PSO2 Live Broadcast #35 Recap

Graphic Settings 6

Pre-Livestream Recap

  • The PlayStation 4 version was revealed to have high quality graphics. It will include support for Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad, and SHARE functionalities.
  • PC players were not left out in the cold, as they too will receive a graphical upgrade. The PC version in its current form has 5 incremental stages to its graphical settings. However, when the PS4 version comes out, PC players will receive a 6th graphical stage, allowing them to enjoy the game with the same quality as the PS4 version.
  • PSO2 The Animation revealed a few new characters, "Kota," the main character's best friend, "Mika," a student council treasurer, and "SORO," a Cast known as the "Lone Warrior." How punny!

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Post Livestream Update (Part 1)

  • Added more notes to Weapon Boost
  • Updated text for Gunner Balance Adjustments
  • Added exchange requirements for Zieg's weapons.


Secret Phrase Sept

Secret Phrase

Say ぷれすてよんたろう in chat some time between now through September 30th's Maintenance to receive these wonderful prizes.

  • 1x Evo Device / Jackolan
  • 5x Pumpkin Pies '15
  • 1x Halloween Lantern

These prizes will be distributed after a future maintenance.


EQ Sept Boost Poll

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Regiment of the Wicked
  • September 20th @ 22:00 JST (After Quna Concert)
  • +250% EXP + Rare Drop Boost



Halloween Event

Mid October Update

  • Halloween Lobby (~11/11)
  • Ghosts can appear in the lobby!?
  • Halloween Bingo (~11/11)
  • Xie (Halloween 2015)


Team Expansion October

 Mid October Update

  • New Team Scarf Accessory
  • Photon Tree raising up to Lv.8.
  • Seraphy reappears in PSO2.
  • More ★12 weapon client orders from Zieg.
  • Added Weapon Boost titles.
    • These titles strengthen the power of main class weapons.
    • Titles unlock when you gather (discover) a certain number of weapons of certain rarities. This is based on the number of weapons found in your weapon database collection at the Visiphone.
    • For example: Discover twenty ★7~9 Hunter weapons for +2.5% power for Hunter weapons. (Main Class Only). There's also several titles for discovering ★10~12 weapons of specific classes.
    • Also one thing to note, purchasing a weapon from My Shop doesn't count as "discovering" a weapon for your database collection. 


Halloween Scratch

Mid October Update

  • Halloween Night Masquerade (AC Scratch)
  • A Halloween Lillipan Suit
  • Gothic Costumes
  • Costumes previously released in Overseas territories.


Trick Or Treat 4 EQ

Mid October's [Trick or Treat 4]

  • Toy Darkers Appear
  • New Emergency Trials
  • Weapons Badges and Lambda Grinders available as rewards.
  • [Double] will appear in the Emergency Quest and all other fields.
  • New Drops
  • Get ★12 and ★13 star weapons.


EP3 Chapter

Mid October Update

  • Episode 3's Final Chapter.


Balance Adjustments Braver

Mid October Update

  • Braver
    • Buff: Power increases based on the Katana Gear Gauge
    • You can now get the maximum Rapid Fire effect when activating Rapid Shoot.
    • Relaxed Skill Points (Katana Combat and Rapid Shoot)
    • 3 Katana PA Buffs and 2 Bullet Bow PA Buffs.
  • Gunner
    • Buffed: The speed in which the power increases with High Time.
    • Sped up the 1st and 2nd S-Rolls. Relaxed the fall timing after attacks.
    • 8 Twin Machine Gun PA Buffs.
  • In addition, there will be some buffs for action behaviors and photon arts.



Fairy Tail Collabo

Fairy Tail Collaboration Announced

  • Releasing Late October
  • Natsu, Lucy, Erza, & Wendy's Costumes, Hairstyles, Accessories, Weapon Camos, and Happy's Mag Evo Device.
  • Fairy Tail Tavern team room released for a limited time.


Fairly Tail Fantasia

Late October Update

  • Fairy Tail Fantasia (AC Scratch)
  • The Fairy Tail Tavern team room will be available for a limited time.
  • Natsu, Lucy, Erza, and Wendy's Costume and Hairstyles.
  • Happy's Mag Evolution Device
  • Expect to see weapon camos too.


Fairy Tail Fantasia 2

Late October Update

  • Fairy Tail Fantasia (AC Scratch)
  • Ninja and Oriental themed Costumes in the AC Scratch.
  • Ragol Memory: HUcast and HUcaseal Repcas


DF Double Battle

Late October Update

  • Dark Falz Double is merely the opening act!?
  • Dark Falz Double will also have resistance to Weak Bullet.
  • Witness the creation of something surpassing Dark Falz.


Dark Falz Double Weapons

Late October Update

  • New 13 star weapon series "Invade."
  • Collect a ridiculous amount of items of various types to evolve the Invade weapon into an "Austere" weapon through Zieg.
  • According to the trailer, he asks for:
    • 100 Caligulas
    • 100 Neros
    • 50 Yurlungurs
    • 50 Galerus
    • 5 Heartkey Spellstones
    • 5 Bloody Moon Spellstones
    • 5 Phantom Night Spellstones
    • 10 Photon Boosters
    • 300 Excubes
    • 1 specific "Invade" weapon.



7 Dragon Collabo

November Collaboration

  • 7th Dragon III code: VFD Collaboration.
  • Samurai M + Samurai F + Fortuner F + Rune Knight F's costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
  • PSO2es collaboration too.


PSO2es Event

PSO2es Ranking Event (9.25.2015)

  • Compete for Emergency Quest score rankings!
  • Get your hands on rare items like the King Rappy Suit and Nyau chips.
  • Nyau chips can strengthen the ability levels of ★11 or higher chips if they match the same element.
  • Various items can be obtained with Operation Stars for those who rank high or achieve certain scores.



PSO2es Updates from October and Beyond

  • New Emergency Quest Difficulty [Super Hard]
  • Super Hard versions will appear when using the [Super Hard Trigger] found in the Bonus Scratch.
  • PSO2es exclusive ★12 weapons and Weaponoid chips will be among the list of possible rewards for defeating a Super Hard boss. 
  • There can be 50 players to help you defeat the Super Hard boss.



Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A

November Collaboration

  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double AA
  • Akari Mamiya and Aria H. Kanzaki's costumes, hairstyles, and weapon camos!


Legend of Heroes Sen No Kiseki

Winter Collaboration

  • The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II
  • Rean, Alisa, Laura, and Fie's costumes, hairstyles, weapon camos, and accessories.
  • PSO2es collaboration too.


Disgaea 5 Collabo

Winter Collaboration

  • Disgaea 5 Collaboration.
  • Killia, Seraphina, Usalia's costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and weapon camos.
  • PSO2es collaboration too.


Sympathy Concert Bonus

Sympathy 2015 Concert

  • Bonus Item Codes for Ticket Purchasers
    • This time it will include Japanese style musical instruments.
    • Rico and Flowen's Costumes, Hairstyles, and Accessories.
    • PSO 15th Anniversary Logo Sticker.


Charagumin FOnewearl

Volks' [Charagumin FOnewearl]

  • Releases some time this year.
  • Set contents: FOnewearl, Lepus Mag, Rod, and Elder Rod.
  • Selling Price: 16,500 Yen



Mining Base: Demise

~ Featuring Dark Falz Apprentice ~

~ Coming December ~





37 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #35 Recap”

    1. Down with tyranny! Down with slavery! Up with freedom! Up with wages! Viva la revolution! We've had enough of this exploitation, dood!

    1. I'm Lookin forward to the New Badass DF Demise, I mean, I know we all saw it, IT LOOKS FUCKING HARDCORE!!! The Idola strange fruit remix just really set the tone/mood for that Fight! Ima start early and save up for affixing, lol. It's too bad they wont bring anymore blast from the past bosses to fight/kill.

  1. I'm suspicious that the nature of the weapon type boost thing is going to screw people who have bad RNG seeds. some loot just plain refuses to show up for some people. the fact that sega had to make 12*s tradeable before they intended to, just so that some people would get them at all, proves it.

    nice to see more nox stuff showing up, though kinda wish they'd stop making them EQ/LQ-only drops 'cause that's not helping the aforementioned "stuff that refuses to drop" issue; strictly speaking they're not super impressive, either, so being hard to get is kinda strange.

    those teitoku outfits make me wish for a kancolle collab instead of "random anime A", but blah blah can't have nice things blah. rune knight's outfit gets my attention for having a fantasy/knight style AND having shoes that aren't full-throttle stupid. (hello, noble athena, you're great EXCEPT THAT…) and the skimpyness really ain't that bad given lunapro exists; the character I'll put it on wears that kind of thing anyway. on the other hand, I hope they handle fortuner's cape better than 2021!rushe's cape.

    I choked when I saw the total cost of those [austere] weapons on the stream. and then I choked again when I realized that the [invade] series come with maxed element and already +10'd. those are going to be incredible "fresh out of the box", even granting the massive grind to upgrade them. this and the mainclass boost are another notch on the list for "sega now wants people to stop using subclasses for anything but skills and stats", which is bothersome, but eeeh. at least for once it'll be justifiable to say, have a bow ra/br *coughmecough* give up sharpshooter; the invades alone are gonna more than make up for it with their raw power and element and -not having to blow a ton of cash grinding them or needing multiples to max the element-. I guess it's a "fair" trade for the upgrades to require you to gather all that crap twice, since you won't exactly be losing out making use of the "lesser" version in the mean time.

    br/gu stuff… nice to see rapidshoot lose the whole "spinning up" thing. since the delay between shots was always the "three shots at once" delay, having to spool it up wasted duration. easier to use is good. hopefully the skillpoint relief isn't JUST for rapidshoot and KC themselves, but rather all the stuff attached to them as well; otherwise there really still wouldn't be enough points to take both abilities with enough of their constituents to make them really worthwhile. questionable if amping the power of katanagear alone will bring katana up to snuff; I guess we'll see in time. gunner… they're really pushing "USE HIGHTIME!" hard, aren't they? but at least the PAs are getting buffed.

    gettin' a tad tired of the wall of random collabo tho. c'mon sega, let your own costume designers earn their paychecks.

    plot progression… now, let us go, to the {wakamoto}GRAAND FINAAAAALE…!{/wakamoto} get hype for continuance!

    …and then we try to clean up the apprentice mess. welp. there's a strange irony to how apprentice has been handled all this time. her darkers were the first we face, and yet apprentice herself has pretty much always been a footnote in whatever else was happening, 2-6 notwithstanding. her previous moment of relevance in storyquests was more incidental than direct focus… and so it's perhaps fitting that our failure to prevent the true form of apprentice from awakening should come after our dealing with the progenitor of {DF}. I wonder how long it'll take for there to start being consistent wins of {mining base defense – demise}.

    1. Buying weapons does not qualify for the weapon title, so much for the proof.
      Online experts are dime a dozen.

    2. I did not imply that it DID count for the title. try some reading comprehension. if you're going to try to say I'm wrong, at least pay attention to what I'm saying.

      sega making 12*s tradeable before they intended to proves that 12*s largely refuse to drop for a wide array of people.

      people who have actual need for the above measure will likely get screwed over trying to obtain these [weapon boost] titles because an array of rares refuse to drop for them, and things you end up buying do not count towards the titles.

      jeez, I shouldn't have to break things down into even MORE walls of text for you.

    3. 12star exchange has nothing to do with the title, as it requires to find any sort of 10-12 star 25/40/70 times. Not a specific item.
      Neither it proves anything regarding drop chance, since you have to get one 12s to buy one 12s. Don't forget a choir of players pleading to let them sell and trade in dozens of their useless 12stars SINCE MARCH.
      This should give you a hint that you should type MUCH less and read MUCH more. Sadly, people that don't read never get it, they just keep typing.

      PS: Austere requirements is a chump change for someone who got Invade and wants to upgrade it further.

    4. u get 12* passes as title rewards, and wasnt a pass a campaign reward as well? Thats why they mentioned bought weps dont count. maybe u should read more "online expert" 🙂

    5. also. retrospect and reexamining braver skilltree, I must rework my statement thereupon;
      KC's stuff isn't too much of a point hog, once they reduce KC to five points.
      rapidshoot, on the other hand… compress the main skill, compress the mastery, combine and compress the two ups. then you'd have it cost the same as KC's branch (with the base skill compressed). of course, you still have a ten point hike for good bow use because of charge shot and bow charge bonus, compared to katana costing three points extra for gear, counteredge, and counter bonus.

      since good stance use is still 33 points for either stance…
      33 on a stance, 3 on the initial stat up on the tree… 23 points for katana or 30 points for bow, five on attack advance because who's gonna skip a completely unconditional damage boost for when they're recovering PP? … 71 (bow) or 64 (katana) without any "extras"… well, it'll be more doable to have skills for both weapons on the same tree, but…
      not gonna do much about the fact that since katana and bow scale off different stats/damage modifiers, you don't really get to be particularly good with both at once anyway.
      they should probably rearrange braver's stances to be in line with other classes regarding not having to take the crit skill to get the stance up skill, too. hack another three points out of the "has to be spent" pile to give more options in allocation.
      I guess there's a limit of how much of that sort of thing will happen to any tree before more skills are added in general, though.

    6. Honestly i don't see the harm in this thing. I mean we have the entire 10-12* catalog of swords, wired lances, and partizans. That's like 160+ weapons altogether! If we get a bunch of 10* of each category we pretty much have the boosts. In fact I'm sure most of us filled our 10* weapondexes already. People who dont play EQs or Extra Hard would be the only ones disadvantaged.

  2. I will start the ritual of summoning "All skill reset pass"

    For Graphic enhancement i hope they put a little button to tick for turning on and off that fading effect of certain Tech, love to see the glory of blasting anything anywhere effect, rather than just hearing the sound of it -_-

    1. Since they are relaxing skill points in KC, it's pretty sure that they'll give out the reset pass, i've been told that they do when they touch trees (im corssing fingers for it so i can fix the shitty mess on my Fi/Bo trees)

    2. Actually, there's a good chance they will not give new skill tree reset passes when they reduce the max sp of KC and rapid shot to 5. My reason for believing this is that they didn't give reset passes when they rearranged the skill trees for each class, and instead we just got back w.e sp was out of place. So if your a katana braver, your most likely just going to get 5sp back, if your like most bow bravers, you wont get any sp back.

    3. What are you talking about?????

      When Sega re arranged the skill trees we DID receive skill reset passes

      (I remember that because there was a huge talk about it on my team about it)

    4. WAIT! Ok so they DID give skill tree reset passes when all the skill trees were rearranged BUT it wasn' for that reason. When the skill trees were rearranged new skills were added at the same time too. And the biggest reason they might not give reset passes is because there is NO mention of all skill tree reset passes being given on the broadcast recap. THEY ALWAYS tell us if we're getting a skill tree reset pass. I just hope im wrong.

    5. yay, free reset pass. I'll own 11 of them then. >_>
      I don't think they will give them out, they might just reset the skill tree for Gunner and Braver by system.

  3. Wrong PSO2es Nyau chips descrpition.
    This one is right:
    Nyau chips can strengthen the ability levels of every chips (even can ★11 or higher chips) if they match the same element.

  4. Hmm… Graphic improvements, heh…? I hope we will still have the possibilities of lower everything to something good for small PC. I mean I have the lower graphics settings in the game (Except aliasing, which is really awful if removing the filter) and it's alright. Well, we'll know it soon…

    1. I'd like to have the PS4 graphics on my low-end PC.
      SInce the PSO2 engine scales in an awesome way, I am sure it can be enabled, while graphic is set to low-end by some manual option tweak

  5. Any idea what those Pumpkin Pies ’15 are? Consumables? Room Items?

    And yessssss at last – we'll most likely get Free Skill Reset -passes.

    1. Chances are they're consumables. They're just marked with '15 since that's going to be the time frame that they're usable, and will expire a little after the Halloween festivities end.

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