PSO2 Station #25 Recap

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November 3rd Recap

Phantom Class

  • The debate is now over! It's Rod / Rifle / Katana

White Rappy Suit Mini

  • Coming This Christmas! on Ice!

Ceres Series

  • Can be obtained from Drops or through the Exchange.
  • You can upgrade it through Zieg to get the Zara Series
  • Potential:
    • Power Up
    • Power Rises Based on # of hits
    • When power reaches MAX a barrier is formed.
    • This barrier grants the effect of Super Armor.
    • Barrier disappears if your attacks don't hit within a certain time.
    • When you have Zara, you'll also get a Damage Reduction effect.
  • Ceres Series: S1 (S-Class Slot) & Doom Break (Factor)
  • Zara Series: S1 ~ S3 (S-Class Slots) & Doom Break II (Factor)
  • Zara Series can be obtained from drops too.

Elzelion Trigger

  • Get 1 From Partnya's CO.
  • Triggers will drop from Elzelion and other mid-bosses.

Elzelion's Roar

  • It's possible to evade this with Step / Guarding

XH Free Fields

  • XH Maps will be adjusted to make it easier to go around in circles.
  • Dark Empe Rappy Will Show Up.
  • Expect Boost Events that increase Elzelion's Spawn Rate.


  • Coming to XH Free Field from Lv 85 "Hunar" enemy types.

★14 Eggs

  • Viola and Synchro are coming in November
  • Redran will be later. (December?)

Parfait and ★14 Egg Recycling

  • They have plans to implement this, but they cannot say when.

Phantasic Live Costumes

  • Expected to come Spring of Next Year

Forever Loner (Endless Quest Title)

  • Only 1 person has Forever Loner currently.
  • They are a (GuFi)

Re Folmelgia Adjustments (December)

  • Plan to do readjustments in December
  • They're reducing the PP consumption during rush phase.
  • Improving its turning ability
  • Adding invincibility frames at the start

2018 Fall Survey Stuff

This section is in regards to the recent survey.

What Do Players Want In The Future?

  • Players want new PAs to all weapons.
  • They Want More Type-Zero Technics
  • They want to use both (Type-Zero and Normal) PAs / Techs
  • They want improvements to Simple Compound Technics
  • They want adjustments that focus on something refreshing rather than just power.
  • They want Hunters strengthened a bit more.
  • They want a new class.

What do Players Want for Quests In The Future?

  • They want EQs with efficient EXP
  • They want to play permanent quests that aren't bound by time limits nor only available during specific times.
  • They want unique behaviors/motions when the Devs use existing enemies. (Ex: Zeta Guranz' beam in VR Defense)
  • They want buffed versions of bosses before EP3
  • They want new quest types.
  • They want increased rare drop rates.
  • They want changes in movement for Buffed Raids and Rematch Bosses, and not just HP and ATK increases.

More to be added.


October 30th Recap

Secret Phrase

  • Say the following phrase in chat for items in the Visiphone.
  • 11月はオラクルで一狩りいこうぜ
  • Prizes: Juice Server / King's Crest (x20) / +100% Tribooster (x3)
  • You have until November 7th to say the phrase.



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • October 30th @ 23:00 JST (Quna Concert First)
  • Incarnation of Knowledge
  • 200% Rare Drop & 200% EXP Boost
  • Extra +30% Live Boost If You Attend Concert


Early November Update

  • Elzelion Trigger Quest (~2019/5/15)
  • Trigger Quest Has a 3 Death = Failure condition.
  • Elzelion will appear in Free Fields but not Enchanted Forest


Early November Update

  • MHF-Z Collaboration Lobby (~12/5)
  • Partnya will appear in the lobby.
    • Clear its Client Orders for a Partner Card.
  • Winter 2018 Bingo F&B (~12/5)
  • Get Collab Items Through the Hunting Stone Exchange Shop
  • Get Cere Series ★13 Weapons
    • Trade in Cere Series Voucher for a +30 Cere Weapon


Early November Update

  • Hunting Stone Exchange Shop
    • Each Item Requires A Certain Color Hunting Stone
    • Elze Repcas
    • Elze Accessories
    • Elze Weapon Camos
  • Get Cere Series' ★13 Wpns/★12 Units Through An Exchange Shop
  • Upgrade the Cere Series at Zieg for the ★14 Cere-Zara Weapon Series.
    • Example Exchange
    • Rear Zara Unit = Rear Cere Unit + 900 Yellow Hunting Stones
    • Cere-Zara Weapon = Same Cere Weapon Type + 900 Yellow Hunting Stones
  • (There's Cere & Zara Arm and Leg Units as well.)


Early November Update

  • Bravery Hunter (AC Scratch)
  • Azul Series Costumes + Color Variations
  • Partnya Suit / Mag Devices / Lobby Actions


Early November Update

  • Bravery Hunter AC Scratch
  • Fantasy Idol Layered Wear
  • 6th Anniversary Art Contest Posters


Early November Update

  • XH Forest Added & on 11/14 XH Vol Caverns Added
  • XH Free Fields will have Level 80 Enemies
  • Some E-Trials with Level 85 Enemies.
  • Dark Empe Rappy Can Also Appear
  • A Boost Campaign will be held that raises Elzelion's Spawning Rate.


Late November Update

  • Persona Labyrinth (AC Scratch)
  • Persona 4 Characters and Kuma Suit
    • Yu Narukami, Chie Satonaka, Marie, Teddie
  • Persona 3 Portable Female Protagonist And Jack Frost Suit
  • Persona 4 and Persona 3 Lobby Actions
  • Persona Q2 Character Mats
  • Persona Series Visual Posters


Late November Update

  • Coast Field XH Added
  • Dark Empe Rappy Can Appear
  • Boost Campaign Raises Elzelion's Spawn Rate


PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Season 3 Chapter 2 (11/7)
  • New Characters: Nasreen and Sulaymān


PSO2es Update

  • Grind NT Weapons in PSO2es (11/7)
  • Chip Pack Can Now Be Expanded from 700 to 800
  • Clan of Nemesis and Slave Parts 5~8 (11/14)


PSO2es Update

  • Invade Galland (11/7)
  • Primera Fiore (11/7)


PSO2es Update

  • Nox Cadina [Autumn Festival] (11/7)
  • Slave Kuuga (11/7)
  • Bio Fanger (11/14)


PSO2es Side Stories

  • Kenei (10/31)
  • Nox Cadina (Autumn Festival) (11/7)
  • Akhtar #2 (11/7)
  • Slave Cannon (11/14)

Weaponoid Potentials (11/7)

  • Caduceus-NT & Bardiche-NT


PSO2es Update

  • Magisa Meduna Emergency Quest (11/15 ~ 11/20)
    • Raete Weapon and Gen Rouya Chip
  • Special Quest
    • Nox Cadina (Autumn Festival) Drops
  • EQ Adjustments
    • If you're using several XH Triggers, they made adjustments so that the number of rewards is based on the amount used.
    • Added SH Triggers to each Bonus Scratch STAGE


Annette and Gene Figurines

  • PSO2es Annette [Summer Vacation]
    • Price: 12,960 Yen
    • Order Period: Until November 27th, 2018
    • Sale Date: April ~ May 2019
    • Purchase Link: Over Here
  • PSO2es Gene [Summer Vacation]
    • Price: TBA
    • Order Period: Begins November 20th, 2018
    • Sales Date: 2019


Dengeki PlayStation Bonus

  • Purchase Dengeki PlayStation Vol 669 for Item Codes
  • Elzelion Trigger (x1)
  • +75% EX EXP Booster


Limited Time Support Item Selection Scratch

  • Grace Special Ability
  • Special Ability Protection (5 Slot or Lower)

Grind Boost Event

  • Special Ability Affixing +5%
  • Grind Success +5%
  • NT Weapon Grinding Great Success Rate +25%


Episode 6: New Class

~ New Class: Phantom ~
~ Rod / Rifle / Katana ~
~ Coming Episode 6 (Spring 2019) ~


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