Shitenkaku: Fortune Teller & Offering Box

February, 1st 2008
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Above Mt. Ohtoku is the beautiful Shitenkaku, sitting atop of the Pavillion of Air. There isn't much to do at Shitenkaku other taking in the scenery and trying out your luck with the Fortune Teller and Offering Box.

The Fortune Teller will tell fortunes for a price! After you pay for your Fortune, she will read fortune cookie text and give you some line about how everything is going your way and how important you are…whatever. Basically she tells you the same crap about what you'd read in horoscopes anyway. This isn't really her main purpose, actually she is there to alter your luck. She will either upgrade or downgrade your luck depending on the fortune. For example,  If you have 3 Star luck, there is no point talking to her because she will lower your luck down. If you have 0 Star Luck, she might  bring your luck up a few levels. In Summary talk to her when your Luck Levels are 0  Star and 1 Star, don't ever talk to her when your luck level is 3 Star. After you payed for your fortune, you can no longer talk to her until the next day.

Your Luck appears next to your character name. The brighter it is the more luck you have.

The Offering Box is a box that you donate your Items to. Now you see, the offering box is like a high class diva, and likes EXPENSIVE BLINGIN' items. So when you give a gift to the Offering Box, give it your most expensive weapons. Any material, weapon, or armor above 7 stars that sells for a high price in the NPC shops will have a higher chance of getting a prize back. You have an even greater chance of getting a prize back when you donate A Rank and S Rank weapons. But there's a catch, sometimes you have to donate several expensive products in order to get a prize back. Some people have donated once and got a prize on their first try, while others have to donate several times before they got their prize.

The offering or offertory box likes S and A rank Weapons and Materials



Prizes From the Offering Box

  • MikuMiko Clothing Set
  • Cas-Miko Clothing Set
  • Mirei Music Disc
  • Neudaiz Music Disc
  • Picture Frames

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