PSO2: PlayStation 4 Version Overview

PSO2 PS4 Upgrade

Updated 9/17 @ 8:55 AM EST

PlayStation 4 Version

  • Enjoy the game with high quality graphics at a lower price than a PC setup.
  • Supports PS Vita Remote Play.
  • Plans for SHARE and Touchpad support.
  • Service is only for Japan.
  • PS4 version is also Free to Download and Free to Play!
  • Play the same characters as the PC, Vita, and PSO2es versions.
  • Has the latest updates and can play at the same time with the PC/Vita versions.

Other PS4 Tidbits

  • They have plans for a beta test prior to its official release.
  • The graphics will have Beauty Salon style quality.
  • They're preparing to have Arks Cash purchasable from the PlayStation Store.

PC Version Update

  • PC version will receive a new "Stage 6" Graphics Setting.


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