PSO2 Station #1 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

November 5th Tidbits

Please bear with us as some of the information is not exhaustive.

Advanced Appraisals

  • Untekked weapons can have an initial grind value of up to +9.
  • The lowest elemental value for appraisal is 30%.
  • Untekked weapons obtained before the update can also use advanced appraisals.

Necky Emergency Quest

  • A 6 wave Invasion style quest with no AIS.
  • No orbit gunslash in the Necky Collection, however it will drop instead.

Skill Ring

  • You'll be invincible during the rising portion of Jumping Dodge.

Special Ability Factors

  • A special ability factor can show up on ★1 ~ ★13 weapons at +35 grind
  • Special ability factors from ★13 weapons could be quite strong.

Solo Extreme Quest

  • A total of 10 stages will be included.

Ultimate Amduscia

  • Items themed after the bosses Deadleon, Duvals, and Gruzoras, will only drop if you destroy their parts.

Other Tidbits

  • Your AIS will gradually change colors to match the outfit you've switched to.
  • Scenery Passes are technically a VR thing.
  • Corruption Cores are actually weak to all elements.




Secret Phrase

  • Enter the phrase ぷそつうすていしょん in chat to receive the following items:
    • Horror Mr. Lillipa
    • +50% Great Success Grind Rate
    • Grind Skip (→5)



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Perennial Apocalypse
  • +150% Rare Drop & EXP Boost ontop of the current boosts.
  • Oct 29th @ 22:30 (After Concert)



Famitsu CUP (Famitsu Magazine Bonuses)

Purchase the Weekly Famitsu issue that goes on sale November 10th to receive the following bonuses:

  • Famitsu Pickaxe (x20)
  • Famitsu Fishing Rod (x20)
  • Necky Challenge Trigger
  • Gavas Ticket (x20)

Bonuses will also be enclosed in the issue going on sale November 24th.



Famitsu Cup (November 9th)

  • Famitsu CUP Lobby (until 12/7)
  • Famitsu's mascot "Necky" will appear in the ARKS Lobby.
  • Collect Gavas Tickets and trade them in for collaboration items.
    • Necky Suit
    • Famitsu T-shirt [Ou]
    • ★12 Unit and Mag Device
    • Reading Famitsu Lobby Action
    • Posters and a Magazine for your room.
  • Obtain Gavas Tickets by using the Famitsu Pickaxe / Fishing Rod.
  • You can also obtain Gavas Tickets from clearing Riding Quests.



November 9th Update

  • Gravity Princess (AC Scratch)
  • Kat and Raven Costumes, Accessories, hairstyles, and lobby action.
  • Idol themed layered wear.
  • LA Contest Winner [Cooking] will appear in the Scratch Bonus.



November 9th Update

  • Prescheduled Emergency Quest: Challenges from Necky
  • Play a Mining Base style quest with enemies from other areas.
  • NT Orbit weapon series will appear!
  • Necky Collection File (until 12/21)
    • Contains Orbit weapon series.



Late November Update

  • Gathering spots for Shironia and Sub. Tunnels.
  • Buffed the rare gathering material drop rate.
  • Relaxed the timing on switching over to a Fever.

New Skill Rings

  • L / PB Homing
    • Makes the photon blades home in on the enemy.
  • L / Jumping Dodge
    • An active skill that makes you jump high into the air.
  • L / Slow Fi-Action
    • Slows down the speed of Fighter's weapon action.
  • L / Near Auto-Target
    • Pet automatically chases after nearby enemy targets.
  • L / Peace Zondeel
    • Prevents you from detonating Zondeel.
    • (This is referring to the secondary electrification aspect.)



Late November Update

  • Annette from PSO2es will appear in the lobby (until January 11th)
  • Do the client orders and receive her Partner Card.
  • Annette will also host a special shop for a limited time.
  • Trade in the qualifying items at her shop to receive:
    • Annette Makura (Weapon Camo)
    • PSO2es Mat
    • Grinders, Synthesizers, Boosters, etc.



Late November Update

  • Episode 4 — Chapter 6: Dark Phantoms
  • We finally come face to face with Kohri! Will Hitsugi be able to save her!?
  • Phantoms with Darker characteristics will appear within the Story Quest.



Late November Update

  • New Bulk Appraisal feature!
  • Advanced Appraisals: More expensive, but you'll receive higher results.
  • High rarity ?Special Weapons will have a unique icon.
  • Even more Weaponoid Potentials will be added.



Special Ability Factors

  • When you grind NT weapons to +35, you'll unlock its Special Ability Factor.
  • This feature allows you to attach powerful abilities.
  • For example:
    • The +35 D-A.I.S Saber has Spirita V (Factor)
    • The +35 Ray Sword has Astral Soul (Factor)
    • Other +35 Weapons had different ability factors.
  • During the affixing process, the +35 Ray Sword was chosen as the base weapon. The +35 D-A.I.S Saber, along with other +35 weapons, were chosen as fodder.
  • With each weapon at +35, the following Special Ability Factors were selectable:
    • 1: Power V
    • 2: Stamina V
    • 3: Spirita V (from the D-A.I.S Saber)
    • 4: Alter Arma
    • 5: Spirita Alpha
    • 6: Astral Soul (from the Ray Sword)



Late November Update

  • Achieving 100% on your Collection File displays the message "GET," instead of "100%."
  • You can transfer to the bridge when Xiera contacts you.
  • Added an "All Weapon" My Shop Search option for both NT & OT weapons
  • You can now type in a name upon registering a My Fashion preset.
  • The Net Café counter can display your total connection time.



Late November Update

  • Control Settings now contain a [Weapon Actions] entry for 3-btn types
  • Added an "Auto-Type" control option for Ride Roids.
  • Added new lobby actions for Victory Poses.



Late November Update

  • New Scratch: Brilliant Winter
  • Contains Annette's costume, layered Jackets and Trench Coats, and a Japanese style Lolita outfit.
  • LA Contest Winner [Flight Form] will appear in the Scratch Bonus.



Late November Update

  • New Solo Extreme Quest that requires 1 Extreme Pass!
  • Enemies will mainly consist of those introduced since Episode 4.
  • The stages will have enemy reinforcement as time elapses.
  • You may receive <class>Materials as a reward. Ex: HuMaterial
  • You can use those to make a skill ring with a visual coat of arms effect.


PSO2 New Raid Boss (Late December)

  • When the moon turns blue..
  • The holy mother awakens…


PSO2es Update

  • Annette's Costume will appear in the AC Scratch
  • New Weaponoid Chips:
    • Gandiva
    • Susano Shinari
    • Darl Weigle
    • Susano Shouha
  • New Character Chips
    • Pietro
    • Xiera
  • New Weaponoid Side Stories
    • Tourmalinca (10/26)
    • Narl Crescenet (11/2)
    • Sacred Duster (11/9)
    • Rock Knuckle (11/16)
  • You can also receive Gavas Tickets in PSO2es.




Upcoming Broadcasts

  • PSO2 Station at Sega Fest! (11/19 @ 12:00~)
  • PSO2 ARKS Live (11/5 @ 20:00)



42 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #1 Recap”

  1. I don't care what you're thinking
    As you turn to me
    'Cause what I have in my two hands
    Is enough to set me free

    I can fight the feeling
    To resist it over time
    But when it's just too much to take
    You sneak up from behind

    Is it me
    You say you're looking for
    Let me show you who I am
    And what I'm here for

    Try to reach inside of me
    Try to drain my energy
    Let me show you just what I'm made of

    Simple curiosity
    Tries to take a bite of me
    Let me show you just what I'm made of


    1. Yannow, this coming from -Z-, it's not as impactful as it…well, let's face it that comment wasn't impactful at all, but this just made it worse.

    2. Ok? How is it being from the same company any better, random friend of Z who was told to post here to back up the "sick burn"?

      If anything, it just makes it worse. Derp.

    3. Because its pretty common knowledge sonic team and the PSO team have always shared a lot of staff. Always been a lot of comparisons to draw.

      and for the record I can't stand most of -Z-'s whining posts. "if anything, it just makes it worse" a wise man once said.

    4. I just figured out…What is going on
      Hitsugi, The spikey red hair, the teenage girl aspect, the use of a katana
      The fact that she takes up all the spotlight during the story
      Hitsugi is the director's Sonic FC
      that he tried to get Sonic Team to include in one of their games
      and when that failed
      he just put it in PSO2 after he got lead
      How you work for Sega and have a Sonic Fan Character, I'll never know but he did.

    5. I actually like Hitsugi as a character, she's cool and has a down-to-earth personality. At least way better than Matoi who has no personality and is a total mary sue/relationship sue. I get irritated just hearing Matoi's fake-girly falsetto voice. I'm glad they made Hitsugi since PSO2 needed a female lead who could at least try to fight for herself and be strong both physically and mentally (like Quna), someone I can admire as a woman, rather than Matoi that felt more like they were trying way too hard to make a perfectly helpless waifu pet who can't think for herself. >:o

    6. I don't think people hate the character. It's more of her writing and how she takes over the story that should still feature you.

      As for Matoi, yeah…she's bad. She gets better when her personality comes back to not being an annoying mystic waif to trigger otaku fans pens. Too bad they ruin it in episode 4 by making her a damsel to be saved again .w.;

    7. @Reality Check
      Yeah, that really annoyed me too. >.< Plus they don't give you any kind of choice to influence how your character feels towards her, so it's like a forced relationship… Rolling my eyes the entire time through the torture that was Episode 3. I didn't mind so much in Episode 1 and 2 where the focus was pretty balanced between multiple characters, but still annoyed me in general. Sets off too many of my anime pet peeves, personally I guess.

      I used to hate Claris Claes (the one you meet in the Quarry) because of her snotty attitude and annoying voice, but later on she redeems herself as a developing and emotional character with the capability to grow and learn from her experiences, so I actually grew to like her because of that dynamic that is story.
      I don't believe there's any hope for Matoi in that aspect at this point in the story, sadly.

    8. @Kouki- Yeah…the problem is you're forced to tag along with mystic waif Matoi and by the time she reverts, it's already too late. It doesn't help she's finished being a developing character to boot.

      Poor Hitsugi though. She didn't even have a chance to be good despite her design, so she ends up being wasted rather than being a waste.

    9. Well, Matoi is supposed to be tabula rasa. If Ive understood that correctly, the whole issue with Claris Clays that they were factored as weapons with sentience but not developed as individuals, thats partially why Matoi incident was possible. Funnily enough, Hitsugi goes through the same hardships as a developing teenager, just without the darker pollution lining.

    10. I can't tell what's worse.

      That you're putting down lyrics from Shadow The Hedgehog or the fact I recognize them.


    11. Yes, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

      Yeah, that one. Not Sonic Heroes.

      And what's worse is the Super Sonic boss fight for the EQ lol

  2. okay, now people can legit bemoan having to get six copies for +35, since there's an actual reason to aim for it. 😛

    as for spending more on appraisal for higher end abilities…
    can we also have a cheaper option that doesn't put on abilities for when we just want to cube a pile of junky 10*s we know we got out of something like magatsu? plz?

    cat and kitten? it says kitten and crow… eh, ugly outfits anyway. n' how about that pimpsuit for dudes they're marketting as idol style?

    >CF orbit NTs
    too bad the preexisting ones don't get NT versions tho. and that it's tied into famitsu clusterfuck. all those UQ bosses doing whatever they want is going to make things suck no matter what block you're on.

    *PB homing
    time to toss the PBsnatch ring into my shop. prolly have to sell it cheap.
    AIS' booster jump?
    *slow FI weapon action
    probably best for knuckle; daggers kinda thrive on fast, don't they…? and DS would be benefitting for the sake of wind paring, buuut deadlycircle 0 is already a godly thing, so… eh.
    *near autotarget
    sum'ner, da sledge of destruction.
    *peace zondeel
    letting lightning FOs use zonde0 into their zondeel without ending the suction sounds cool enough.

    >dedicated weapon action button for 3button
    now add a new dedicated attack button and send us all controllers with extra buttons, kthx. and fix that obnoxious "backpallete input randomly fails to register amid framedrops" bug. it's annoying even in 2button mode.

    those scratchbonus lobbyacts… were they in the contest? I know people have been doing that "transforming casts" thing on twitter for months now. cool to see it as a thing you don't have to cobble together, uncool that it's casher-only. not suprising tho, with how the ep4 director has been doing things.

    we starfox now. happy to slap her out. speaking of mother cluster being dumbasses…

    >doctor dio directing phantom darkers
    I wish someone would throw his "LESIONS UPON THE WORLD" line back in his face over that. even if it's a knockoff made with ether, darkers are cancerous shit. for people who know the PSO2 universe's history, you'd think that mother cluster would shy away from playing with that particular kind of fire, but clearly they're not that intelligent.

      [Mother] is a failed Xion clone. I doubt it's their fault.

    2. Proof or speculation? Keep in mind Xiao and Xion are/were whole planets .w.; Though Mother could just be the moon lol

    3. Mother is a failed Xiao clone tossed away by the Photoners. Mother wants revenge on the Photoners but upon being told they no longer exist she focused on the product of the Photoners: The Arks

      it's in the story. There's a guy on youtube who translates the story scenes.

    4. On that note apparently the Mother Cluster literally Did Not Read The Manual (or rather backstory) and never thought to simply *ask around*, as the Photos being gone isn't exactly a secret around the Fleet or in the game.
      Then again there's every indication they're legit idiots so, yeah.

    5. So it's legit just a second PD… That's great.

      Because that's literally what PD was, minus being tossed away.

    6. Well no PD also went bad due to collective bad vibes from the decadent Photoner civilisation (or something) and is now trying to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING. Mother doesn't seem to be on *that* level of supervillain trip, just majorly vindictive.

    7. @Random- What you basically described was "PD, just less evil", so yeah, it's basically the same thing, just with "invasion" instead of "destruction". The point is, it's basically the same plot, photoners made a copy of a living planet and it went rogue.

    8. My understanding that it was a sort of "End our suffering" type thing. It's why you gotta be careful with your phrasing…

    9. @ Reality Check – the entire Oracle fleet and ARKS exist because the Photoners fucked up bigtime and decided to hoist off the cleanup to a successor species while they Became One With The Lifestream (or something), and when you look at it the entire overarching plot thus far has been dealing with assorted messes they left behind.
      To speak nothing of the extras the last known living one (Luther) added.

      Fucking precursors.

      So nothing new there as such, plus it's not like the Public Enemy #1 has yet been disposed of anyway.
      Would be interesting if Mother and PD get into some kind of turf war over Earth though…

    10. Well xion was not just some planet, PD was a successful project to mimic some sort of omnipresent omniscient creature which can't be harmed because its simply on another level of existence. Currently Mother only stuck on Earth, and as far as next quest goes, she will be forced to stay where she is. Even in worst case where she will be devoured by PD, it would be like pissing in an ocean of piss.

    11. …I'm tolerably sure neither the "planetminds" nor their knock-offs have ever been claimed to be God with the capital G, and both Xion and Xiao have repeatedly noted they're rather far from omniscient. (Also they strictly speaking ARE "just some planet" – only with a Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri style "world-mind" in residence.)

      And PD has to abuse Time Fuckery for infinite continues to avoid getting its ass kicked too hard above Naberius so, yeah.

    12. Sentient ecosystems pretty much. (Which would make a lifeless rockball like Luna pretty useless…) But from what I could make out of the exchange between Mother and Sierra in the latest story scenes it's explicitly canon.

      Also note that Profound, which was originally the *successful* "artificial Xion", doesn't particularly seem to depend on having that kind of "body" either.
      PHOTONS, SON. Also a Photoner dunnit, I seen it wit me own eyes!

    13. Typo there, but we might be going with the localized names. So Kat and Raven.

      Anyway, I'm not done, still more stuff to add and clean up.

    14. of course the "transformers" are cash only, it's cosmetic, before Ep4, that was all they really had to make money back. So this falls in line with what the game has been doing for years.

    15. I think it's throwing a bone (granted you have to pay for it) to the players that painstakingly set up accessories and cast parts in various sizes and positions so they can "transform" into vehicles with certain lobby actions.

  3. If Mother's story is going to wrap up with this, maybe Arks then could get back on track with experiencing darker problems somewhere else.

    1. Phantom Darkers has been data mined. So looks like we'll be dealing with a new brand of Darkers.

    2. Well why not. Profound hasn't exactly up and stopped being trouble, and that lot was Loitering With Intent around the place in the anime already…

    3. They're, like, in the video. The question is whether they will stay as integral part of the game or fall into "Theodore, double insides and other stuff" that was used once and never again.
      Mother will keep reviving apparently, but Its hard to tell where the story is going to turn now.

  4. PB Homing + DB Snatch (12* unit passive) = Fun Fun Fun

    Especially if a single photon blade deals a ridiculous amount of damage due to DB snatch.

    1. I'm not sure about this, but doesn't DB snatch just deals damage when you go through an enemy while shooting the blades? Why would it increase photon blades damage when combined with PB homing?

    2. Wouldn't that technically still boost damage? Doing extra damage is a good thing. Maybe the damage is actually high. … I still need to try it though.

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