Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 Announced with Bouncer Class

Earlier today in the PSO2 Live Broadcast, SEGA announced the arrival of Episode 3. This episode is expected to launch late August with a new class, new planet, new weapon categories, new enemies, and a complete overhaul to the Arks Lobby!

This update will introduce a new class called "Bouncer." This class excels at striking and tech in two new weapon categories known as "Jet Boots" and "Dual Blades."


Dual Blades 1

Dual Blades are striking weapons comprised within the sword art of Nito-Ryo. Utilizing the "Photon Blades" it stabs enemies and absorbs PP.


Jet Boots 2
You can perform a double jump with Jet Boots!

Jet Boots are weapons that can perform various kicks and have the power to fire off technics as well. During the heat of battle, it can automatically trigger support effects.


Planet Harukotan

Planet Harukotan

This planet inhabited by Titans, consists of two opposing nations: "Black" and "White." The enemies and atmosphere are reminiscent of Japanese-style folklore. Starting off in the “White Lands" you'll see new characters like Kotoshiro (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) and Sukunahime (CV: Yui Horie).


Arks Lobby: Casino

PSO2 Casino Theme Park

In addition to an overhaul to the entire ARKS Lobby, players can enter the Casino and earn "Casino Coins."  Not many details were revealed so far, but we do know that it's set up like a theme park where you can play the attractions with your friends.


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PSO2 Episode 3 Rundown

  • Launches: Late August 2014
  • New Class: バウンサー Bouncer
  • New Weapon Category:  デュアルブレード Dual Blades
  • New Weapon Category: ジェットブーツ Jet Boots
  • New Planet: Harukotan (Japanese-themed Planet)
  • New Lobby: Casino
  • Arks Lobby Renewal
  • Recommended Quests
  • Matter Board Improvements
  • Rare Enemy Triggering (Forces a rare enemy to appear.)
  • Edit the placement of accessories.
  • Accessory slot 4
  • Balance Adjustments to All Classes
  • New Skills
  • Player movement speed increased
  • Better EXP Bonuses when playing in a Party.
  • EXP Rewards for Team Orders
  • Photon Tree balance adjustments
  • PSE Effect balance adjustments.
  • Some interface improvements.
  • Client Order unlocking conditions relaxed.

88 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 Announced with Bouncer Class”

  1. Given the addition of Harukotan and its Titan enemies, with the addition of dual swords and jet boots, I guess this means we can truly wear the Survey Corps uniform and actually "Attack on Titan". Sweeeeeet!

    1. Wth are you talking about "even add a class"? This will be the 2nd time in 2 years that they added a new class. Braver and now Bouncer. And Beast isn't actually part of the PSO world. It was a PSU race, so if we get it at all, you should be grateful 😉

    2. Beasts are part of Phantasy Star – "Universe" (that is where PSO events are happening too you know).. But they just didnt give us Beast race, coz it would be too much work to figure out, animate and replace PB with Beast Form

  2. My jaw was literally on the floor the whole of this post, I'm now just surrounded by a puddle of drool, so excited for all of this!!

  3. Well, I already guess the Patch of these new features will be huge… Huuuge… Huuuuuge… But… I want to try Bouncer so much, now!

    Accessory Slot 4 + Edit Accessory Placement + Nex Lobby = Woah +1(Add as much 0 as you want) 😀

    Oh, will we play with Cards too in this new Episode? *out of here*

  4. It pains me to know that this update is like lightyears away from SEA's reach. We don't even have a proper event right now…

    On another note, is it just me or does that youtube video just won't 720p HD itself no matter how many times I try to make it change quality?

    1. it's not just you – i can get mine to claim it is 720p – but it's clearly not. also under the "stats for nerds" options while watching in chrome it never gets above 640×360 so i think the vid itself is 640×360 and someone just made that into a 720p version but the source itself is still 640×360. in IE and firefox it also claims to be 720p but clearly isn't.

    2. Lightyears only? I fear that you are being too optimistic dear sir. Try "never in your lifetime" for a more realistic estimate. The words, "update", "event" and "A$ia$oft" have never met in twain before.

      Hope for PSO2 SEA to die quickly, and you might actually experience it sooner once Sega forgets to renew the IP block.

      Who cares about the SEA version when we have Nova?
      Let's hope we have that class in Nova from now on.

    1. i'm not sure what you're talking about – where did you hear they would drop ship 2? please cite a source when spreading fear based rumors about pso2. sounds like total nonsense and lies to me.

    2. They won't drop Ship 2, but I heard they're perma-banning anyone who logs off on Block 20 prior to maintenance.

  5. Is it only me who see the EP 3 as a Hyakki Yagyo aka. Night Parade of One Hundred Demons? (but the atmosphere isn't the nigh though)

  6. Sources need to be cited for all of this fear-mongering, both the block 20 banning and the dropping of Ship 2. That all sounds insanely stupid, and highly unlikely, and the usual typical bad trolling/fear mongering crap you see with MMOs. They won't drop Ship 2 because lots of Japanese players are on it as well.

  7. Block 20 banning won't do much either, seeing as most of them have leaked into the H, VH, and SH blocks now…

  8. this jetboots reminds me or air trecks from air gear XD

    darn, i miss that anime/manga too bad it ended :/

    1. yeah it would be cool if we can move differently (like on skates) with them

    1. Considering that the entire game is built on the concept of KILLING EVERYTHING AS FAST AS POSSIBLE ZOMG, I highly doubt that will happen. DPS or bust, man. Tanks are shunned, dedicated healers/supports are laughed at, and if you're not doing bookoos DPS you're generally considered to be a drag to the party/MPA. And the healing items allow everyone to fill in that role anyway. The game mechanics are structured around NOT spending all of your time dying/healing, since you're supposed to be able to dodge/block ALMOST everything in the game, because it's a skill-oriented action game. You're limited in your healing/rezzing capacity because if someone is dying more than 5 times in a single quest, they're doing something wrong. It's not like more traditional MMOs which are more often than not battles of attrition based on who has the bigger numbers – in those contexts healers make sense.

    2. the game being set up in a "OMG MORE DEEPS" manner is a flaw in and of itself. they keep throwing things in there associated with defensive considerations like the whole "make the HP bar color code what damage type you got hit with" thing and half of HU's skill tree, but they keep forgetting to fix the game so that it's relevant.

    3. It "should" be a player skill oriented game. but most (i'd say 90 out of 100) can't dodge or block even attacks from 1Dagan. SEGA want EVERY players including -forever a noob- type player to be able to play in the later EP or difficultes so they make pso2 into a 1Hit huge damage(not dps) oriented game instead. Also this make the said -forever a noob- players lack motivation to actually max their class/weapon potential.

      There are cases where a player with 2400↑Atk power who dies more and does only1/3 dps of other player who has only 1500Atk power with the same class/sub.

      Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying who is right or wrong. just telling the painful truth of ship8

      Hu tanking *was* actually helpful. Tanking makes the boss stay in position so party member can kill it much faster; easier for pt members to aim only at the weak point and gather most of the boss attacks into a smaller area. But why not tanking now? because Hu tank now -with this fail skill tree- can't generate enough Hate to overcome "dmg Hate" from other classes new "1hit huge dmg PAs". btw not Gunner, if Gu try to tank with ShowTime, he/she'll fu*k up the whole room.**If you go straight to full Def type, *sometimes* you'll recieve only less than 70dmg/hit from SH boss.

    1. ye who can't come up with a better response than ad hominem should probably be the one to stop talking first. -_-;

    2. Funny, I was going to mention the lack of intelligence going the other way on this, but -Z- beat me to it.

      The real problem is the game, under the current meta, lacks the setup (or need for) proper tank and support. It HAS them, and they can be of use. Unless, however, the 'major balance change' in ep 3 is a complete reworking of the skill trees for everyone, the meta will remain unchanged in that regard, and follow the most broken PA recently released.

    3. Wow, Kioko, what a sharp tongue. Does it hurt -Z- when you kiss his ass? You need to both just stop posting, as neither of you know what you're talking about. The problems you guys whine about are nearly non-existent, and your ideas on fixing them would ruin the game. And now I look forward to a reply from -Z- consisting of [/swt] or a dumb emoticon in place of a valid response.

  9. The only thing that hurts here is this display of willing ignorance and inflammatory commentary from you.
    The meta is broken, and the only 'good' thing is to swing around the biggest PA and pretend it is your own wang.
    It's a gameplay style that is inherently unstable and unbalanced where flavor of the month builds rule the game world.
    If you give even the tiniest rat fart about this game, you do NOT want this.
    So pull your head out of your ass and stop assuming I'm kissing anyone else's.

  10. Will you shut the Hell up about the meta? Not everybody follows it nor is everybody a hardcore meta-tard like you and -Z- are. Plenty of people play the game fine without min-maxing or following the meta, and if it changes it isn't going to spell death for this game like idiots like you love to pretend. Check for polyps while your head is up -Z-'s ass, then get it out of there, because it's just causing you to say nothing but shit.

    1. I don't get it; so, you *don't* want rebalance that would actually make HU useful on both ends? I don't know (or really care) what a "Meta" is, but I LOVE HU since PSO1, and actually want to be viable as one and not be outclassed by Braver (as an example), which is *not* supposed to be stronger than HU; faster yes but not Stronger.

      I doubt that's what you're getting at tho.

      Funny stuff nonetheless.

    2. @Michael, Gold medal for you, good sir. You have pointed out the biggest inconsistency in the whole class system. Aside from poor balancing and useless abilities cluttering the skill trees, there's the fact that for some reason, the katana bravers are downright OP and broken. Hell, a single braver can solo most things with ease and kill bosses in seconds with no help at all. Hu was supposed to be the strongest class and as a partizan user, I find it stupid for it to be so laughably weak compared to katana, not to mention that sword doesn't really work without SG.

      Anyway I rambled long enough, but fact remains that the balancing needs to happen and the shunka thing wasn't enough. katana needs a nerf and other classes need a buff.

    3. The meta game affects EVERYONE. Not just quad dashing gunners, or the now defunct shunka spammers. Personally, I run TECHER as main. You know, that least used class in the entire game?

      Just because I do follow the meta, and know that it is in a bad place for the game in general doesn't mean I follow the FotM sheep that want to have their massive one hit kills. Nothing wrong with wanting proper game balance. Frankly, I question the sanity of someone who so openly is against wanting a properly balanced game.

  11. Nothing is wrong with hunter as a main class, if you think something is wrong with it then your obviously have no idea how to play Hunter or low level or have the wrong subclass, if you want to play Hunter as main class always sub it with fighter for maximum damage. Also you need to make your tree especially for max S atk. Katana already got a nerf with Shunka, it isn't as powerful as it once was…

    1. Never said hunter was a bad main class, nor do I have problems with my skill tree. You must be a butthurt braver whose OP shunka got nerfed and now can't pull the same numbers. That's fine and all but what I meant is that katana as a weapon is very unbalanced. Why? because it outdamages every other class in the game, not to mention it is crazy fast, can block, counter and build up damage over time. Do I need to say any more about katana being broken? Hunter is now second in terms of damage output, for God's sake!
      Shunka nerf or not, katana is still overpowered and overused, and that's not balance.

    2. Nah not butthurt just LOL at the people who are.. i never liked braver i always main gunner and ranger, I think i would kill a dark ragne as gunner quicker than a Braver user any day..

    3. "I never liked that class and I laugh at people who are upset at changes to a class that has nothing to do with me, and also here's a comment about how I think I'm better at killing one specific enemy with one specific class than they are."

      Re-read that sentence a few times, Aaron, because that's what you're saying. Do you really want to be that kind of person? Because that's the type of person who does nothing but cause trouble and gain the ire of communities.

  12. You're a flat-out liar if you really believe the game is that severely unbalanced. It's not balanced, oh no, but it's not the horrible mess you make it out to be. You can question my sanity all you want, but I'd rather not have it if being sane means acting like a whiny child just because the game isn't the way I want it to be.

    1. I think I'll just keep throwing these 'lies' at the wall then.

      The game's balance issue hardly make it unplayable. Every class is playable, and can do any of the current content. So the issues are not so severe that it impacts general gameplay directely (YET!).

      However, entire roles such as tanking and support do exist in the game, and go all but completely unused due to the lack of support for the use of these roles, and the roles themselves being underpowered to the point of uselessness. Hardly a good sign when it comes to balance issues.

      And we see some classes outright outperform others, and even solo content that is designed for groups. Now, being at top level gear will allow for some pretty crazy stunts, but it is clear that there is a massive discrepancy in the performance of classes, particularly braver and gunner. Specific photon arts and techniques also fall under this problem (looking at you ilmegid!), which create situations where some classes perform poorly, unless they use a very specific set of abilities

      This is not a situation that we should want to continue..

    2. Tanking and support have always been lackluster/not even existent in the Phantasy Star series, you really think that'll change now? This isn't a typical MMO anyways; I can maybe see support, but a tank role is rather pointless. You're trying to apply something that doesn't fit the game and then complaining that it won't work.

      There should never be perfect balance. Underpowered classes will be OP one day, and vice versa. In perfect balance, you have a stagnant game. Everything you described it hardly something new to any MMO, nor is it a problem with how SEGA's handling it.

    3. Perfect balance is quite impossible. A good balance that is sustainable and readily tweaked if new content and abilities are added? Probably in a perfect world. The problem is that PSO2's balance isn't even close to what would be considered good.

      As for the lack of tanking/support in previous PSO games, well, you are right in regards to proper tanking. Support however, has been a thing from PSO onwards, though almost entirely within the realm of whatever support techniques were worth using (mostly Resta)

      And don't even try using the old school PS games as comparison. Turn based single player JRPGs are not a good comparison to use when talking about a hack and slash MMO, even if they are in the same series of games. Might as well talk about how the current WoW meta by comparing performance of two units from the original Warcraft.

      That being said, tanking is in the game, and most of the problems likely stem from Sega's lack of experience in having it in this series. So the initial fuckup is forgivable. It would be nice however, if it was taken into proper consideration with balance changes, rather than leaving a large chunk of the Hunter tree swinging in the wind. Hu is viable, but right now a large chunk of it's skill tree is somewhat wasted space.

    4. Uhhh… PSO2 was never marketed as MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) but as an Action Online RPG. Look at the official site (when it comes back) in everyplace you see: Online RPG

    5. This has nothing to do with whether or not the classes are unsupported.

      Hunters have skills like Iron Will and Guard Stance, and respective skills to modify and improve those abilities. There are even weapons with potentials that bolster the effectiveness of those two.

      Techniques like Resta, Shifta, and Deband exist in the game which fall under "support" and even have improvements and modifications in the skill tree They are highly used in MPAs. Techniques also have the highest success rate of afflicting enemies, or in other game terms, crowd control.

      Support is there. Tanking is there. The options are there. The problem isn't with the classes being able to do; it's with the player mindset. In environments like TAs, XQs, EQs, and sometimes even AQs if you're planning an extended PSE burst, high speed kiling is a massive priority for either success, multiple runs within a time window, or just for the sake of saving time. Purposefully lowering your damage or investing points into support just isn't the optimal way of completing tasks that are on a time limit.

      Also, tanking is rendered completely useless by abilities like Just Guard, or the inborne blocking abilities of weapons like Twin Daggers. There's no need to invest in defense when you can negate all damage by either dashing/rolling/magical space drifting or guarding.

      If we want to discuss the difference in damage performance between classes, we could do that all day. But as far as things like tanking and support goes, the general population has come to an agreement that those roles are not needed because of the game's structure and mechanics. Balance amongst the classes has nothing to do with this.

      Soloing group content has nothing to do with whether or not a class is unbalanced or not either. A skilled player who can dash and/or guard and take no damage can solo anything in this game. While a hunter will do it slower than a braver, it's possible to solo anything in this game with either. Remember when Fury Stance used to only give a fixed amount of attack as opposed to a %? It was still possible to solo everything in the game.

      Quite frankly, I see a very low amount of merit in balance arguments in games that do not have any sort of PvP scene. Who cares if bravers do more damage than you? In the end, all that means is the more "OP" characters in your MPA, the more likely you are to succeed yourself. The amount of "unbalance" in this game isn't even close to the levels of unbearable. Not to mention that Episode 3 is coming with a complete balance rework.

      Which hopefully doesn't entitle the usual "make everyone OP so no one can complain" easy-way-out fix.

      PSO2 is already easy enough as it is.

  13. "Second in terms of damage output" in and off itself is a rather large overstatement, even providing the Hunter hitting an immobile dummy. Their weapons and PAs are simply outdated considering the pace of combat that has largely sped up, even more so after Ep. 2. They are just clunkier AND weaker compared to the newer stuff, much like Ranger was before the revamp.

    Heck this is just the casual stuff. I won't even get into getting efficient runs with them as they're simply dead weight at that point.

    Currently, Hunters are a good main class. If you mean for the better base stats and using multi-class Katanas with it.

  14. Well If sega decided to use a better class system with a more variety of classes like psu (ex: fighgunner) instead of having a class that uses 2-3 weapons and thats it, then we'd have something here. Or like have a customization class system that allows us to pick what weapons we would like to use, with a limit of course, and have our stats grow according to the way we customized our class variations, THEN make ALL the pa's balanced so that Id want to use ALL my pa's and combo them up in awesome ways, instead of spamming the same 2 or 3 overpowered ones.Then this game would rock.NOW add this with a open world type of thing, or at least like a variety of lobbies that we could explore, instead of the same bland thing, with
    more variety of stuff to do and missions and such (this game gets repetitive fast) or make it like an adventure type of thing, where going through one mission gets to to different places, and such, or something of the sort, that give alot of variety!! thatd be fun! i feel like if sgea can put these in then they would have a freaking amazing game in their hands

    1. While some of those ideas are awesome, That would just rip the whole game out from under everyone. I see nothing wrong with the base idea of Mains/Subs that would warrant a complete removal of them. The PAs are something totally different (and skills also) which are certainly going to be rebalanced/reworked already (as Sega has said), and if you've watched the new Ep3 Trailer, we're getting a Lobby Makeover. With a few exceptions to what has already been announced, you just have to wait for the game to become closer to what Sega was aiming for.

    2. Additionally, PSO has never been designed as an open-world adventure game, it's a lobbied hack-n-slash dungeon crawler and that's intentional. And I think the game is plenty varied what with Advanced Quests, Extreme Quests, Emergency Codes, Emergency Quests, all the random variants, rare enemies, time trials, etc. If you just read the optimal grinding strategy on the forum and refuse to do anything else, yeah, it's going to get boring pretty quickly. You can play how you want to play.

  15. People you need to realize this isn't PSU, accept it, Anyones ideas outside of Japan is not going to be heard anyway… Plus its only the start of the game, remember when PSU first started it was crap until ambitions of illuminus came out.

  16. Katana really isn't OP at all unless you only compare it to paltrysan and wire-lame, and even then, I still see people use wire-lame a lot, despite it being downright annoying for every other player in the party to have to deal with.
    Sword Gear and Sword's overpowered PAs, knuckles with their high DPS PAs, daggers are fast and good for evasion and also have good PAs for group mobbing.
    Katana, on the other hand, fails at single target DPS when compared to other classes, fails at multitarget DPS when compared to other classes, and even in katana gear, still fails to outdamage other classes.
    The only thing overpowered at all right now is Il Megid and other OP fo/te techs, and S-roll JA bonus.(which is being nerfed, and gu wasn't that super OP anyway)

    1. I've seen scores of katana bravers curb stomp waves of enemies. They don't even need to use regular attacks and just using a single PA is enough to kill most stuff for them. When against bosses I just see a huge string of damage numbers before watching them drop seconds after a braver or two engaged them. Gu needs to slowly build up damage with s-roll and JA and forces have always been pretty OP and cheap anyway XD. I happen to be a bow braver, (i'll never use katana, ever.) Sadly, the bullet bow is very weak and slow even considering it belongs to the same class.. I can do some heavy damage with Hu as a sub and banishing arrow/kamikaze/nemesis, but if one weapon needs a buff that'll be the bullet bow. Also the "paltrysan" like Mouse says 😛

    2. Force OP and cheap? Wow… Really? Call it my humble opinion but I don't see it. Though I don't understand why you all are complaining about a system due for a revamp already where you don't know what is going to happen in the future…

    3. i dont think bullet bow weak. my bullet bow Br could beat bosses in TA faster than my friend's katana Br before the shunka nerfed and i was like 5 level below him.

    4. I think I'd have to disagree with your assessment of bows in terms of damage output. The only issue the bow has at all is in its slow pp regen rates, while its damage is perfectly fine. Keep in mind, not only can bullet bow do amazing burst damage (800k banish arrow anyone?), it has the benefit of a PA for nearly every situation, be it single enemies, groups, or just CC.

      As for katana, the recent nerf to shunka their overall dps dropped enough that while still strong, they are no longer the afk wave killers they once were.

    5. Uhhhhhh no. The bow is good for single target damage/weak spot abuse and nothing more, period.

      1. 800k banishing arrow needs WB to happen. I think you meant 80k.
      2.The bullet bow has no PA's for every situation, It happens to suck for mob control. The only mob moves are, what? Penetrating arrow?, that takes too long to charge and enemies need to be crammed together. Million Storm? deals scratch damage. You'll be depleting your pp completely just to down 5 enemies. Torrential arrow? is in dire need of a bigger area of effect, otherwise it works only on nearly immobile crowds/bosses, and even then damage is very low as well

      Bullet bow is not a mobbing tool and definitely not a fast killer (unless WB and a clear shot to enemy weak spot)

      Source: a bullet bow -only- braver knows better.

    6. 80k banish? do you just fire it, ja a normal shot and walk off or something? even without wb a "proper" banish can do 300-400k, which means a burst of 800k in 3 seconds. gravity point is a mobbing tool, and happens to do amazingly well at if you you use TPS to aim it, and it happens to also group things up for torrential arrow. Proper use of Pa's with a bow allows you to do well in any situation, although i will agree million storm is a joke.

      you say your a bullet bow only BR and yet you never even mentioned gravity point at all, which is easily one if it's best pa's, and is most DEFINATELY a crowd control skill, in addition to dealing ok damage to boot.

      Turns out most enemies have weakspots for a bow to abuse, and if one pa wont hit them, another one will. torrential hits heads and even on enemies like ludasorcs , damages their weakspot through their body (and can you say gu wondas?), gravity point alone wipes out trash darkers since if placed on the floor it hits their weakpoint. Master shot can abuse nearly any weakspot, and if one isnt available you hit their heads, problem solved (as a bow -only- br, surely you know using master shot in tps will aim at the spot you have your pointer over?)

      I'll admit bow suffers solo for mobbing, but once again, this is an issue of pp regen, not power. in XQ's, group play, or even solo play, i can group of enemies and rain torrential reliably on any spawn, it just requires tps to place and a little practice leading things.

      sorry if this comes off a bit confrontational, but I hate it when people cite things like being a bullet bow only br, as if the other person has no experience using them. I mained bullet bow for quite a while, and I still refuse to use any other weapon for XQ's due to its versatility and high damage potential in almost any situation.

    7. Excuse me, I have the intention of becoming a good Bullet Bow player, but, how the hell are you getting 800k Banish Arrows?

    8. Well like was said, thats with weakbullet. banish CAN still do ~300-400k, but thats usually the cieling without wb. The most important thing to keep in mind with bow is unlike most weapons who have a couple PA's that are so much better than the others, you neglect some of them, almost all bow pa's serve a purpose.

      Not counting million storm, which I think every bow player was sorely dissapointed with, they all have good uses. As I said on my previous post, gravity point is amazing for grouping things up, and if you follow up fast with torrential arrow they get caught in it.

      Master shot is just generally useful, though you have to watch the range your firing it so it doesnt miss.

      Banish and nemesis (or if you can manage it safely, kamikaze will do far more since you can ja it a couple times in one banish) is for single target, usually bosses.

      Though i use it less than gravity point/torrential combo, piercing arrow has niche uses in long hall ways, though to hit weakspots located on top of an enemy, you actually have to jump and aim above their heads in a line for good damage (which i hate, the hitbox is stupid).

      Another good combo is gravity point and tritt shot, as it does high damage and works well when things are grouped, I rarely see anyone else do that if ever.

      An honorable mention goes to sharp bomber, another niche use. Particularly useful when soloing, especially faster enemies and bosses, slot it as a dodge skill as opposed to damage, and use it to allow damage while quick dodging things and also repositioning. (also great for take no dmg XQ conditions).

      I'm sure there are alot more combos one can use, but those are how I use them regularly. Extremely important though is using TPS aiming mode for gravity point and torrential. Pick a spot along the path of the pack or where you know they will go (such as in front of you when you know everything is rushing you), ja a torrential arrow onto the spot the gravity point shot is if that the PA you choose to use, and watch as everything gets hit.

      Bow does far far better when you get used to switching between the two aiming modes, though it isn't alone in that regard.

    9. : Player skill tree, MAG, Weapon grind, Weapon Attribute, Weapon Potential, Buffs, Player race, Enemy weakspot, Enemy debuffed, Unit affixings, Unit set bonus, Photon Art levels, Subclass, Subclass & Main class levels, and when/which Photon arts used is your answer. (Or just view the video lol)

    10. Bow Bravers represent! I've been lucky enough to be blessed by the Loser with an Edel Arrow, but the weapon very definitely needs some sort of tweak to bring it on par with the other ranged weaponry.

    11. I meant no offence. It was just in case. I also don't like when ppl who don't main the bow want to teach me how to use it, sorry for that.
      As a fellow marksman I agree with most of what you say, however I do find your GP and TA combo a little unique. I'll try that sometime :p
      There's however something odd about you pulling 300,000/400,000 numbers out of banishing arrow. Maybe it's because I'm lvl 61, but I wonder if lv 70 archers can deal that huge amount of damage without WB. I mean, even with damage stances activated, other attack buffs, rapid shot and a fully charged banishing arrow + 3 kamikaze or 1 well placed final nemesis initial damage should be along 20,000 30,000 and after the burst another 30,000 for 60 and sometimes 80,000. I'm curious how you manage to add in some other 320,000 dmg :0 What am I missing? as far as I'm concerned, banishing arrow just tags the enemy. It doesn't deal damage itself. Please do tell me about it :3

    12. First it would depend on how your built I suppose. You'r right that banish just tags the enemy, but you have 3 seconds after the next hit to stack damage, so it makes things like triple kamikaze possible if you can time it and be safe about it.

      Being weakstance and pure fury built, and having rapid shoot up helps alot for the damage (it is pretty substantial when you have the passive bonuses maxed). Keep in mind, you wont hit 300-400k on every singe target, even if only because some weakpoints are more accessible, and some bosses are simply too mobile to bother standing still long enough when you could just master shot or something and stack the damage up safely.

      I'm not sure if you use a weakstance build or not, but the damage is much higher than an average stance build, especially given that bow with a little ingenuity can hit almost any weakspot with proper aiming.

      As an interesting sidenote, a charged up banish arrow is an aoe on the final burst, so even for mob situations one could potentially combo a big, high hp enemy and let HIM die to the explosion, taking out the little ones with it. It isn't always reliable but it actually works better on SH because enemies move and group up faster. Oh, and uncharged banish does no less damage, just doesn't have an aoe.

      One more interesting use for banish that most people don't think about, especially as a weak stance build. If you fire a banish arrow at a breakable spot, then exploit your increased damage against heads and exposed weaknesses, you can stack up damage normally and let banish explode and take out break spots for you with no damage loss.

      The most important thing to remember about bow is since it has two location based skills, you can actually do things like aiming them just behind a gu wonda's shield, allowing it to either head hit or if you can aim well, hit their weakspot. You can also use gravity point on a big enemy and suck the littles ones to him, which works very well against all the fish darkers and several other enemy types that like to cluster up. Aiming that way almost guarantees weakspot or head hits in most cases, especially when coupled with torrential, because a ground based gravity and an air based torrential covers most major weakspot locations, not counting head on ones you could just have used master shot for.

    13. Thanks for the tips. I believe the issue is WS. I have AS set right now and that's pretty much FS, albeit lite. WS is apparently they key to insane weak spot damage, so I'll rearrange my SP and max WS instead.

    14. Ah, yeah if you're using AS with a bow your kind of gimping yourself damage wise. Bow is one of those weapons that needs to be focusing weakspots to do real damage since low pp regen doesn't allow constant spam, so WS lends itself well to the gameplay style. Thanks for listening to my rant ;p, i hope I don't come off condescending or anything.

  17. Braver isn't really any better than any other class post shunkan nerf. Pretty much any boss/mobs can be cleared the way you describe by a good gunner, ranger, force, tecter, or even fighter or hunter.
    A team of Fo can whipe out almost any boss before it even moves. BR used to be able to stunlock bosses with breakage, but now most bosses move too quickly for that, unless you're in MPA, in which case, that's how MPAs have always been. Enemies spawn, numbers pop up, and before most melee classes can even reach a target, everything is dead because force.

    Bulletbow damage is perfectly fine. The only thing it needs is better PP recovery, which is what makes it unmainable. You can do fantastic damage for several PAs in a row, but then you're left defenseless. Rapid Shooting can fix this, but it's only up half the time at best, making it unreliable, which makes bows unreliable to use as a main, which means why main bows when you can just play ranger and main rifles and have an infinitely better end result?
    I think if bows had some PP recovery options in the skill tree, similar to te or gu(increased PP recovery while charging attack?) bows could be viable, but it seems a bit pointless, since rifle already eclipses bow, and bow is already good secondary/support damage.
    Or maybe an active skill to directly convert X HP into Y PP(say, 50% of your max HP into 80 PP) that can be JA off of.

    Paltrysan needs buff badly, though.

  18. Fighter=Too Easy to use (Auto parry with dagger, multicombo damage, Status bonus damage)

    Gunner=Too Easy to use ( range, rapid damages, safe zone attack, bonus JA damage, dodge friendly)

    Force=Too Easy to use ( range, pp recovery, 90% of techs cost less than 30 firing 2-3times more than PA skills, every element weakness damage [though element bonus damage means jack all when a tech is already op e.g Ilmegid against Goldrahda 1-3hits], causes status effect, multi hits, JA tech charge stacks)

    Braver=Easy-ish to use (Katana. No really thats it, doesnt take a monkey to know how to abuse it and build is stupidly straight forward)

    Range=Average/Easy to use ( range, Stand Still bonus damage [though you have to move alot], Weak Bullet, Weak Point bonus)

    Hunter=Average to use ( down to how everyone uses HU as main or sub. Though HU has the most disadvantage as a main e.g with a party of GU/FO/BR never get chance to make contact to kill because HU PA are always close range with Sonic Arrow as an exception, but those who can use it has to be very good.)

    Techer=Average to use ( mostly used for support bonuses and being as offence, just say its lower than FO)

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