Shining Blade and Shining Hearts Anime Collaboration with PSU Japan

Today Sakai talks about the Shining Blade and Shining Hearts Collaboration with Phantasy Star Universe. Shining Blade is a new Playstation Portable game coming out later this year. In addition, they are creating a Shining Hearts anime that's expected to release sometime in 2012 by Production I.G.


Mistral's "Siren Songstress Dress"


Xiao-mei's "Black Tail Kempo Uniform"


Maxima's "Noir" and her Caduceon weapon.


Lastly, the outfit below isn't a part of the Shining Series. It's from Project Cute, and is the 4th outfit released from the series.



We're expecting the announcement of the actual date of when the PSO2 Alpha test 2 winners will be revealed. With 50,000 people to be added, will any of us foreigners make it in?

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