PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Patch (3/5/2014)

March 5th Maintenance

March 5th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 02.02.00
  • Client: ver. 2.0401.0
  • Size: 1.2GB PC / 410MB Vita

PSUBlog March Hiatus

  • The administrator will be heading out of the country to attend a funeral. Some information contained in this post and future posts may be incomplete or delayed. The site will be run by volunteers during March 5th through March 9th, and it'll pick up from where they left off at the end of the week.
  • Though the site will be run by volunteers, they may not be able to cover information posted at the official site.
  • Since the hiatus affects the posting schedule for tonight's update, the patch notes will be written before they're posted at the official site. If time permits, we may be able update the patch notes if internet access is available.
  • Boost Event and Campaign information may be severely delayed or incomplete.

PSUBlog March Hiatus: Post Structuring

  • Prewritten patch notes will be available within this post instead of a separate post.
  • Boost Information and Campaigns may be incomplete.


Boost Event and Campaign Information

Boost Event Mar 05

Emergency Quest Advance Notice [Japanese Standard Time]

  • Black = White Day
  • Red = Mining Base
  • Blue = Chaotic Tranquility
  • Green = Cradle of Darkness
3.5     20:00   22:00
3.6 11:00     21:00 23:00
3.7   13:00     23:00
3.8 11:00       23:00
3.9 11:00   19:00   23:00
3.10 11:00 13:00   21:00 23:00
3.11   13:00   21:00 23:00


Emergency Quest Advance Notice [Eastern Standard Time]

3.5   6:00AM
[W. Day]
3.6   7:00AM
[W. Day]
[W. Day]
3.7     9:00AM
3.8     9:00AM
[W. Day]
3.9   6:00AM
[W. Day] 
3.10 12:00AM
[W. Day] 

3.11 12:00AM
[W. Day]


Interrupt Ranking Advance Notice

Zeshrayda Defeat

  • 3.9 @ 21:00 JST or 8:00AM EST
  • +400% Rare Drop Boost for Target Enemy

Boost Days

3.7 +50% Rare Enemies for All Quests
3.10 +50% EXP for All Quests
3.11 +50% Rare Drop Boost for All Quests


Client Order Campaign #45

Client Order Campaign #44

Clear Xie's White Day client orders for some goodies!

Campaign Period

  • 3.5 ~ 3.19

Qualifying Client Orders

(1) Clear Xie's Client Order 戦場のホワイトデー!(White Day Battlefield!) to receive:

  • Two +50% EXP Boosters
  • Two Grind Risk Reduction (+1)

(2) Clear Xie's Client Order プレゼントはダーカー討伐?(Darker Suppression Present?) to receive:

  • Two +50% Rare Drop Boosters
  • One Liliparium (S)

Campaign Distribution Date

  • March 26th, 2014 at the Visiphone


Patch Notes

Last Updated: 3/5/2014 @ 5:00 AM EST (Incomplete)

 [dropdown_box expand_text="Patch Notes" show_more="View" show_less="Hide" start="hide"]

New PA/Technics

  • ファセットフォリア Facet Folia [Tw. Dagger]
  • レーゲンシュラーク Regenschlag [Gunslash]
  • シフトピリオド Shift Period [Tw. Machine Gun]
  • イル・フォイエ Il Foie
  • イル・ゾンデ Il Zonde

New Emergency Quest

  • ホワイトデーは大わらわ2 A boisterous White Day 2 (~4/9)

New Limited Time Client Orders from Xie (~4/9)

New Advance Quest

  • Super Hard difficulty added for Special Survey Forest / Caves / Desert
  • Class level 55+

Extreme Quest Update

  • Tundra and Mechs stages 51 ~ 60 added.
  • Tundra and Mechs stage 60 turns into the final stage.

New Latent Abilities

  • Added new latent abilities.
  • Added latent abilities to some preexisting weapons.

Premium Set

  • ★11武器購入パス (11★ Weapon Purchase Passes) Added to the Recycle Shop.
  • 11★ Weapon Purchase Passes can be obtained by trading in an 11★ weapon. 
  • However, not all 11★ weapons qualify for this pass.

AC Shop Listing

  • 拡張倉庫4利用30日 Extra Storage Box 4 (30 Day)
  • 拡張倉庫4利用90日 Extra Storage Box 4 (90 Day)
  • 拡張倉庫5利用30日 Extra Storage Box 5 (30 Day)
  • 拡張倉庫5利用90日 Extra Storage Box 5 (90 Day)

Refine Pyroxene/Spellstone Shop

  • Added items to the shop.

Refine Large Pyroxene Shop

  • With the inclusion of Super Hard Advance quest comes the "Refine Large Pyroxene Shop" and "Refine Large Pyroxene Shop 2." The differences relate to how many items are required and the strength of their special abilities/attribute values.
  • You can trade in large pyroxenes with a specific weapon to obtain another weapon.

Crafting Shop

  • Changed the name of the Crafting Shop
  • Added an item to reset a customized technic
  • Added more room items

Limited Time Fun Shop

  • The 7/11 Oracle Store is now open for business.
  • The store ceases operations on April 23rd.

Shop Updates

  • Added items to the Photon Drop, EXCube, FUN, Net  and Cafe Shops
  • My Room shop lineup updated


  • 夜景拠点 Nightscape team room added
  • Symbol Art Monitors added
  • Team Managers can take over the Team Master position if a Team Master has not logged in for 30+ days.

Skill Tree

  • You may input a name for each skill tree

Online Status

  • You may input a message for your online status in the quick menu.

System Changes

  • Numbers will no longer be shuffled when registering an Item Trading Password in the PC version.
  • You can use Page Up / Page Down to scroll within the Medical Center, Rankings, and other menus.
  • Added credits to the start menu in the PC version
  • The status menu in the PC version will show the premium text color in yellow if it's set to expire within 3 days.
  • Adjusted the behavior of Sabarta so that it can pursue enemies
  • Adjusted the icon design for Wand Lovers
  • Made adjustments for when the camera returns to normal during a quest clear.
  • Emergency Trial "Protect the Crystals" has changed to a rare trial.
  • Made the display range wider for each bases' health in Mining Base Defense.
  • Made it more evident that crystal points are not consumed when using the 'defense socket' or 'base terminal.
  • For some emergency quests, boost items will not be consumed until after the 'Quest Objectives' appear on the screen. This change only applies to Dark Falz, Super Falz, and Big Vardha emergency quests. Due to this change, a boost item will be consumed in the lobby or camp ship if the quest objectives appear on the screen. (Quest Objectives appear once someone in the MPA teleports to the boss arena. For example, starting a quest in the lobby when someone has teleported to Dark Falz will activate the boost item. )
  • Using boost items of the same name can extend their effects to 120 minutes.
  • Increased the rare drop rates for boosted enemies on all difficulties. Gilnas Core rare drop rate boosted
  • You may open the storage box from the Item Lab Menu
  • Relaxed the EXP required to level up from class level 46 and above.
  • Eased the grinding for 7★~11★ weapons
  • Partially relaxed the penalties for adding an extra slot to a weapon.
  • When affixing abilities, using the same item as materials increases success rates.
  • Native Hunter / Machine Hunter / Dragon Hunter / Oceanid Hunter / Negative Hunter / Dragon Emblem / Meteor Victory / Aurora Victory / Sacrificial Inspiration / Heavens Divide / Deadly Breeze latent ability effects have improved.
  • Improved the number of items that drop from red containers.
  • Improved the rare drops for some enemies level 20 and below.






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