PSO2 Station #25 Recap

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November 3rd Recap

Phantom Class

  • The debate is now over! It's Rod / Rifle / Katana

White Rappy Suit Mini

  • Coming This Christmas! on Ice!

Ceres Series

  • Can be obtained from Drops or through the Exchange.
  • You can upgrade it through Zieg to get the Zara Series
  • Potential:
    • Power Up
    • Power Rises Based on # of hits
    • When power reaches MAX a barrier is formed.
    • This barrier grants the effect of Super Armor.
    • Barrier disappears if your attacks don't hit within a certain time.
    • When you have Zara, you'll also get a Damage Reduction effect.
  • Ceres Series: S1 (S-Class Slot) & Doom Break (Factor)
  • Zara Series: S1 ~ S3 (S-Class Slots) & Doom Break II (Factor)
  • Zara Series can be obtained from drops too.

Elzelion Trigger

  • Get 1 From Partnya's CO.
  • Triggers will drop from Elzelion and other mid-bosses.

Elzelion's Roar

  • It's possible to evade this with Step / Guarding

XH Free Fields

  • XH Maps will be adjusted to make it easier to go around in circles.
  • Dark Empe Rappy Will Show Up.
  • Expect Boost Events that increase Elzelion's Spawn Rate.


  • Coming to XH Free Field from Lv 85 "Hunar" enemy types.

★14 Eggs

  • Viola and Synchro are coming in November
  • Redran will be later. (December?)

Parfait and ★14 Egg Recycling

  • They have plans to implement this, but they cannot say when.

Phantasic Live Costumes

  • Expected to come Spring of Next Year

Forever Loner (Endless Quest Title)

  • Only 1 person has Forever Loner currently.
  • They are a (GuFi)

Re Folmelgia Adjustments (December)

  • Plan to do readjustments in December
  • They're reducing the PP consumption during rush phase.
  • Improving its turning ability
  • Adding invincibility frames at the start

2018 Fall Survey Stuff

This section is in regards to the recent survey.

What Do Players Want In The Future?

  • Players want new PAs to all weapons.
  • They Want More Type-Zero Technics
  • They want to use both (Type-Zero and Normal) PAs / Techs
  • They want improvements to Simple Compound Technics
  • They want adjustments that focus on something refreshing rather than just power.
  • They want Hunters strengthened a bit more.
  • They want a new class.

What do Players Want for Quests In The Future?

  • They want EQs with efficient EXP
  • They want to play permanent quests that aren't bound by time limits nor only available during specific times.
  • They want unique behaviors/motions when the Devs use existing enemies. (Ex: Zeta Guranz' beam in VR Defense)
  • They want buffed versions of bosses before EP3
  • They want new quest types.
  • They want increased rare drop rates.
  • They want changes in movement for Buffed Raids and Rematch Bosses, and not just HP and ATK increases.

More to be added.


October 30th Recap

Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat for items in the Visiphone.
  • 11月はオラクルで一狩りいこうぜ
  • Prizes: Juice Server / King's Crest (x20) / +100% Tribooster (x3)
  • You have until November 7th to say the phrase.



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • October 30th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)
  • Incarnation of Knowledge
  • 200% Rare Drop & 200% EXP Boost
  • Extra +30% Live Boost If You Attend Concert


Early November Update

  • Elzelion Trigger Quest (~2019/5/15)
  • Trigger Quest Has a 3 Death = Failure condition.
  • Elzelion will appear in Free Fields but not Enchanted Forest


Early November Update

  • MHF-Z Collaboration Lobby (~12/5)
  • Partnya will appear in the lobby.
    • Clear its Client Orders for a Partner Card.
  • Winter 2018 Bingo F&B (~12/5)
  • Get Collab Items Through the Hunting Stone Exchange Shop
  • Get Cere Series ★13 Weapons
    • Trade in Cere Series Voucher for a +30 Cere Weapon


Early November Update

  • Hunting Stone Exchange Shop
    • Each Item Requires A Certain Color Hunting Stone
    • Elze Repcas
    • Elze Accessories
    • Elze Weapon Camos
  • Get Cere Series' ★13 Wpns/★12 Units Through An Exchange Shop
  • Upgrade the Cere Series at Zieg for the ★14 Cere-Zara Weapon Series.
    • Example Exchange
    • Rear Zara Unit = Rear Cere Unit + 900 Yellow Hunting Stones
    • Cere-Zara Weapon = Same Cere Weapon Type + 900 Yellow Hunting Stones
  • (There's Cere & Zara Arm and Leg Units as well.)


Early November Update

  • Bravery Hunter (AC Scratch)
  • Azul Series Costumes + Color Variations
  • Partnya Suit / Mag Devices / Lobby Actions


Early November Update

  • Bravery Hunter AC Scratch
  • Fantasy Idol Layered Wear
  • 6th Anniversary Art Contest Posters


Early November Update

  • XH Forest Added & on 11/14 XH Vol Caverns Added
  • XH Free Fields will have Level 80 Enemies
  • Some E-Trials with Level 85 Enemies.
  • Dark Empe Rappy Can Also Appear
  • A Boost Campaign will be held that raises Elzelion's Spawning Rate.


Late November Update

  • Persona Labyrinth (AC Scratch)
  • Persona 4 Characters and Kuma Suit
    • Yu Narukami, Chie Satonaka, Marie, Teddie
  • Persona 3 Portable Female Protagonist And Jack Frost Suit
  • Persona 4 and Persona 3 Lobby Actions
  • Persona Q2 Character Mats
  • Persona Series Visual Posters


Late November Update

  • Coast Field XH Added
  • Dark Empe Rappy Can Appear
  • Boost Campaign Raises Elzelion's Spawn Rate


PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3 Chapter 2 (11/7)
  • New Characters: Nasreen and Sulaymān


PSO2es Update

  • Grind NT Weapons in PSO2es (11/7)
  • Chip Pack Can Now Be Expanded from 700 to 800
  • Clan of Nemesis and Slave Parts 5~8 (11/14)


PSO2es Update

  • Invade Galland (11/7)
  • Primera Fiore (11/7)


PSO2es Update

  • Nox Cadina [Autumn Festival] (11/7)
  • Slave Kuuga (11/7)
  • Bio Fanger (11/14)


PSO2es Side Stories

  • Kenei (10/31)
  • Nox Cadina (Autumn Festival) (11/7)
  • Akhtar #2 (11/7)
  • Slave Cannon (11/14)

Weaponoid Potentials (11/7)

  • Caduceus-NT & Bardiche-NT


PSO2es Update

  • Magisa Meduna Emergency Quest (11/15 ~ 11/20)
    • Raete Weapon and Gen Rouya Chip
  • Special Quest
    • Nox Cadina (Autumn Festival) Drops
  • EQ Adjustments
    • If you're using several XH Triggers, they made adjustments so that the number of rewards is based on the amount used.
    • Added SH Triggers to each Bonus Scratch STAGE


Annette and Gene Figurines

  • PSO2es Annette [Summer Vacation]
    • Price: 12,960 Yen
    • Order Period: Until November 27th, 2018
    • Sale Date: April ~ May 2019
    • Purchase Link: Over Here
  • PSO2es Gene [Summer Vacation]
    • Price: TBA
    • Order Period: Begins November 20th, 2018
    • Sales Date: 2019


Dengeki PlayStation Bonus

  • Purchase Dengeki PlayStation Vol 669 for Item Codes
  • Elzelion Trigger (x1)
  • +75% EX EXP Booster


Limited Time Support Item Selection Scratch

  • Grace Special Ability
  • Special Ability Protection (5 Slot or Lower)

Grind Boost Event

  • Special Ability Affixing +5%
  • Grind Success +5%
  • NT Weapon Grinding Great Success Rate +25%


Episode 6: New Class

~ New Class: Phantom ~
~ Rod / Rifle / Katana ~
~ Coming Episode 6 (Spring 2019) ~


The Battle Heads To Space

61 thoughts to “PSO2 Station #25 Recap”

  1. All of this is great but I miss the times when we got new tilesets and enemies once in a while and not just stuff to grind for in old decorations.

    1. I'd be more worried that they don't introduce a new highly repetetive quest type again and call it "the main quest type for the entire episode".

    2. I dunno, only rifle looks remotely solid. Other two weapon motions are too floaty.
      Due to being ex-"advanced", its going to carry on all the bad hero heritage with main only class, disfunctioning gunslash and many rings having an note about not working on Phantom.

    3. There are people here who are looking too complicated, no new type of weapon, especially since the T-atk Scythe already exist (Liberacion, Vasetail, Calamity Soul, Grande and Caravel Foiecerer, Acro Bokuto, Gix and Dia Renan…) and if we follow the logic of adv class then it's probably a rod or a wand, with the rifle and the katana, we have the 3 weapons for each type. The adv class animations are taken from other class, do not dream that there is a new type of weapon eh …

      There are still players who still do not understand that it's just recycling?! ….

    4. Scythe partizans exist too.

      Also, what logic? There has only ever been one before this one, and there is literally no reason to think that it would follow the same format of 1 of each weapon type. Phantom could very easily have two S-Atk weapons and 1 R-Atk weapon. Hero existing does not mean Phantom MUST have a T-Atk weapon.

    5. @Roxadoo: Exactly. 🙂 I think it would have been a lot more interesting if it were to have an S-atk focus. Hero was kinda fun to mess with, but not really good enough to replace my main class. More focused classes would give people more reason to actually switch over instead of just having fun for a bit and going back. I know some people are well suited to a class with all 3 weapon types, but there's already a class like that.

    6. November 3rd Recap, it's Rod / Rifle / Katana.
      Like i said, why look complicated ? it was still predictable -_-
      Wait for the next adv class if it's Partizan / Knuckles / Gunslash lol

  2. Phantom will be Partizan/Rifle/Wand. It definitely looks like it. Moveset of last weapon is not Katana-like, definitely not like it. It's certainly Wand-like

    1. The third weapon was definitely sheathed like a Katana would be.

      It also may be rod and not partizan.

    2. The way the character holds it is definitely Katana, so I don't know what you are talking about.

    3. Heha, the Phantom class does look interesting. Partizan and Rifle are on point. And if they plan to have all the Advance Class to have access to a weapon of each damage type (Strike/Range/Tech Damage), that's it's possible that last weapon is a wand.

      But being a Katana could be a safe bet too. We'll just have to wait and see. ^^

    4. It's also possible it's a new T-ATK weapon type, Scythe.
      Would fit >Phantom< better than a Weapon type that sometime looks like a bardish or a weapon type that's mostly rods and rarely slashing weapon.

    5. It's def a Katana, it's just a different style of fighting, the Great sword for Hero combos look nothing like the Great sword combos for the Hunter, same for the TMGs

    6. If the animators keep the (good) trend of taking inspiration from existing koryu kamae and kata like they have been doing so far to most weapons, for sure the last one is Katana.

      The first one I see could very well be Partizan because they used naginata movements for Partizan. But some moves definitely look like SMR Jodo so Rod is also a possibility.

      Source: years of practice and I watched the clip a few times to be sure before writing.

      nevertheless, it's still speculation.

    7. >Wand

      Does the katana really look like a wand to you? Nobody said there had to be one weapon for each attacking type

    8. Man I can't wait to use my wand that looks like a JAPANESE SAMURAI SWORD



    9. I do hope that is a Partizan and not a Rod. (I don't think the Scythe is a Wand since it looked like they might be using a two-handed stance and not all wands can be used two-handed.)

      I'd like to see more specialization in the new Adv. Classes instead of just being various Hero reskins. The thing is, even if you're given a class that can use all three styles, if you're a melee fighter, or a ranger or caster by nature you'll just end up focusing on what you're best at in the long run. It's good to have one class that does all 3 but long term I think people would gravitate more to styles that have more specific styles.

    1. That's a good thing. I actually grateful to Hero because thanks to it now regular class is more fun to play.

    2. yeah I'd take a Hero-like shakeup in the balancing any day if it means we get overhauls like what happened to Sword, Jet Boots and BBow recently

    3. >like what happened to Sword
      sword got some number tweaks and a PA being changed from being needed for damage and reach to being needed for reach. and it's still overdependant on ignite paring for dps, which is useless during stun phases. needs good dps that isn't chained to having attacks to parry with an unneededly tight timing window.
      bow… got a dodge on a few PAs, honestly not that much. also useless if you happen to be RA sub since you wouldn't -want- to move. and like sword with ignite, it's still too dependant on rapidshoot, as well – flat out reducing the cooldown was ultimately just a thing to remove raikou from people's list of ball-n-chain issues, but doesn't treat the fundamental root of why people were still carrying it in this day and age.
      jetboots' tweaks were bloody huge tho.

      hammerhead: hero was never broken OP. the problem was that hero was actually well-put-together, and would have made the problems with other classes glaringly obvious even if sega DIDN'T accompany hero with a nerf storm and the intent to get everyone to play just the new class.

    4. @-Z-
      I came, I saw, I lol'd.
      "Hero was never broken OP" lololololol. So stealing best features and giving improved versions to Hero on top of new extra-good stuff is now "well-put-together"? Also comments here are about PSO2 so please don't put "hero nerf storm" here as it's not related to PSO2.

    5. Except for the part where, upon release of Hero and EP5, a bunch of stuff from normal classes were nerfed.

      That's what they meant.

      Hero brought nerfs to normal classes in ways beyond "Hero exists".

    1. they made it clear before hero was released they don't intend to add more actual weapon types. these "advanced" classes are supposed to be repurposing existing weapons into different styles.

  3. >p4 collab:revenge of persona series
    is this the new f/sn? but it's nowhere near as interesting. (unless you're sakai and have a school uniform fetish…) and I say this as someone who doesn't even particularly *like* f/sn.
    that said, I'm suprised they haven't leaned on f/go yet. they could have plenty of scratch filler since it runs with stuff like >nine colors of tamamo. that shiz is still printing money.

    the cere stuff looks shiny. even if it's unimpressive statwise it'll look good metaphorically mounted on the wall (weapon holograms yoooo). a bit twitchy still about how it's wrapped up in a trigger quest with monhun's deathcount though. especially if everything's going to take that many stones, given we're getting one assured trigger per account and then praying to shion for the rest. I've seen enough of what those crazily-high rank bosses in MHF do to not trust elzerion here to not make that a pain in the ass, even beyond RNG problems.
    via twitter it's apparently a thing that these XH fields are single pregen map deal cut down to be like the retooled UQ model for maximum guruguru. I'm… less than enthused about such a route.

    shall we reap? I wonder if that's the storycampaign camo or the nonsensically rare class-thematic 14★ weapon set that'll be available from early on but refuse to drop for anyone who wants it, then becomes something you can use pity tokens for after it's been outclassed. [fist-shaking at demonia intensifies] *ahem* ANYWAY. better question is whether rifle will be the subpar weapon for them like tmg is for hero, or if they'll have worked a bit harder at making everything hold it's own.
    rifle's hard to miss. people are trying to argue about katana but when she returns to an "at rest" pose after that last move, the motion strongly implies sheathing the weapon, which is a katana thing designwise. as for spear vs rod, I guess it depends on if sega's intent on having another class with weapons off all three stats, or if they're looking to drive up the market on s-atk related stuff even further. to commentary about "b-but why a rod, rod doesn't have pa!", I'd cheerfully remind that neither did talis when hero got to use it as not-slicer.

  4. OK WTF SEGA, EP5 is over, why don't you reveal everything about Austere-NT? It's been half a year that you've cockteased us with this new line of weapon, just out with it already!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Eh. Long as the gameplay's interesting, they can always rebalance if needed and I'd imagine they learned their lesson from the Hero release fiasco.

  5. Yass, I'm here for the Phantom class!! I don't care about the Hero haters, now they can hate on Phantom.

    I'm not bother, I can't wait to see the new SMN pets coming EP6.

  6. Ah! I hate Gene Figurines. Their works too expose shit!

    I don't want see PSO2es characters are Gene and Bluesy D:<

    Warning, better is don't buy Gene Figurines XD

  7. Concerning the AR, I sincerely hope that was different PAs and not just the basic attack.
    All the twists and turns imply you get locked in place with no aim adjustment, similar to Gunner, which is absolutely disgusting without auto aim.

    1. Have you ever seen a Wand in this game? They're like Gunslash sized. It was obvious the Weapon would be Rod from the beginning.

    1. We have only gotten free character slots when new race came out, and maybe some class. However, we definitely did not get a free character slot for Hero release.

    2. Oh…for some silly reason I always thought the 3rd slot came with the HERO. Apparently on launch it was 2, then EP4 made it 3.

      But Sega if you're reading….why not just give us a slot anyway? :p

  8. Thank for the confirmation of weapon types. Sad to see the Katana wasn't a wand (even if it was a VERY slim chance of it happening). But it's nice to know the Scythe is actually a Rod. It looks like the Advance Classes of the game will be following 3 weapons of each damage. Nice to know what we can predict for future Advance classes. ^^

    1. I wand a Wand Advance Class as much as the next person but Phantom was blatantly obvious a non wand user.

    2. I really want to know WHY people thought the thing that looked like an obvious katana was not a katana?

      The real debate was over partizan and rod for the scythe. There was no debate over if wand was a katana because THAT'S STUPID

    3. @ROXADOO

      Don't forget we live in an era where wishful thinking, firm belief and reality merge more and more. It's the age of personal truths and alternative facts!

      Hence the thrid weapon was "so-not-a-katana" to some people, even when it obviously was.

    1. Hero is already linked, It gets EXP for PSO2 from any class you play in ES.

      And no Hr won't be playable in ES. Summoner and Phantom won't either.

  9. There are players who break the balls to everyone with their wand, it was obvious that it was a katana but here or on other forums, there will always be some to tell only bullshit, and some have not even understood the principle of redundancy that sega wants to avoid and therefore Hero class on this point is perfect: Sword / TMG / Talis, 3 weapons completely different with each type of attack to satisfy everyone.
    I always knew that the Rod and the Rifle would be in the next class adv, simple logical deduction.
    The next adv class, we can very well imagine a Partizan / Bullet Bow / Wand but do not forget there is Jet Boot and Wired Lance , they can surprise you lol

    1. If the 3rd advanced class can shoot with launchers like hero with TMG I dont complain ….lol

    1. That would be nice. I still hope for a class with a two-handed axe with unique PAs other than hunter swords. But i think this will not happen at all. (behold my sucking english xD)

    2. Yes. Doubly so as Katana more or less does that already (the scabbard doubles as defensive tool).

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