PSO2 Station #1 Recap

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November 5th Tidbits

Please bear with us as some of the information is not exhaustive.

Advanced Appraisals

  • Untekked weapons can have an initial grind value of up to +9.
  • The lowest elemental value for appraisal is 30%.
  • Untekked weapons obtained before the update can also use advanced appraisals.

Necky Emergency Quest

  • A 6 wave Invasion style quest with no AIS.
  • No orbit gunslash in the Necky Collection, however it will drop instead.

Skill Ring

  • You'll be invincible during the rising portion of Jumping Dodge.

Special Ability Factors

  • A special ability factor can show up on ★1 ~ ★13 weapons at +35 grind
  • Special ability factors from ★13 weapons could be quite strong.

Solo Extreme Quest

  • A total of 10 stages will be included.

Ultimate Amduscia

  • Items themed after the bosses Deadleon, Duvals, and Gruzoras, will only drop if you destroy their parts.

Other Tidbits

  • Your AIS will gradually change colors to match the outfit you've switched to.
  • Scenery Passes are technically a VR thing.
  • Corruption Cores are actually weak to all elements.




Secret Phrase

  • Enter the phrase ぷそつうすていしょん in chat to receive the following items:
    • Horror Mr. Lillipa
    • +50% Great Success Grind Rate
    • Grind Skip (→5)



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Perennial Apocalypse
  • +150% Rare Drop & EXP Boost ontop of the current boosts.
  • Oct 29th @ 22:30 (After Concert)



Famitsu CUP (Famitsu Magazine Bonuses)

Purchase the Weekly Famitsu issue that goes on sale November 10th to receive the following bonuses:

  • Famitsu Pickaxe (x20)
  • Famitsu Fishing Rod (x20)
  • Necky Challenge Trigger
  • Gavas Ticket (x20)

Bonuses will also be enclosed in the issue going on sale November 24th.



Famitsu Cup (November 9th)

  • Famitsu CUP Lobby (until 12/7)
  • Famitsu's mascot "Necky" will appear in the ARKS Lobby.
  • Collect Gavas Tickets and trade them in for collaboration items.
    • Necky Suit
    • Famitsu T-shirt [Ou]
    • ★12 Unit and Mag Device
    • Reading Famitsu Lobby Action
    • Posters and a Magazine for your room.
  • Obtain Gavas Tickets by using the Famitsu Pickaxe / Fishing Rod.
  • You can also obtain Gavas Tickets from clearing Riding Quests.



November 9th Update

  • Gravity Princess (AC Scratch)
  • Kat and Raven Costumes, Accessories, hairstyles, and lobby action.
  • Idol themed layered wear.
  • LA Contest Winner [Cooking] will appear in the Scratch Bonus.



November 9th Update

  • Prescheduled Emergency Quest: Challenges from Necky
  • Play a Mining Base style quest with enemies from other areas.
  • NT Orbit weapon series will appear!
  • Necky Collection File (until 12/21)
    • Contains Orbit weapon series.



Late November Update

  • Gathering spots for Shironia and Sub. Tunnels.
  • Buffed the rare gathering material drop rate.
  • Relaxed the timing on switching over to a Fever.

New Skill Rings

  • L / PB Homing
    • Makes the photon blades home in on the enemy.
  • L / Jumping Dodge
    • An active skill that makes you jump high into the air.
  • L / Slow Fi-Action
    • Slows down the speed of Fighter's weapon action.
  • L / Near Auto-Target
    • Pet automatically chases after nearby enemy targets.
  • L / Peace Zondeel
    • Prevents you from detonating Zondeel.
    • (This is referring to the secondary electrification aspect.)



Late November Update

  • Annette from PSO2es will appear in the lobby (until January 11th)
  • Do the client orders and receive her Partner Card.
  • Annette will also host a special shop for a limited time.
  • Trade in the qualifying items at her shop to receive:
    • Annette Makura (Weapon Camo)
    • PSO2es Mat
    • Grinders, Synthesizers, Boosters, etc.



Late November Update

  • Episode 4 — Chapter 6: Dark Phantoms
  • We finally come face to face with Kohri! Will Hitsugi be able to save her!?
  • Phantoms with Darker characteristics will appear within the Story Quest.



Late November Update

  • New Bulk Appraisal feature!
  • Advanced Appraisals: More expensive, but you'll receive higher results.
  • High rarity ?Special Weapons will have a unique icon.
  • Even more Weaponoid Potentials will be added.



Special Ability Factors

  • When you grind NT weapons to +35, you'll unlock its Special Ability Factor.
  • This feature allows you to attach powerful abilities.
  • For example:
    • The +35 D-A.I.S Saber has Spirita V (Factor)
    • The +35 Ray Sword has Astral Soul (Factor)
    • Other +35 Weapons had different ability factors.
  • During the affixing process, the +35 Ray Sword was chosen as the base weapon. The +35 D-A.I.S Saber, along with other +35 weapons, were chosen as fodder.
  • With each weapon at +35, the following Special Ability Factors were selectable:
    • 1: Power V
    • 2: Stamina V
    • 3: Spirita V (from the D-A.I.S Saber)
    • 4: Alter Arma
    • 5: Spirita Alpha
    • 6: Astral Soul (from the Ray Sword)



Late November Update

  • Achieving 100% on your Collection File displays the message "GET," instead of "100%."
  • You can transfer to the bridge when Xiera contacts you.
  • Added an "All Weapon" My Shop Search option for both NT & OT weapons
  • You can now type in a name upon registering a My Fashion preset.
  • The Net Café counter can display your total connection time.



Late November Update

  • Control Settings now contain a [Weapon Actions] entry for 3-btn types
  • Added an "Auto-Type" control option for Ride Roids.
  • Added new lobby actions for Victory Poses.



Late November Update

  • New Scratch: Brilliant Winter
  • Contains Annette's costume, layered Jackets and Trench Coats, and a Japanese style Lolita outfit.
  • LA Contest Winner [Flight Form] will appear in the Scratch Bonus.



Late November Update

  • New Solo Extreme Quest that requires 1 Extreme Pass!
  • Enemies will mainly consist of those introduced since Episode 4.
  • The stages will have enemy reinforcement as time elapses.
  • You may receive <class>Materials as a reward. Ex: HuMaterial
  • You can use those to make a skill ring with a visual coat of arms effect.


PSO2 New Raid Boss (Late December)

  • When the moon turns blue..
  • The holy mother awakens…


PSO2es Update

  • Annette's Costume will appear in the AC Scratch
  • New Weaponoid Chips:
    • Gandiva
    • Susano Shinari
    • Darl Weigle
    • Susano Shouha
  • New Character Chips
    • Pietro
    • Xiera
  • New Weaponoid Side Stories
    • Tourmalinca (10/26)
    • Narl Crescenet (11/2)
    • Sacred Duster (11/9)
    • Rock Knuckle (11/16)
  • You can also receive Gavas Tickets in PSO2es.




Upcoming Broadcasts

  • PSO2 Station at Sega Fest! (11/19 @ 12:00~)
  • PSO2 ARKS Live (11/5 @ 20:00)



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