PSO2 Live Broadcast #17 Recap

This is a live blog of the PSO2 Livestream currently in progress. Details and information will be added to this post during and after the program. As such, we ask that you wait a few hours after the livestream for us to finalize our notes.

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Large Pyroxene

Large Pyroxene Shop (Live Broadcast)

Large Pyroxene

  • According to what's listed in the Live Broadcast server, an "Amber Seeker" requires 1 Messer Agate and 3 Large Agni Fire Pyroxene.
  • Same for Kurahadachi; requiring 1 Ikutachi and 3 Large Vayu Wind Pyroxenes
  • Trade in 100 Wind Pyroxenes to receive One Large Wind Pyroxene.




new patech

New PA/Technics Part 2!

  • New Technics: Il Grants / Il Barta
  • New PA: ケイオスライザー Chaos Riser
  • New PA: サクリファイスバイト Sacrifice Bite
  • New PA: サテライトカノン Satellite Cannon


Maximum Attack on Titan

Maximum Attack on Titan AC Scratch

  • Attack on Titan Costumes [not pictured]
  • Torajima (Striped Tiger) Lillipan Suit
  • Pisces Weapon Camo


SH Adv Q part 2

Super Hard Advance Quest Part 2

  • Tundra / Mines / F.Continent SHAQs
  • Even more 11 star drops
  • New 'Large Pyroxene' trade weapons.



Mining Base Defense Raid

Mining Base Defense: Incursion

  • 5 Bases to defend!
  • New Enemy: Vidluda
  • Several Jump Pads Available

Incursion 2

Mining Base Defense: Incursion

  • Enemies like Crabahda and Zeshrayda will appear!
  • New 11 star weapons!



Attack on Titan Collab

Attack on Titan Collaboration!

Attack on Titan Collab

  • Corps Uniforms, with and without the 3D Maneuvering Gear.
  • 'Ultra-hard Blades' Weapon Camo [Twin Dagger/Wired Lance]
  • Stickers for each organization.
  • Mikasa hairstyle and scarf.


 Attack on Titan Lobby

Attack on Titan Collaboration!

 Attack on Titan Collab

  • Titan Lobby (March 26th ~ April 9th)
  • Attack on Titan Scenery Pass and Poster



Secret Phrase 2

Secret Phrase

Secret Phrase

  • Say ばくてんたろう in chat sometime between now through March 12th's maintenance to receive lobby actions from the co-hosts of the PSO2 Live Broadcast!
  • These lobby actions will be distributed at a later time!


PSO2 Episode 2: Chapter 5
~ The Day of Oracle's Demise ~
Coming Soon in April



Seven Spot

Seven Spot Campaign!

Seven Spot Campaign

  • This campaign, (dubbed a real-life emergency quest), will allow you to obtain item codes for 7/11 themed goodies. The only item of interest on this list is the ミラセリア711 (Miraseria 711) costume. You can obtain this costume by collecting 7 stamps through the 7-Spot Wifi Service. Of course, this campaign is only available to those physically in Japan.



Phantasy Star Festival 2014 (Arks Grand Prix) Announced
Begins June 15th, 2014


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