Hunt Down Elzelion in PSO2's Free Fields!

~ November 7th, 2018 ~


Monster Hunter Collaboration

The long awaited collaboration with Monster Hunter has arrived at last! A gargantuan statue depicting the Elzelion from Monster Hunter Frontier-Z has been erected in the lobby.



Scour the Free Fields for a chance to encounter the Elder Dragon, Elzelion! This fearsome boss controls the opposing forces of Fire and Ice to deliver devastating attacks. Slaying the beast may reward you with an [Elzelion Trigger].

※Elzelion spawns on Free Fields of all difficulties.
※Elzelion will not spawn in [Enchanted Forest Exploration].


Trigger Quest: Elzelion

The Trigger Quest takes players to a recreation of the Tower map from MHF-Z for a showdown with [Burning Zero Elzelion]. Players can sever the creature's tail, allowing you to simulate the act of carving from the Monster Hunter series. You'll additionally be able to carve the corpse of the fallen monster. Doing so will net you Hunting Stones for use at an exchange shop.

※This trigger quest will fail upon 3 incapacitations.


Elzelion Spawning Campaign

During the Monster Hunter Event, certain Free Fields will have higher spawn rates of Elzelion. From November 7th, all difficulties of [Forest Exploration] will have higher Elzelion spawn rates compared to other fields. So if you want to fight Elzelion as quickly as possible, then you should head to [Forest Exploration] right away. Afterwards, on November 14th, all difficulties of [V. Caves Exploration] will have higher Elzelion spawn rates compared to other fields. So during that time, you should head to the Volcanic Caverns Free Field.



Partnya can be discovered hanging around the Shop Area with a selection of Client Orders. Clearing them will reward you with his partner card, an Elzelion Trigger, and a [Cere Series Voucher]. He also offers access to the [Hunting Stone] and [Cere Series] Exchange Shops!


Hunting Stone Exchange Shop

Exchange your Hunting Stones (Red, Blue & Yellow) for an assortment of MHF-Z collaboration costumes, weapon camos and more.


Cere Weapons & Units

The new [Cere] series of ★13 weapons and ★12 units can be obtained through random drops or the Exchange Shop.


Cere Series Upgrade

Zieg can upgrade your Cere equipment into the [Zara] series.


Just bring your +35 Cere weapon and the required number of hunting stones to complete the process. These weapons and units will also support photon color changing.


Extra Hard Free Fields

While the MHF-Z Collaboration Event rages on, certain Free Fields will be updated with an Extra Hard option. On this difficulty, you'll face level 80 enemies, with some Emergency Trials having enemies at level 85!
The following changes will also take effect on Extra Hard:

  • Two Areas (The Lower Difficulties Still Have 3).
  • Additional enemies hailing from the same planet can appear.
  • Dark Empe Rappy may spawn.
  • Map layouts are adjusted to make looping around easier.
  • From the Campship you can teleport to the spot with the most players.

[Forest Exploration] will first receive the new difficulty on November 7th. Afterwards, Extra Hard [V. Caves Exploration] will arrive November 14th.


Winter 2018 Bingo

Clear the [Winter 2018 Bingo] and be rewarded with [Leontina's Certificate] and [Yellow Hunting Stones]!


Incarnation of Knowledge Trigger

On November 14th, players will be able to purchase the [Incarnation of Knowledge Trigger] from the Treasure Shop with Star Gems!


Bravery Hunter (AC Scratch)

The Monster Hunter Frontier-Z collaboration includes an AC Scratch full of outfits, weapons camos, lobby actions, and more! Idol themed layered wear with a fantasy flair will be available as well.


アスール・レプカF | Azul Repca F
アスール・レプカM | Azul Repca M
パートニャースーツ | Partnya Suit
*ホープネコソード | *Hope Cat Sword
進化デバイス/パートニャー | Evo. Device Partnya
進化デバイス/プーギー | Evo. Device Poogie
プーギー | Poogie
ハッピーガーネット[Ou][Ba][In] | Happy Garnet [Ou][Ba][In]
スマートサファイア[Ou][Ba][In] | Smart Sapphire [Ou][Ba][In]
テンダーエメラルド[Ou][Ba][In] | Tender Emerald [Ou][Ba][In]

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