/26 ~ 3/5

Qualifying Client Orders

(1) Clear Hans Client Order 森林に潜む罠 Hidden Forest Traps to receive:

  • Two マグカップ♂ Mug Cup ♂

(2) Clear Hans Client Order 地獄の王 King of Hell to receive:

  • Two ホワイトギフト White Gifts

Campaign Distribution Date

  • March 12th, 2014 at the Visiphone


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