PSO2: PlayStation 4 Version Overview

PSO2 PS4 Upgrade

Updated 9/17 @ 8:55 AM EST

PlayStation 4 Version

  • Enjoy the game with high quality graphics at a lower price than a PC setup.
  • Supports PS Vita Remote Play.
  • Plans for SHARE and Touchpad support.
  • Service is only for Japan.
  • PS4 version is also Free to Download and Free to Play!
  • Play the same characters as the PC, Vita, and PSO2es versions.
  • Has the latest updates and can play at the same time with the PC/Vita versions.

Other PS4 Tidbits

  • They have plans for a beta test prior to its official release.
  • The graphics will have Beauty Salon style quality.
  • They're preparing to have Arks Cash purchasable from the PlayStation Store.

PC Version Update

  • PC version will receive a new "Stage 6" Graphics Setting.


46 thoughts to “PSO2: PlayStation 4 Version Overview”

  1. For the trophy hunters, I really hope the PS4 version will have an entirely new trophy list with unique trophies separate from the Vita version's list.

  2. what do they mean by stage 6
    an i hope this new graphic setting isnt going to ruin my pc i dont want to upgrade my pc again

    1. Stage 6 just means better post-processing/lighting and textures.

      Unless you already run at sub 60fps, it will change very little for you, and is entirely optional.

    2. When you open the launcher and click Settings, you may have noticed a slider with preset graphical settings from 1 ~ 5. When the PS4 version comes out, the PC version will also get an update that increases this number to 6. As what Sandstorm said, it's entirely optional but it's the only way to enjoy PSO2 with the new high quality graphics.

  3. **At a lower prioce then a pc setup**
    What planet am i on where a ps4 is cheaper then my computer. only spent 250 dollars and built it myself and i run everything i play on there highest settings. especially pso2 cause it will even run on a potato.

    1. It is cheap. My monitor alone costs over $1000. 😛 In comparison, A PS4 (new) from amazon is $369+shipping.

      There is a difference between a decent, useful PC and a top-end game rig. By comparison, console gaming is indeed cheap.

    2. Who cares about the monitor price? You need one for PS4 too.
      Should console players include the sofa price too?

      It's not cheap, my sofa costs alone $2200.

    3. Hah, pc gaming is cheap. I got my chair for like $20 and it's really highend and nice.. I love this chair.

  4. PS4 ,,I,,

    "Ultra very high splendid graphics" are useless and shit since the very game it`s based on EQs, and what happen on every EQ… tons of lag no matter what ducking internet service you have.

    Tres bien SEGA

  5. Any release date? Spring/Fall 2016? Also is there any clarification for "Service only for Japan". Is that meaning it's just language JP only. Or can the westerners can not connect to it at all?

    1. The 'Service is only for Japan' means nothing unless they bring in another IP block and screw over half their consumer base again.

      The PS4, unlike Playstation Vita, happily will run a Japanese PSN game if you have the game on your system and the right account. The only way they could restrict it outside that is to require your online access account to be your Japanese account.

      They are talking smoke and mirrors this time round.

    2. You can run a US and a JP account on the same console. PS3 and PS4 allow that, the Vita stopped doing so because 'It's an exploit'.
      All the companies call any method by which you can play imported games beyond jumping through their hoops an exploit, admittedly.

    3. Ok I found a date. It should come out by no later than Summer. (Meaning it could come out anytime before then, essentially Q1 or Q2 2016) As of this time, 2016 is the official release date.

    4. Thanks Ricardo! I might actually have to buy a PS item… Also it's funny but I have pictures of you from the beta wearing a pink tux!

  6. >to appease the petulant graphic-whoring children that comprise sony's customerbase, we're dumping vaseline over the game and pointing spotlights at it
    >as a bonus, we're degrading the PC client with that as well.

    sega. if you want to improve the graphics, there's a lot of better options that don't involve butchering people's GPUs and making the game look like crap.

    I think maidoll has the idea right with what this means in the long run: (up: setting5, down: setting6)

    1. Don't see how the PC version is being degraded when setting 6 is purely optional. No one is forcing you to use setting 6. Stay at Setting 5 if your GPU can't handle it. No need to get mad sir.

    2. Since the complete graphical overhaul is considered by PSO2 fans as a thing that should have happened years ago as a minimal improvement threshold, every day passing without it being implemented will lower its total value. Anything below mentioned level of improvement is treated as a mockery, let down and a step in the wrong way, as you can see on the example above.

    3. "blur and bloom everywhere" isn't an improvement. what you guys are looking at is hardly a "complete overhaul", and my grousing is couched in not trusting sega to intelligently split things up in the options menu. for all we know they could link half the crap to having shaders on at all, like having shadows of any kind other than "dots under players and enemies"… meaning that just having the game not be in fullbright mode all the time would end up entailing these gpu cookers in effect.

      I think some of you people have been around the console industry's graphicswhore types too long if you're really that wowed by that kind of faff that sega showed and think that it's a big "improvement to the game's value".

      the only thing I've seen in the screens sega posted that was an actual improvement was some extra normalmaps to add more texture to surfaces. but the "vaseline and floodlight" treatment ain't needed for that.

    4. Except it isn't 'blur and bloom everywhere'. Not at all. Stage 5 already does that very well, and can be switched off if you're averse to it. From the current crop of screenshots, it appears Sega are finally adding bump / normal mapping to scenery. That's GREAT. It'll finally mean that the environments in the game will be as detailed and visually interesting as the character models.

      I suspect, like PSO2 has done so very well so far, is that if you don't like it, you can switch it back off, but really, it'll look a heck of a lot better, and will probably not be all that more taxing on GPUs, unless you have some potato card from 2006 😛

    5. Exactly, in my case I don't want to use 3rd party programs (such as Radeon Pro to just apply SweetFX and some tweaks) when the game can do it by its own like this for example (another example is Black Desert where you pretty much can add SSAO, Vibrance, HDR, anything that SweetFX offers but inside the game)

      To me this is actually amazing and looking at the PS4 gameplay teaser I loved it (altho I don't like that much the wall textures that much but overall it looks pretty amazing)

      So yeah, if your GPU can't handle it just stay at setting 5, this is just another complain post by Z anyways so don't take it that seriously, even tho yeah he is right about that there are better options to improve the graphics by a lot but it will butcher lew grade PCs and lots of potatoes

    6. in all honesty… pretty much everything I've ever seen people do to pso2 with sweetfx and the like looks like steaming garbage. having more filters applied does not inherently make things look better, but most everyone who gets loose with those programs just dumps on as much as they can get away with and doesn't even try to fine tune things to not look terrible.

      "LOOK MA, LOOK AT HOW MUCH CRAP I CAN MAKE MY GPU DO!" isn't impressive.

      o' curse, since you're one who disregards anything you disagree with out of hand, I suppose trying to talk sense with you is a waste of time.

    7. Even tho I use SweetFX I'm one of those person that doesn't like to add a huge vibrance/saturation settings to the game, pretty much what I achieved with it was minor coloring that I liked and likes a bit like Stage 6 shaders already (except for the wall textures ofc) but still lacks of some lightning and shadows looks that I'm kinda still looking to get an improvement (wich SEGA is doing pretty much with lightning but not with shadows at all) even tho this has some good stuff it also have so many flaws but since SEGA is trying to do something else aside from making more costumes and accs, this made me happy so yeah

      This is not about "taughting some sense to people", that's stupid in this topic, this is about making opinions, you have yours, people have theirs (unless they are totally wrong)

    1. Curious, what are your laptop specs? I have an oldish one with i7 2630QM and Intel HD Graphics 2000 (I think) and 6 GB RAM, yet the game has trouble running at setting 1. I wanna compare with yours so i can determine if those specs are either too low or if SOMETHING on the laptop is killing its performance (pretty sure it's this, performance overall is bad nowadays).

  7. can we get official Dualshock 4 support for the PC version?

    I would really like to use mine without the need for 3rd party software to trick my PC into thinking it's a 360 controller :<

  8. Ahh! There we go! Did NOT want another Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, Sonic All Stars racing 1, or Tomb Raider 2013 revisit again. "Here PC, you gaiz kan keep da last gen port!"

    1. more like "here guys, since you aren't all monkeys who are wowed solely by TEH SHINIEZ, you can keep your decent looking versions of things".

  9. Is there any chance of this having an IP block? There was another Japanese MMO released of the PS4 I was really excited to play, In fact it was partially the reason i purchased a ps4.[ I wasn't aware PSO2 would be coming to the ps4 at that time] But due to the IP block I'm having a huge amount of trouble downloading It's patches due to the proxy that I can't play it so I am hoping this will not be the same for PSO2, If anyone hears any news regarding an IP block or not I'd appreciate it if you could reply to this comment to let me know, Thanks.

    1. I've been playing on my Vita since it came out for Vita.

      I highly doubt they'd implement an IP block for one version of the game that we're all already playing.

      I wouldn't stake a console purchase on it (I won't be getting a PS4 unless they release a PSO2 limited edition), just in case, but I assume, much like the Vita, you'll just need a JP PSN to download the game.

  10. Why is the force up so close to the rockbear and the hunter so far away? I think she might get blown away soon with the look of the rockbear.

    1. The demo players have never been very good. Hell, the Dewman was killed by a Vol Dragon in the demo playthrough.

  11. Something I'm wondering right now is a certain thing about that it shares the servers with PC and Vita.

    On my Vita, right now, I log in to my EU PSN, slot in the game, run it, and, within minutes, I'm in the game, no need for the current account password or a human check.

    Will the PS4 version handshake off PSN like the Vita, or will it need to be authenticated?

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