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Phantasy Star Portable

In the latest Dengeki magazine, New Details for Phantasy Star Portable has been announced. Phantasy Star Portable is a game based on Phantasy Star Universe exclusively for Sony Play Station Portable. It features 2 new characters, a whole new story mode that fills in the gaps between Episode 1 and Episode 2. Your antagonist, Helga Neumann is responsible for terrorist attacks across the Gurhal Solar System. You'll be playing along side Vivienne, a female cast with bunny ears who sort of looks like a happier version of Helga (DUN DUN DUN!).

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Phantasy Star Portable

[Spoiler] Want to know a little more about Helga: Click to read on! [/Spoiler]

From the Phantasy Star Universe Moving Comic, Helga appears to be Howzer's right winged woman. Howzer, your main atagonist in Ambition of Illuminus, leads the operations of the Illuminus. During the original Phantasy Star Unvierse, Magashi was actually Howzer, or lets say Magashi was created in Howzer's image. Now Helga is one mysterious woman. She single handedly caused the whole SEED infection within the Cast race by kissing Mother Brain. What we don't know is how she was able to attain such powers. Whats very peculiar about her is her last name, Helga Neumann. In Gurhal's history when Humans first colonized the Gurhal Solar System, they created Casts, Newmans and Beasts. Is it possible that she was also created and constructed to be a SEED weapon? Who is she exactly and why does she look so Emo. We can't wait to find out!

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