PSO2 Livestream #7 Schedule

The next live broadcast is set for April 9th at 21:00 JST. Phantasy Star Producer Satoshi Sakai along with Ichitaro Ai, Haruko Momoi, Atsuko Enomoto, will deliver the latest PSO2 news and gameplay footage.

PSO2 Broadcast 7 Highlights include:

  • Over 120 minutes chocked full of the latest PSO2 news.
  • Momoi and Ichitaro's Sympathy Concert Report!
  • The audience votes for the next Emergency Quest.
  • The Character Voice Project isn't over just yet! Will there be even more announcements ahead? Stay tuned!
  • Live Gameplay footage and even more information!
  • Presents for the audience!

Watch it here on Nico Nico Live!

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