PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (6/26/2013)

Today's update is going to add the Burning Rangers Quest, a seasonal lobby, and a yukata with a confusing name.

Weekly maintenance expected to end around 7:00 AM EDT

June 26th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 01.08.00
  • Client: ver. 1.0502.2
  • Vita App: ver.1.13

Patch Size

  • PC: 19MBs
  • Vita: 15MBs

 Compensation Notes

Compensation for the [Reverse] Arks Bingo bug.

  • 50 Advance Capsule A and 4 Extreme Passes

Compensation for June 21st Special Maintenance

  • Triboost + 100%

Compensation for the Advance Quest item drop bug.

  • Add Special Ability + 20%

Compensation for 6/26 maintenance extension.

  • Triboost + 50%

Maintenance Notes

  • Block Names have changed on all ships
  • Added the Thanks Festa 2013 [Part 2] video to the PC version
  • Fixed a bug with the Photon Burst sound effect during certain lobby actions
  • Corrected a bug where the start-gate wouldn't open after paying for Extreme Quests/Advance Quests.
  • Corrected a bug where enemies targeted for Emergency Trials failed to appear in the Abduction x Clone Escape Quest
  • Provided countermeasures to a bug where it did not display the correct number of login stamps for premium set users.
  • Provided countermeasures to a bug where two Abduction and Clone BGMs would play at the same time.
  • Provided countermeasures to a bug where Kuna's Live Concert didn't start.
  • Corrected some typos

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