PSP2i DLC: Edomachikurara and PSO2 Concepts

エドマチクララ・鉄舟 Edomachikurara Tesshuu
Female Clothes and Parts
300 Yen



エドマチクララ・楯無 Edomachikurara Tatenashi
50% Fire Twin Saber
200 Yen


エドマチクララ・兼重 Edomachikurara Kaneshige
50% Fire Dagger
200 Yen


エドマチクララ・平石 Edomachikurara Hiraishi
50% Fire Shield
200 Yen


  • Name: EXTRAステージ・決戦 Extra Stage Decisive Battle
  • Date: 8/10/11
  • Description:  Infinity Grand Prix Extra stage. A formidable opponent awaits at each level of the castle. Up to 4 players maximum.


  • Infinity Grand Prix Exchange (Two Missions?)
  • Description: The first mission entry has you trade in for an item like "Anchor King"  and such Password items. The other mission entry has you trade in for "Wing Spada" and related weapons.


Mission Codes

  • Name: イノセントガール Innocent Girl
  • Date: 8/11/2011
  • Area: 漆黒 Black
  • Boss: Vivienne
  • Monster: Machinery / Humanoid
  • Effects: Reward Meseta x1.50、Type Point x1.50、Attribute Granted+5


  • Name: 支配者の帰還 The Ruler (of the plains) Returns
  • Date: 8/11/2011
  • Area: Greens
  • Boss: De ragan
  • Monster: Parum / Stateria
  • Effects: Enemy HPx0.8、Enemy ATK/TEC x1.25、EXPx1.50

PSO2 Concept Art

Now that the Official Phantasy Star Online 2 page has reached 1000 likes, we get to see the next two concept art for Phantasy Star Online 2. Bonkohara also distributed a free iPhone wallpaper.


FoCast Concept

With whatever combinations of colors you use, the same costume can have an entirely different look. Certainly, you can change the  distribution of colors and parts.


HUnewearl Concept

Bonkohara asked, "Everyone? What kind of female outfits would you like to wear? Cute Style? Wild Style? Adult Style? …."

Perhaps outfits are separated by styles?

 FREE iPhone Wallpaper! 


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