PSO2:NGS Closed Beta Item Lab

Item Grinding

You can raise the ATK of your weapons or the DEF of your units, by grinding them at the Item Lab.

Item Grinding follows the NT-Grinding system that was introduced a bit later in PSO2 JP's timeline. You first select the weapon or unit you wish to grind, then feed it fodder weapons or units to increase the grind value. All items used as fodder will be lost once the grinding process is complete.

You can gain a bonus to the amount of EXP applied to the gauge if your fodder follows these rules:

  • Material Bonus: [High Rarity] [Same Name Item]
  • Grind Bonus: [Grind Value is +1 or Higher]

In addition, there's a chance the grinding process will become a "Great Success." If this occurs, there will be more EXP applied to the gauge than usual.

Many of the weapons in the closed beta had a grind cap of +20. Reaching this value grants you an additional affix slot, and you can go beyond +20 by [Limit Breaking].


Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking allows you to raise beyond the current grind cap of your weapons and units. This process requires N-Meseta and Materials you'll find out in the field.



Special Ability Affixing

Back in PSO2, affixing was a tedious process that had its own set of rules that were somewhat hard to follow. New Genesis fixes all of that by changing the way you acquire abilities.

Enemies will sometimes drop "Capsules" used for the affixing process. The capsules generally follow the naming scheme of abilities from PSO2.

Capsule Stat Success
C/Power I S-WPN PWR +1.0% Affix Success +10%
C/Power II S-WPN PWR +1.5% Affix Success +10%
C/Power III S-WPN PWR +2.0% Affix Success +9%
C/Shoot I R-WPN PWR +1.0% Affix Success +10%
C/Shoot II R-WPN PWR +1.5% Affix Success +10%
C/Shoot III R-WPN PWR +2.0% Affix Success +9%
C/Tech I T-WPN PWR +1.0% Affix Success +10%
C/Tech II T-WPN PWR +1.5% Affix Success +10%
C/Tech III T-WPN PWR +2.0% Affix Success +9%
C/Fomz Soul I S-WPN PWR +2.0% Affix Success +9%
C/Fomz Soul II S-WPN PWR +2.0%
Affix Success +8%
C/Als Soul I HP+50 Affix Success +9%
C/Als Soul II HP+50
Affix Success +8%
C/Dolls Soul I PP+5 Affix Success +9%
C/Dolls Soul II PP+5
Minimum PWR ADJ +2.0%
Affix Success +8%
C/Airio Note A HP+30 PP+3 Affix Success +9%
C/Airio Note C S-WPN /T-WPN PWR +2.0% Affix Success +9%
C/Airio Note D R-WPN /T-WPN PWR +2.0% Affix Success +9%
C/Magnu Note S-WPN PWR +1.5% Affix Success +9%


Each capsule adds a certain percentage of success. Generally the stat I and II abilities add +10%. Adding 10 of the same capsules to your weapon/unit creates 100% success. The Soul Capsules, on the other hand, tend to have +9% success each. Adding 10 of these will net you 90% success.


Once an affix has been added to your Weapon or Unit, you can keep reaffixing the affix back onto it at 100% Success Rate. The affixes with a capsule icon next to the name are being added with a capsule, but the ones without was on the weapon previously.


Most of the items that dropped in the Closed Beta have 0/2 affixes.


You can increase the number of affix slots by grinding your weapon.


Abilities that have been affixed to your item will continue to remain at 100% success when performing the next affix.


Potential Unlocking

Each weapon has a potential that can be unlocked at the Item Lab. Potentials provide various effects to weapons, such as raising stats or activating effects when certain conditions are met. You can even raise the level of a potential to provide better stats and outcomes.


Potential Unlocking requires N-Meseta and Materials to perform the process.


Be on the lookout for Photon Chunks! You'll need lots of them to unlock a potential.



Multi-Weapon lets you combine two different weapon types into one. For example, this would allow you to use Knuckles attacks (Normals + Photon Arts) on a Sword.

Multi-Weapons require weapons of the "same series" as the base weapon. For example, with a "Prim Knuckle," you can only use a "Prim Sword," or other "Prim" weapons. In addition, Multi-Weapons require a lot of N-Meseta, generally, 50,000 for ★1 and 100,000 for ★2 rarity.


22 thoughts to “PSO2:NGS Closed Beta Item Lab”

  1. Hey another thing to add to the affixing system! When you successfully apply an affix to a weapon, it stays on your weapon between affixing sessions at a 100% rate similar to SSAs in base PSO2. This means that not only do you not need to do all of your affixing in one big sessions like you have to on PSO2 it also means that the affixes that you do succeed in applying are completely safe from being lost in the event of a failure.

    So lets say you tried to affix Power III and Fomz Soul II in the same session;
    You invested 10 capsules into both, resulting in a 90% chance affix and an 80% affix respectively, but when attempting the affix, Power III succeeds but Fomz Soul II fails. You will have to farm up capsules for Fomz Soul II again, but Power III is now on your gear forever unless you choose to overwrite it. That means when you come back to attempt to affix Fomz Soul II again, Power III is already available as a selection for your total affix at a 100% rate, completely safe.

    1. Can confirm. You can retry each one individually without any negative effects (so far). No more affixing nightmares. Praise RNGsus.

    2. That sure is one HELL of an improvement, now there won't be any excuse to have an unaffixed weapon.

    3. I actually hope it's not too easy to affix as affixing was the main driving force behind economy and thus allowed paying and f2p player interaction.

    1. any confirmation if we can use more than 10 capsules to push our chances up to 100% for the ones that are lower chance of success?

  2. @KYAA~ST

    No…. No…. No pushing through the market needs to go… it was an f2p trap. SEGA makes enough money from scratch fashion. Let the game be the game nd paying + f2p can interact on the extra fluff.

    I'm sure SEGA realized their past affix transgressions inadvertently supported RMT as well which is $$$ they don't get.

    1. lol the market actually the only place f2p can gain massive meseta without being a slave to dailies and weeklies. i guess the majority of f2p players prefer to be a mindless slave and gain pocket change rather than actually using their brain, read the market and gain massive amount of meseta.

    2. @Asym
      How exactly are paying and f2p players supposed to interact on extra stuff? Markets is supply and demand, let's talk about that.
      If players demand nothing but paying player cosmetics then the only reason those appear on market will be due to gacha nature of AC scratching meaning that even if someone doesn't get what they want, they can sell what they don't want and get what they want. But without demand for anything else it'll be cosmetics trading for cosmetics and everything else having token costs meaning overpriced paying player stuff and no-economy of everything else which you can observe in many, MANY MMOs who don't know how to make good f2p-to-paying player economy.

      Thus the question is what can a player who doesn't invest money, but invests time and/or effort offer to paying players?

    1. Using things mainly dropped from enemies, the effects of which don't vanish after they succeed, and the items that make this happen so far can't be put up on player shops.

      Whales literally don't have any legs here, what are you on about?

    2. Nah, he's just a lazy ass who failed his economic class at middle school onward. He think the only way to raise enough meseta to do end game affixes only possible by whaling on scratch or be a slave to the dailies/weeklies using multiple characters.

    3. If I have RNG-based casino, in which I can lose EVERYTHING, that is straight up scam.
      Tell me how it is not a scam, when you put in meseta, time and resources, and then you have 90% chance, meaning you can fail and lose everything.
      It's an artificial money sink. I.e. scam.
      It has nothing to do with economy.

    4. If your end recipe isn't 100% then it's you who decide to play the Dudu casino. You knew that there was a risk and you weren't ready to "lose everything" and yet you went through and now calling it scam, who do you think is at fault here?
      And of course it's artificial (in-game) money sink, how else can devs do non-hyperinflated economy if there's no good way to spend money on yet there's an easy way to earn it?

    5. Of course economy have to do with it. If you can amass enough meseta from the market you can just buy premade fodder and skip the scam(lul) fodder creating process. Affixing a really good 8s unit are so easy it's laughable right now. Even more so if you just buy premade fodder from the market. It's only hard maybe for newbies because it requires a lot of Transfer Pass and a lazyass like yourself.

    6. @MAXx
      You're right, if you try a 90% affix instead of 100% and lose everything, it has nothing to do with the economy but with your stupidity.

  3. so wait…any confirmation you can use more than 10 capsules? say the ones at 9% per capsule you could maybe put in 12 to push it to 100%?

    1. It caps out at 10 for that type, I had plenty of AIs and Dolls Soul Is and it wouldn't let me put 2 more for 100%.

  4. Might be good to note that the Multi-Weapon system is NOT supported by gear ported over from the old PSO2. I tried this with 2 Dim weapons and they wouldn't show up on the options.

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