PSO2 JP: Live Broadcast #21 Recap


The Live Broadcast is currently in progress.
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secret phrase festa 

Type かんしゃさいたろう in chat sometime between now through June 25th maintenance to receive:

  • Ichitaro 4
  • Enomoto 4
  • Yopparai

These will be delivered to the Visiphone sometime in the future.


Falz Angel EQ

June 25th Update

  • New Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest
  • [An Invitation To Darkness]
  • Level 70 enemies
  • Falz Angel appears.
  • Escape from the Darker weapon [Ignix] which does these red explosions all over the place.


Shining Heores scratch 

June 25th Update

  • Shining Heroes Scratch
  • Costumes, Weapon Camos, and Voices from Shining Blade


Stage 70 forest and dragons

June 25th Update

  • Extreme Quest [Forest and Dragons]
  • Stage 61~70 (Burn Draal) (Dark Agrani)


Arks Ship Tournament

June 25th Update

  • 10 ships are divided into 5 groups that compete for stars!
  • Earn stars by clearing the objective.


Arks Ship Tournament 2

June 25th Update

  • New Mascot (?) Arkuma
  • Buy items with Stars


Arks Ship Teams

New Event System

  • Arks Ship Tournament
    Round 1 Begins: June 27th @ 12:00 JST ~ July 6th @ 22:00 JST
  • Red Rappy: Ship 5/9
  • Blue Rappy: Ship 4/6
  • Yellow Rappy: Ship2/8
  • Green Rappy: Ship1/7
  • White Rappy: Ship 3/10

 July Update PSO2es

PSO2es July Update

  • Premium Set Users: 1 Hour advance EQ Push Notifications
  • King Rappy



Team Name change

July Update

  • Io and Klotho themed weapons!
  • Theodore Partner Card
  • Change Team Name Feature


potentials for Units

July Update

  • Crafting System Update!
  • Install a Time-Limited Ability on Units.
  • You could think of these as potentials for Units that lasts for a period of time. (Like 7 days or 14 days or…)


Mining Base Despair

July Update

  • Mining Base Defense: Despair
  • Infected Sockets with Darker Particle Guns
  • Infected Aircrafts
  • Darker Walls separating the field.
  • New Enemy Solza Prahda
  • Turn Despair into Hope


Event Chronicle

July Update

  • Episode 2's Final Chapter
  • Takes place 10 years ago.
    Learn about Matoi
    Clariskrays vs Apprentice (with dark skin…)
  • Rewatch events through the "Event Chronicle"


electronic diva scratch

July Update

  • Electronic Diva Scratch
  • Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin / Len costumes and hair.


Hatsune miku live sing

July Update

  • Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka will sing PSPo2 Theme Song "Living Universe" LIVE on stage.
  • Players are granted with an effect when watching it live.


Knight Gear July
Late July

  • Shining Force Cross Exlesia
  • Collaboration Boss: Knight Gear
  • Costumes, Accessories, Weapon Camos, and Mags


Virtual On Force

Late July

  • Virtual ON Force Collaboration
  • Temjin 747A and Fei Yen.
  • Weapon Camos, Room Items, and Costumes
  • Virtual ON Lobby (Until 8/6)



Danbo Collab 

Tournament Finals Convention Item

  • Danbo Costume and Mag Device.
  • August 16th's Phantasy Star Festa.

8 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Live Broadcast #21 Recap”

  1. You know that her name is supposed to be Clariskrays, right? It's right there in the end credits, officially from Sega.

    1. Those English names aren't necessarily correct. They've been inconsistent with names in their official materials plenty of times (e.g. Lillipa, Lilipur, Ririepa). Japanese isn't the same as English, and a name can be translated in several different ways.

    2. if you want to split hairs, they write it with two Ks, hence the clones being "CLONE-KK". I think someone at sega can't spell "claes". *shrug*

  2. Internally, she is variably referred to as "cc" and "kk" and "clarisclaes" and "klariskrays" and probably like 3 other things.

    So, in conclusion, who the hell knows.

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