PSO2 JP: Level 70 Dark Falz Valentine


The Valentine's Day seasonal event begins February 12th with new items and the return of the famed "Super Falz" Emergency Quest.

Valentine's Event

Space Cake

Event Period: Feb 12th ~ March 5th

The new Valentine's Bingo will distribute rewards such as the "Space Cake" 「*スペースケーキ」 weapon camo. Most of this Bingo's objectives will take place in the Volcanic Caverns field.

Giri Heart

By completing Xie's Valentine's client orders, you'll receive the lovely Giri Heart 「ギリハート 」 talis. Throw some chocolate to those coworkers and enemies whom you have no romantic feelings towards.


Wheres The Chocolate 2

'Where's The Chocolate 2' has been upgraded from its previous iteration to include Valentine's decorations and Dragon Altar enemies! Fight alongside "Patty and Tiea," "Lisa and Fourier," and "Io & Lottie" in Emergency Trials along the way. At the end of the quest, you can purchase some Valentine's Chocolate by protecting the Naura Cake Sisters' cargo from those pesky enemies.


Super Falz

lV 70 Dark Falz Elder

Raging Dark Arms and Utterly Profound [Super Hard]

Players will be able to challenge a Lv.70 Dark Falz in a set of pre-scheduled emergency quests. These quests are not selected at random, they'll only appear at the times listed at the official site.

Lv. 70 Dark Falz Elder has a chance to drop some 12 star items like Celesta Riser, God Hand, and Magical Piece. These items appeared in previous Phantasy Star games!

AC Scratch: Dragons Altar

Last Argon

ラストアルゴン Last Argon

Stylish, yet mystical Dragon Altar costumes hit the servers on February 12th. You can also dress up in a Kinagashi Kimono, or suit up like a Valentine's Rappy in the "Love Rappy Suit."

Seras Alicia

セラスアリシア Seras Alicia


Levia Series

レヴァイア・シリーズ Levaia Series

 Nemethyst Series

ネメジスト・シリーズ Nemethyst Series*



イナセキナガシ Inase Kinagashi



ユウビキナガシ Yuubi Kinagashi


Love Rappy Suit

ラブ・ラッピースーツ Love Rappy Suit


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