PSO2 JP: Live Broadcast #21 Recap


The Live Broadcast is currently in progress.
This post is updating in real-time and is subject to change.
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secret phrase festa 

Type かんしゃさいたろう in chat sometime between now through June 25th maintenance to receive:

  • Ichitaro 4
  • Enomoto 4
  • Yopparai

These will be delivered to the Visiphone sometime in the future.


Falz Angel EQ

June 25th Update

  • New Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest
  • [An Invitation To Darkness]
  • Level 70 enemies
  • Falz Angel appears.
  • Escape from the Darker weapon [Ignix] which does these red explosions all over the place.


Shining Heores scratch 

June 25th Update

  • Shining Heroes Scratch
  • Costumes, Weapon Camos, and Voices from Shining Blade


Stage 70 forest and dragons

June 25th Update

  • Extreme Quest [Forest and Dragons]
  • Stage 61~70 (Burn Draal) (Dark Agrani)


Arks Ship Tournament

June 25th Update

  • 10 ships are divided into 5 groups that compete for stars!
  • Earn stars by clearing the objective.


Arks Ship Tournament 2

June 25th Update

  • New Mascot (?) Arkuma
  • Buy items with Stars


Arks Ship Teams

New Event System

  • Arks Ship Tournament
    Round 1 Begins: June 27th @ 12:00 JST ~ July 6th @ 22:00 JST
  • Red Rappy: Ship 5/9
  • Blue Rappy: Ship 4/6
  • Yellow Rappy: Ship2/8
  • Green Rappy: Ship1/7
  • White Rappy: Ship 3/10

 July Update PSO2es

PSO2es July Update

  • Premium Set Users: 1 Hour advance EQ Push Notifications
  • King Rappy



Team Name change

July Update

  • Io and Klotho themed weapons!
  • Theodore Partner Card
  • Change Team Name Feature


potentials for Units

July Update

  • Crafting System Update!
  • Install a Time-Limited Ability on Units.
  • You could think of these as potentials for Units that lasts for a period of time. (Like 7 days or 14 days or…)


Mining Base Despair

July Update

  • Mining Base Defense: Despair
  • Infected Sockets with Darker Particle Guns
  • Infected Aircrafts
  • Darker Walls separating the field.
  • New Enemy Solza Prahda
  • Turn Despair into Hope


Event Chronicle

July Update

  • Episode 2's Final Chapter
  • Takes place 10 years ago.
    Learn about Matoi
    Clariskrays vs Apprentice (with dark skin…)
  • Rewatch events through the "Event Chronicle"


electronic diva scratch

July Update

  • Electronic Diva Scratch
  • Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin / Len costumes and hair.


Hatsune miku live sing

July Update

  • Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka will sing PSPo2 Theme Song "Living Universe" LIVE on stage.
  • Players are granted with an effect when watching it live.


Knight Gear July
Late July

  • Shining Force Cross Exlesia
  • Collaboration Boss: Knight Gear
  • Costumes, Accessories, Weapon Camos, and Mags


Virtual On Force

Late July

  • Virtual ON Force Collaboration
  • Temjin 747A and Fei Yen.
  • Weapon Camos, Room Items, and Costumes
  • Virtual ON Lobby (Until 8/6)



Danbo Collab 

Tournament Finals Convention Item

  • Danbo Costume and Mag Device.
  • August 16th's Phantasy Star Festa.

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