PSO2:NGS Closed Beta Skill Trees

Gaining Skill Points

You can gain Skill Points for all your classes by clearing Cocoon and Tower quests. Cocoons can be found at various locations around the map and rewards 1 skill point. The Tower appears to be in one location within a region and rewards 2 skill points.


The Tower


Hunter Skill Tree

Massive Hunter (Active Skill)

  • Reduces the damage you receive for a limited time!
  • Prevents being launched and blown away.

Photon Art Avenge

  • If you receive an attack within a certain time frame from activating a Hunter weapon PA, the power of that PA will increase.

War Cry (Active Skill)

  • Attracts the attention of surrounding enemies.
  • Main Class Skill Only

Sword Attack Extra

  • Adds an extra 5th attack to the normal sword combo.

Iron Will

  • Receiving a fatal amount of damage will leave you with 1 HP. 
  • You will become invincible for a limited time once it's activated.
  • Main Class Only

Just Guard Counter Plus

  • After performing a Just Guard, doing a normal attack will activate a counter move.



Fighter Skill Tree

Limit Break (Active Skill)

  • Increases damage received and increases the power of Fighter weapons for a limited time.
  • Main Class Only

Limit Break PP Recovery

  • Recover PP after Limit Break ends.
  • Main Class Only

└  Limit Break Endurance

  • Receiving a fatal amount of damage during Limit Break will end Limit Break and leave you with 1 HP.
  • You will become invincible for a limited time once it's activated.
  • Main Class Only

Knuckle Attack Extra

  • Adds an extra 5th attack to the normal knuckles combo.

└  Knuckle Attack Switch

  • After successfully evading with the Knuckles weapon action, the next normal attack will become the 5th combo.

Knuckle Sway Counter Plus

  • After successfully evading with the Knuckles weapon action, performing the weapon action again will activate a counter move.


Ranger Skill Tree

Weak Bullet (Active Skill)

  • Activates only when an Assault Rifle is equipped.
  • Allows you to fire a bullet that increases damage to the part that got hit.
  • Main Class Skill

Weak Bullet Reinforce

  • Hitting the Weak Bulleted area a certain number of times, will extend the duration of the skill and increase the damage dealt.
  • Main Class Skill

Spread Shot (Active Skill)

  • Fires a special short-range shot by consuming the gauge accumulated from the Assault Rifle's attacks.

└  Spread Shot Quick Escape

  • Adds invincibility for a limited time when Spread Shot is activated.
  • The evacuation distance is extended when inputting a direction.

Rifle Grenadier

  • Adds a grenade attack when holding the weapon action button for Assault Rifles.
  • If you input a direction at the same time as holding the weapon action, the attack will be thrown.

Rifle Slide Shot Advance

  • Adds invincibility for a limited time when using the Weapon Action while Assault Rifles are equipped.


Gunner Skill Tree

Chain Trigger

  • Activating a charged Twin Machine Gun PA creates a "chain count" that increases with attacks.
  • Hitting the spot again with a charged PA results in a powerful Chain Finisher.
  • Main Class Only

Chain Trigger Quick Reload

  • After the Chain Finisher, it reduces the amount of time you can perform a Chain Trigger again based on the previous "chain count."
  • Main Class Only

Chain Boost

  • For a limited time after the Chain Finisher occurs, it changes the behavior of the TMG weapon action.
  • In addition, it increases the attack speed of TMGs based on the "chain count."
  • Main Class Only

Stylish Roll Arts

  • Pressing the PA button during the TMG weapon action will consume PP to generate a powerful attack.

└  Stylish Roll Strike Back

  • Successfully evading with the TMG weapon action will cause the next TMG PA to increase in power while consuming more PP.

Stylish Onslaught

  • For Twin Machine Guns, pressing the weapon action without inputting a direction will make you rush forward.



Force Skill Tree

Photon Flare (Active Skill)

  • Increases your Max PP and the power of Force weapons for a limited time.
  • Main Class Only

Charge PP Recovery

  • PP will recover naturally even while charging a Technic with a Force weapon.

PP Convert (Active Skill)

  • For a limited time, it decreases your MAX HP while increasing the speed of natural PP recovery.

└  PP Convert Increase

  • Increases the number of times PP Convert can be used.

Resta Field Force

  • Recovers nearby players when you use a Resta sign.
  • Main Class Only

Rod Technic Keep

  • When using a Rod, the charging status of a technic will be maintained if you perform step or weapon action when charging a technic.
  • Therefore, the next time you use the same technic, the charging time will be reduced and PP will not be consumed.


Techer Skill Tree

Shifta & Deband (Active Skill)

  • For a limited time, it increases damage towards enemies and reduces the damage received for both you and other characters.
  • Main Class Skill

Shifta & Deband Party Share

  • Applies Shifta and Deband to party members even if they're far away.
  • Main Class Skill

Wand Element Change

  • When using a charged technic with a wand, the wand explosion element will change to that of the charged technic.

└  Wand Element Revoke

  • Holding the Wand's weapon action button resets the element of the wand explosion.

Resta Field Techer

  • Increase the healing amount and heals nearby players when using a Resta sign.
  • Main Class Only

Wand Parry Counter Plus

  • Upon successfully guarding with the Wand weapon action, performing a normal attack will activate a counter move.



19 thoughts to “PSO2:NGS Closed Beta Skill Trees”

    1. Well this is only the beta but they kept what made those skill trees what they are. They're just as simple as in PSO2, other skills doesn't have as much of an impact and the multi weapon system makes it way more interesting.

    2. I mean yes..BETA. I know in America "beta" just means early release these days but this is how it was in PSO2 beta. It's also a lot cleaner.

    1. Hairstyles and Lobby Actions the most wanted items from scratches usually. So probably just lets you know when you get one.

    2. Rarities have always existed. Rates weren't shown in-game but were in the website. It seems that showing the item you acquired being "featured" (the icon in original PSO2 being the hand pointing) has more of a focal point though.

  1. I hope they won't bring stances back. Stances for FI are pure cancer to the point of nobody ever using wise for years.
    Same for Bo

    1. If anything I really hope BO gets some justice on NGS, I really liked it in PSO2 but had to drop it, as for FO I also hope it gets it's share of justice as well.

  2. What i keep wondering is if SEGA will balance its classes or not
    I love to play with fo/te but it always get nerfed

    1. PC Guy Im curious as hell abou that too. Ik they published benchmarks a long while ago, but maybe it's possible that it can run well on older hardware.

      Still I got the same question too. Gonna be looking out for some videos

    2. Briefly,

      – Not-so-much CPU hungry.
      – However, AVX is the MUST. Intel's Haswell and later are nice, Ivy Bridge is okay. Say bye-bye to early Sandy Bridge (three figures following "i7"). The generation is the point. The 6th and after are pretty good. As long as dashing or fighting in a vacant place with less biohazard, you can forget the number after the small 'i'.
      – AMD Ryzen goes well.
      – Voice chat is optional. However, the load of the third-party's chat client will be negligible.

      – Rather heavy on the GPU.
      – Though the NGS client itself recommends Graphic Setting mediocre 3, my own Nvidia GTX 1650 renders well at 4. On the usage rate grid, you'll be sure to see the hot ceiling.
      – RTX 3080 keeps at least 80 fps in 1920×1080 Setting 6 with full options.
      – RTX 3090 can manage 4K + dual 2K displays at 60 fps limited (Setting 6, blur option off).
      – They say that the glimpses of Setting 5 and 6 are quite similar.
      – Water shading sucks fps drastically. Even though you obtain the supreme graphic system in today's market, you will see jumpy frames in swamp, rain, waterfall…
      – You will feel laggy in a populated area. It might not because of GPU load but net transmission latency.
      – The onslaught missile and lasers from the boss drops fps. And again, Emergency Quests tend to be crowded.
      – This is my POV, overall, the Virtual Full-Screen mode is a big burden on the graphics. NGS has discontinued the straightforward Full-Screen mode what the current PSO2 offers. Users will be forced to choose the VFS or the Window mode. The two are heavier than the Full-Screen mode, and essentially the same.

  3. Should probably note that the skill points via clearing Cocoon/Tower rewards it for ALL classes, not just the class you played to clear the content on. That cuts down on a lot of the grinding one would need to optimize all classes on.

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