Winter Event: Protectors α Disk Location De Ragan Guide

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The new winter event has been released giving everyone the chance to receive up to 350% increase in experience points. This is a great way to earn money and make new friends. If you haven't started playing PSU, try it now! Winter Event Missions finish February 1st.



Key Points for Winter Event Missions

  • Winter Event is Located on Cylez City 5th Floor.
  • Winter Event requires up to a maximum of 4 players to join a party.
  • Players can not join mid mission.
  • You only need 9 chips to get an S rank.
  • You do not need the expansion pack to play Winter Event.
  • Experience Boost is dependent on location.
  • Dulk Fakis Route is Rare indicated by Seed Purification.

Key Points for Disk Locations

  • There are 2 Disks on Each Block except Boss
  • Each Boss has 1 Disk

Key Points for Goggles and Photon Eraser

  • Goggles can be obtained by doing Episode 2 or Episode 3's Story Mission
  • Photon Eraser will be given to you in your Items Menu
  • You must add Photon Eraser to your Action Pallete


There are three different routes to reach the boss. You can choose between the De Ragan & De Ragnus Route, or Adahna Degahna & Dimmagolus route. Randomly the game will chose the Dulk Fakis Route, which gives you the chance to receive rare drops and boards as well as the maximum 350% increased experience for those areas.

Block A – All Routes

Winter Event Phantasy Star Universe

Block A is the same for all routes. There are two disks on this floor. One is located on the ceiling while the other is located in a boss box after you defeat all SEED and monsters.

Protectors Disk Guide Phantasy Star Universe

Shoot the Switch on the Ceiling and Win Free Disk!

Block B – De Ragnus Route

Block B is probably the easiest to mess up. It requires team work and listening skills to make it through. After you finish defeating enemies in the first half you will eventually reach up to a blue gate where a random NPC will join your mission. So far I've seen Bruce and Curtz. They will then follow the party's leader and guide them on what path to choose.

Ahead of you will be a fork, one person in your team should take the left fork, while the party leader takes the right fork. The person on the left fork should tell you which enemy they are fighting. They should also include any status elements below the enemy's name. After you get this information, the players on the right side of the fork will need to kill the enemy thats exactly the same as what the person said. For the first batch  of enemies all you have to do is kill the correct enemy that the person on the left fork said. In the second batch there may be two similar monsters, but  each will have a different  status beneath their name. You need to kill the enemy with the same status that the person on the left fork said. You may get another batch and you'll just have to kill the same enemy as before.

The person who took the left fork can find the 4th disk by breaking a tree near the cave in front of them. The location of the tree is indicated by the #4 in the map above.


Block C – De Ragnus Route

Pretty Straight forward, all you need to do is use the goggles under two rubble areas, destroy them, and pick up the disks.


Disk 5 & 6 appears under random locations?

Block D – De Ragnus Route

In the last block before the bosses. The 7th chip is located inside boxes within the 3 switch door to the right. After you get that chip you may get the 8th chip by shooting twice at the trees in the back area so that their beehives fall down.

Shoot at this tree in the back.

Final Block – De Ragan / De Ragnus

During De Ragan Boss fight you will see this random boss box out in the middle of nowhere. Its your job to blast open this box before the boss fight is over. During the De Ragnus Boss fight after a certain amount of hits the last disk will fall on the ground.


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