PSO2 Live Broadcast #33 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Post-post Live Broadcast Update

  • Slightly updated information for Class Boost

ARKS Caravan: Okinawa Special!

EQ Boost Poll

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • July 12th @ 22:00 JST
  • A Profound Invasion (After Quna Concert)
  • +200% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • +10% extra boost when watching the Live Concert.


Secret Phrase July

Say うみんちゅたろう in chat, sometime between now through July 22nd's maintenance to receive:

  • Music Disc: Voice Drama 一位にふさわしく
  • Food Stall Cart
  • 3rd Anniversary Donuts x10



Casino Changes

Casino Balance Adjustments (July 22nd)

  • Added new items to the Casino Prize Shop
    • Yurlungurs, Lambda Grinders, and Lilipariums (Small)
  • Rare Enemy Trigger E-Trial Rewards
    • 11 star unit (Rear / P-Drive) with ability: Spirita Alpha
    • Arks Badge Peach
  • Black Nyack, Rappy Slots, and Mesetan Shooter will have boosted payouts.

 Challenge Quest Adjustments

  • Relaxed VR Drain for 9 or more players!
  • Gain a small quantity of Miles when you gather energy capsules that crosses over the 100% energy cap. (Varies based on how much it overfills)

Advance Quest Adjustments

  • Adjustments make it easier to level up outside of EQs.
  • +100% EXP Boost Applied
  • Large Pyroxene Drop Rates Improved
  • Some enemies will have reduced HP.
  • Partners gain battle ability buffs.



New Tech and PAs

Early August Update

  • Ice + Light Technic: Barantsion
  • Wired Lance PA: Adapt Spin
  • Assault Rifle PA: End Attract
  • Katana PA: Guren Tessen
  • Twin Dagger PA: Fall Nocturne


Oudo Partner Card

Early August Update

  • Obtain Oudo's partner card.
  • Oudo will appear alongside Shiki in the lobby


Verses Blazblue

Early August Update

  • AC Scratch: Versus BLAZBLUE
  • Ragna, Jin, Noel, Izayoi, and Mu -No. 12- Costume, Hairstyles, Voice, and STAGE BGM
  • Weapon Camos for each character.



Early August Update

  • New Field: Kuronia
  • A royal palace nestled in the rocky mountains.
  • New ★12 weapons and dark themed ★13 weapons at the Pyroxene Exchange.


Kuronia 2 Bosses

Early August Update

  • New Toy type Boss: Codotta Edetta
  • New Boss: Guar Zigmorde (A Nephila Clavata who can perform the Curse of Death….)

 Early August Update

  • Limited-time Level Up Quest (Intended for N ~ SH Leveling)
    • [Atrocious Ocean] [Chaotic Beguiler]


Guilty Gear Xrd Sign

Late August Update

  • New Scratch: Versus Guilty Gear
  • Sol, Ky, Elphelt, and May's Costumes, hairstyles, voices, and Stage BGM.
  • Weapon Camos for each character.


Ragol Memory Exchange

Late August Update

  • PA Customize Daily Crafts
  • Solo TA Rankings
  • New Ragol Memory Exchange Shop Items: RAcast, RAcaseal, and a Head Riding Sato.


Challenge Quest 2

Late August Update

  • Run through a new Challenge Quest in the Tundra, Sub. Tunnels, and Skyscape areas.
  • Which switch will you pick?
  • New exchange shop items: Ideal Units and Photon Boosters.
  • Unlock hidden potential abilities on ★12 weapons with Photon Boosters.

 Late August Update

  • Daily Stamp Upgrade
    • Receive an item each day you log in!
    • Added +100% Triboosters, +250% Rare Drop Boosters, 15000 EXP, Large Pyroxenes, and a Free Salon Pass.
  • Class Boost
    • Players who reach level 75 of a particular class will receive an effect that boosts certain stats. (Upd 7/29)
    • The effect applies even when you change classes.
    • For Example: Braver's Class Boost applies +2 PP / +20 S-ATK / +20 R-ATK / +30 DEX to All Classes.
    • This boost will apply to all characters on the account.
    • Let's aim for the level cap in each class!


PSO2es Updates Summer

PSO2es Update

  • Weaponoid Chips (Weapons Personified)


PSO2es Update Chips

New Chips + Other Improvements

  • Io [Summer Vacation]
  • New PA chips: Illusion Rave and Kreisenschlag.
  • Play the Collab Scratches for several weeks.
  • Touch two points on the screen to switch Gunslash Modes
  • My Shop Push Notifications
  • Confirm and change equipment prior to heading out.




PSO2 Fashion Catalog

PSO2 Fashion Catalog 2012-2015 (August 11th)

  • Contains PSO2 Art Team interview along with an interview with Sakai.
  • Wonderful item codes included. (Color Change and Free Salon Pass included among the list of items.)


 Hyper Dimension Neptunia

Collaboration Announcement! (Around Fall 2015)

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia vs. Sega Hard Girls: Dream Combination Special!
  • From Neptunia's Side
    • Costumes, Hairstyles, Weapon Camos, Accessories, and Room Items of popular characters.
    • PSO2es Chips.
  • From The Hard Girls' Side
    • Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Megadrive's SD character mascot accessories and room items.


Sympathy 2015 Concert

PSO 15th Anniversary Project (#7)

  • Sympathy 2015: Phantasy Star Online Series 15th Anniversary Concert!
  • November 23rd at Pacifico Yokohama!


PSO2 The Animation

PSO 15th Anniversary Project (#8)

  • PSO2 TV Anime launching 2016!
  • The tale is an original story taking place on Earth in the near future.


~ Dark Falz Double ~
~ Coming this Fall! ~

35 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #33 Recap”

  1. It has come!!! The Ice/Light dual tech to complete the collection~

    And then the Nep Nep orgasm later in August <3

    1. Be fair, they made Type:O look WAAAY different from how he did in PSO as well.

    2. Gilliam. You mean Gilliam. TYPE:O was white, TYPE:W was orange (odd, that), and Gilliam was the default green. Differences I can see in his design are his protruding chestplate being too wide, and his thighs being too thin.

  2. Hmm ….. so, about Class Boost ….

    If I cap every other classes on my sub-character, then my main character also got the boost, right?

    And no point in capping a class on both character (if I have 2 characters capped Gu, it have the same bonus as 1 character capped Gu), right?

    1. The higher your sub level, the bigger the bonus main gets. If both are capped you get higher bonus from sub.
      Yes you want to cap both classes.

    2. ah … I meant …

      char A : Lv75 Gu
      char B : All-class Lv75 (except Gu)

      I don't need to level Braver and other classes on char A to get the ClassBonus, right?

      And even if I got both char A and char B at Lv75 Br, only 1 Br ClassBonus give the effect, right? 😮 Only gives +2 PP / +20 S-ATK / +20 R-ATK / +30 DEX, not +4 PP / +40 S-ATK / +40 R-ATK / +60 DEX, right?

    3. The bonuses should be logically per char and not per account, same as you dont get excubes on char B just cause Char A is capped in all classes.

    4. "The bonuses should be logically per char and not per account,"

      did you read the post? it explicitly says "This boost will apply to all characters on the account."

    5. if char A is a capped braver, then Char B doesn't have to cap Braver again. That's because Char A already unlocked the Braver bonus for Char B and C and D and E.

  3. I literally hate all the classes in the game except my ranger, why would they make me cap ever freaking class now? holyshit

    1. The bonus is insignificant, so except if you're into min-maxing, you need not to worry about that.

  4. Well, after I saw what custome they used for Noel Vermillion..
    I'd just try to get the female Version of Ragna instead. I like Noel's clothes during Calamity Trigger more. It also has an beret.

    1. well, they DID say it was going to be chronophantasma stuff when they first mentioned the collabo a month ago…

  5. Lessee… Blazblue, Guilty Gear *and* Neptunia? The nerdgasms are going to reach life-threatening levels…

    Also yay for [Double] finally getting their first boss critter out, their roster's been a little sad without one.

  6. I wish they would add some new content with this Class Boost. But probaly i'm the only one who got bored from the reused content. When was the last time when Bal Rodos was in the daily quest? 2 or 3 days ago(he is there AGAIN)?

  7. Man the misunderstanding on how the class bonus works in these comments makes me cringe lol

    Here's how it works; by hitting the level cap in a certain class, you unlock the ability to redeem that class bonus. HOWEVER, you only get one class bonus per ACCOUNT. Whichever class bonus you choose, is applied to every character you have as passive stats and cannot be undone (so choose carefully!). There will be a class bonus for each class you can choose from and they will all raise different stats in varying amounts and in different ways. So be sure to choose one which benefits all your characters the most, or, if you don't give a shit, pick the one that is best for your main character.

    For example, you max braver and choose the braver class bonus for your account. Every character you have, regardless of class, level, or race would passively have +2PP, +20 Striking Attack, +20 Ranged Attack, and +30 DEX to their base stats from that point onward.

    1. Ok, so inly 1 is active and is permanent. Then why would they say "Let’s aim for the level cap in each class!"?
      There are some things to consider:
      Since they said level cap bonus, it means that it'll probably dissapear when level cap is raised. I doubt effects are permanent. From that, you can say that this bonus is like a reward for max levelling a class, max more would give more benefits. Therefore it should be stackable for each class maxed.
      What i would like to know is if it will stack multie times on characters with same level cap classes.

      Anyways, the premise i said is beneficial for me, i have 5 lvl75 classes and 3 70+ classes in one character

    2. So is your comment, lol. They're adding Class Boost to promote using all available classes in game, well, at least until capped. If you can only select 1 Class Boost it'll only make all the "i capped my fav class and have nothing to do anymore" complainers to choose their capped Class's Class Boost and ignore anything else. So it's either you can freely change your choosen Class Boost or every capped Class's Class Boost is passively aplied to every characters on that account.

    3. I didnt see the part where it said youonly get one boost. And lets talk about how u would choose it? Bc it wouldnt matter what char your on,right? So how would that be done… unless it a static effect applied to the account (u know.. like sega said in broadcast?)

  8. GUILTY GEAR!!! Oh nevermind no Baiken. PSO CAST COSTUMES!!!! Oh wait why is it only PSO made RaCast look good T_T

  9. yannow. it's nice how they're adding another way to work on getting slave weapons since the grind is so very real with them… but…

    I dunno, maybe I'd care more 13*s if they weren't all default class only. my main's a bow-centric ra/br, so there's not a single 13* that's of use to me. other people with builds centered on subclass weapons surely have the same problem. they should like. maybe make it a thing you have jig do, to mod out your 13* for use by a different class than usual, or something like that. the nature of crafting and sakai's intent to make sure it never supplants actual high end rares means that even if we COULD craft those 13* weapons, it would completely lose the point of them, which is their above-standard power and increased element limit… so have the professional weaponsmith make the adjustments. add/change classes, switch equip stats, etc.

    in the mean time, my main at least will probably stick with what she's been using for a year now, unless the only stronger ranger-ready bow falls in my lap. *shrug*

    1. You'd have to either main braver to use good bows or stay with specific bows to use them as non-profiling class. Thats the point of the subclass system. Otherwise there won't be any point at calling it a subclass, it would be doubleclass or something.
      It wasn't a problem back when crossclass weapons weren't common, now without extra countermeasures subbing can easily turn some classes into a fodder and devalue the system, which really shows on RA/BR example or -/HU before main-class-only skills kicked in.

    2. Teamate got ares jb from anga in LQ, and he wasnt a bouncer at the time. But regardless… if u Ra/br there are exactly 0 13* bows you can use. Maybe work towards a live bow?

  10. Love the class boosts per account.i have 10 chars and have literaaly maxed class of every type at least once, maybe sega is trying to promote the lower lv stuff since most ships are all nornal lvl ppl, and then a giant chasm of emptiness for H, Vh , anf Sh, and tgen a huge amount in Xh.
    Makes it hard to level up.

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