PSO2 Live Broadcast #33 Recap

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Post-post Live Broadcast Update

  • Slightly updated information for Class Boost

ARKS Caravan: Okinawa Special!

EQ Boost Poll

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • July 12th @ 22:00 JST
  • A Profound Invasion (After Quna Concert)
  • +200% Rare Drop and EXP Boost
  • +10% extra boost when watching the Live Concert.


Secret Phrase July

Say うみんちゅたろう in chat, sometime between now through July 22nd's maintenance to receive:

  • Music Disc: Voice Drama 一位にふさわしく
  • Food Stall Cart
  • 3rd Anniversary Donuts x10



Casino Changes

Casino Balance Adjustments (July 22nd)

  • Added new items to the Casino Prize Shop
    • Yurlungurs, Lambda Grinders, and Lilipariums (Small)
  • Rare Enemy Trigger E-Trial Rewards
    • 11 star unit (Rear / P-Drive) with ability: Spirita Alpha
    • Arks Badge Peach
  • Black Nyack, Rappy Slots, and Mesetan Shooter will have boosted payouts.

 Challenge Quest Adjustments

  • Relaxed VR Drain for 9 or more players!
  • Gain a small quantity of Miles when you gather energy capsules that crosses over the 100% energy cap. (Varies based on how much it overfills)

Advance Quest Adjustments

  • Adjustments make it easier to level up outside of EQs.
  • +100% EXP Boost Applied
  • Large Pyroxene Drop Rates Improved
  • Some enemies will have reduced HP.
  • Partners gain battle ability buffs.



New Tech and PAs

Early August Update

  • Ice + Light Technic: Barantsion
  • Wired Lance PA: Adapt Spin
  • Assault Rifle PA: End Attract
  • Katana PA: Guren Tessen
  • Twin Dagger PA: Fall Nocturne


Oudo Partner Card

Early August Update

  • Obtain Oudo's partner card.
  • Oudo will appear alongside Shiki in the lobby


Verses Blazblue

Early August Update

  • AC Scratch: Versus BLAZBLUE
  • Ragna, Jin, Noel, Izayoi, and Mu -No. 12- Costume, Hairstyles, Voice, and STAGE BGM
  • Weapon Camos for each character.



Early August Update

  • New Field: Kuronia
  • A royal palace nestled in the rocky mountains.
  • New ★12 weapons and dark themed ★13 weapons at the Pyroxene Exchange.


Kuronia 2 Bosses

Early August Update

  • New Toy type Boss: Codotta Edetta
  • New Boss: Guar Zigmorde (A Nephila Clavata who can perform the Curse of Death….)

 Early August Update

  • Limited-time Level Up Quest (Intended for N ~ SH Leveling)
    • [Atrocious Ocean] [Chaotic Beguiler]


Guilty Gear Xrd Sign

Late August Update

  • New Scratch: Versus Guilty Gear
  • Sol, Ky, Elphelt, and May's Costumes, hairstyles, voices, and Stage BGM.
  • Weapon Camos for each character.


Ragol Memory Exchange

Late August Update

  • PA Customize Daily Crafts
  • Solo TA Rankings
  • New Ragol Memory Exchange Shop Items: RAcast, RAcaseal, and a Head Riding Sato.


Challenge Quest 2

Late August Update

  • Run through a new Challenge Quest in the Tundra, Sub. Tunnels, and Skyscape areas.
  • Which switch will you pick?
  • New exchange shop items: Ideal Units and Photon Boosters.
  • Unlock hidden potential abilities on ★12 weapons with Photon Boosters.

 Late August Update

  • Daily Stamp Upgrade
    • Receive an item each day you log in!
    • Added +100% Triboosters, +250% Rare Drop Boosters, 15000 EXP, Large Pyroxenes, and a Free Salon Pass.
  • Class Boost
    • Players who reach level 75 of a particular class will receive an effect that boosts certain stats. (Upd 7/29)
    • The effect applies even when you change classes.
    • For Example: Braver's Class Boost applies +2 PP / +20 S-ATK / +20 R-ATK / +30 DEX to All Classes.
    • This boost will apply to all characters on the account.
    • Let's aim for the level cap in each class!


PSO2es Updates Summer

PSO2es Update

  • Weaponoid Chips (Weapons Personified)


PSO2es Update Chips

New Chips + Other Improvements

  • Io [Summer Vacation]
  • New PA chips: Illusion Rave and Kreisenschlag.
  • Play the Collab Scratches for several weeks.
  • Touch two points on the screen to switch Gunslash Modes
  • My Shop Push Notifications
  • Confirm and change equipment prior to heading out.




PSO2 Fashion Catalog

PSO2 Fashion Catalog 2012-2015 (August 11th)

  • Contains PSO2 Art Team interview along with an interview with Sakai.
  • Wonderful item codes included. (Color Change and Free Salon Pass included among the list of items.)


 Hyper Dimension Neptunia

Collaboration Announcement! (Around Fall 2015)

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia vs. Sega Hard Girls: Dream Combination Special!
  • From Neptunia's Side
    • Costumes, Hairstyles, Weapon Camos, Accessories, and Room Items of popular characters.
    • PSO2es Chips.
  • From The Hard Girls' Side
    • Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Megadrive's SD character mascot accessories and room items.


Sympathy 2015 Concert

PSO 15th Anniversary Project (#7)

  • Sympathy 2015: Phantasy Star Online Series 15th Anniversary Concert!
  • November 23rd at Pacifico Yokohama!


PSO2 The Animation

PSO 15th Anniversary Project (#8)

  • PSO2 TV Anime launching 2016!
  • The tale is an original story taking place on Earth in the near future.


~ Dark Falz Double ~
~ Coming this Fall! ~

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