PSO2 Live Broadcast #35 Recap

Graphic Settings 6

Pre-Livestream Recap

  • The PlayStation 4 version was revealed to have high quality graphics. It will include support for Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad, and SHARE functionalities.
  • PC players were not left out in the cold, as they too will receive a graphical upgrade. The PC version in its current form has 5 incremental stages to its graphical settings. However, when the PS4 version comes out, PC players will receive a 6th graphical stage, allowing them to enjoy the game with the same quality as the PS4 version.
  • PSO2 The Animation revealed a few new characters, "Kota," the main character's best friend, "Mika," a student council treasurer, and "SORO," a Cast known as the "Lone Warrior." How punny!

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Post Livestream Update (Part 1)

  • Added more notes to Weapon Boost
  • Updated text for Gunner Balance Adjustments
  • Added exchange requirements for Zieg's weapons.


Secret Phrase Sept

Secret Phrase

Say ぷれすてよんたろう in chat some time between now through September 30th's Maintenance to receive these wonderful prizes.

  • 1x Evo Device / Jackolan
  • 5x Pumpkin Pies '15
  • 1x Halloween Lantern

These prizes will be distributed after a future maintenance.


EQ Sept Boost Poll

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Regiment of the Wicked
  • September 20th @ 22:00 JST (After Quna Concert)
  • +250% EXP + Rare Drop Boost



Halloween Event

Mid October Update

  • Halloween Lobby (~11/11)
  • Ghosts can appear in the lobby!?
  • Halloween Bingo (~11/11)
  • Xie (Halloween 2015)


Team Expansion October

 Mid October Update

  • New Team Scarf Accessory
  • Photon Tree raising up to Lv.8.
  • Seraphy reappears in PSO2.
  • More ★12 weapon client orders from Zieg.
  • Added Weapon Boost titles.
    • These titles strengthen the power of main class weapons.
    • Titles unlock when you gather (discover) a certain number of weapons of certain rarities. This is based on the number of weapons found in your weapon database collection at the Visiphone.
    • For example: Discover twenty ★7~9 Hunter weapons for +2.5% power for Hunter weapons. (Main Class Only). There's also several titles for discovering ★10~12 weapons of specific classes.
    • Also one thing to note, purchasing a weapon from My Shop doesn't count as "discovering" a weapon for your database collection. 


Halloween Scratch

Mid October Update

  • Halloween Night Masquerade (AC Scratch)
  • A Halloween Lillipan Suit
  • Gothic Costumes
  • Costumes previously released in Overseas territories.


Trick Or Treat 4 EQ

Mid October's [Trick or Treat 4]

  • Toy Darkers Appear
  • New Emergency Trials
  • Weapons Badges and Lambda Grinders available as rewards.
  • [Double] will appear in the Emergency Quest and all other fields.
  • New Drops
  • Get ★12 and ★13 star weapons.


EP3 Chapter

Mid October Update

  • Episode 3's Final Chapter.


Balance Adjustments Braver

Mid October Update

  • Braver
    • Buff: Power increases based on the Katana Gear Gauge
    • You can now get the maximum Rapid Fire effect when activating Rapid Shoot.
    • Relaxed Skill Points (Katana Combat and Rapid Shoot)
    • 3 Katana PA Buffs and 2 Bullet Bow PA Buffs.
  • Gunner
    • Buffed: The speed in which the power increases with High Time.
    • Sped up the 1st and 2nd S-Rolls. Relaxed the fall timing after attacks.
    • 8 Twin Machine Gun PA Buffs.
  • In addition, there will be some buffs for action behaviors and photon arts.



Fairy Tail Collabo

Fairy Tail Collaboration Announced

  • Releasing Late October
  • Natsu, Lucy, Erza, & Wendy's Costumes, Hairstyles, Accessories, Weapon Camos, and Happy's Mag Evo Device.
  • Fairy Tail Tavern team room released for a limited time.


Fairly Tail Fantasia

Late October Update

  • Fairy Tail Fantasia (AC Scratch)
  • The Fairy Tail Tavern team room will be available for a limited time.
  • Natsu, Lucy, Erza, and Wendy's Costume and Hairstyles.
  • Happy's Mag Evolution Device
  • Expect to see weapon camos too.


Fairy Tail Fantasia 2

Late October Update

  • Fairy Tail Fantasia (AC Scratch)
  • Ninja and Oriental themed Costumes in the AC Scratch.
  • Ragol Memory: HUcast and HUcaseal Repcas


DF Double Battle

Late October Update

  • Dark Falz Double is merely the opening act!?
  • Dark Falz Double will also have resistance to Weak Bullet.
  • Witness the creation of something surpassing Dark Falz.


Dark Falz Double Weapons

Late October Update

  • New 13 star weapon series "Invade."
  • Collect a ridiculous amount of items of various types to evolve the Invade weapon into an "Austere" weapon through Zieg.
  • According to the trailer, he asks for:
    • 100 Caligulas
    • 100 Neros
    • 50 Yurlungurs
    • 50 Galerus
    • 5 Heartkey Spellstones
    • 5 Bloody Moon Spellstones
    • 5 Phantom Night Spellstones
    • 10 Photon Boosters
    • 300 Excubes
    • 1 specific "Invade" weapon.



7 Dragon Collabo

November Collaboration

  • 7th Dragon III code: VFD Collaboration.
  • Samurai M + Samurai F + Fortuner F + Rune Knight F's costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
  • PSO2es collaboration too.


PSO2es Event

PSO2es Ranking Event (9.25.2015)

  • Compete for Emergency Quest score rankings!
  • Get your hands on rare items like the King Rappy Suit and Nyau chips.
  • Nyau chips can strengthen the ability levels of ★11 or higher chips if they match the same element.
  • Various items can be obtained with Operation Stars for those who rank high or achieve certain scores.



PSO2es Updates from October and Beyond

  • New Emergency Quest Difficulty [Super Hard]
  • Super Hard versions will appear when using the [Super Hard Trigger] found in the Bonus Scratch.
  • PSO2es exclusive ★12 weapons and Weaponoid chips will be among the list of possible rewards for defeating a Super Hard boss. 
  • There can be 50 players to help you defeat the Super Hard boss.



Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A

November Collaboration

  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double AA
  • Akari Mamiya and Aria H. Kanzaki's costumes, hairstyles, and weapon camos!


Legend of Heroes Sen No Kiseki

Winter Collaboration

  • The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II
  • Rean, Alisa, Laura, and Fie's costumes, hairstyles, weapon camos, and accessories.
  • PSO2es collaboration too.


Disgaea 5 Collabo

Winter Collaboration

  • Disgaea 5 Collaboration.
  • Killia, Seraphina, Usalia's costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and weapon camos.
  • PSO2es collaboration too.


Sympathy Concert Bonus

Sympathy 2015 Concert

  • Bonus Item Codes for Ticket Purchasers
    • This time it will include Japanese style musical instruments.
    • Rico and Flowen's Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
    • PSO 15th Anniversary Logo Sticker.


Charagumin FOnewearl

Volks' [Charagumin FOnewearl]

  • Releases some time this year.
  • Set contents: FOnewearl, Lepus Mag, Rod, and Elder Rod.
  • Selling Price: 16,500 Yen



Mining Base: Demise

~ Featuring Dark Falz Apprentice ~

~ Coming December ~





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