PSO2 Live Broadcast #42 Recap

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EQ Boost Poll May 22

Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Unleashed Prestige
  • +100% Rare Drop & +100% EXP Boost
  • May 22nd @ 23:00 JST After the Arks Dance Festival


KW Present May

Secret Phrase

  • Speak the phrase じゅうさんまんたろう in chat to receive these items!
    • 13 Lambda Grinders
    • Ichitaro, Momoi and Enomoto Lobby Actions!
  • You have until maintenance on June 1st to say the phrase.



June Franca Cafe

Early June Update

  • Franca's Café (Ocean Café) (~9/7)
  • Time of Day Changes
  • 4th Anniversary Bingo (~8/10)
  • 4th Anniversary Xie (~8/10)


Training Quest B

Early June Update

  • Fighter, Gunner, and Techer training quests added.
  • Star Gems added as Login Stamp Rewards.
  • Pure Photon added as a material for new Skill Rings.
  • Pure Photons drop in the Event Quest.
  • New Weaponoid Booster Potentials
  • New Skill Rings
    • Burn Guard
    • Freeze Guard


New PA Customizations

Early June Update

New PA and Technic Customizations

  • Other Cyclone Type Zero
    • Hold down the button to swing longer.
  • Infinity Fire Type Zero
    • Continuously shoot while staying in place.
  • Kestral Rampage Type Zero
    • Consumes all Gear and uses large blades to perform a slicing attack.
  • Deadly Circle Type Zero
    • A high speed spin with Guard Points added in.
  • Type Zero Zonde
    • Continuous lightning strikes in a certain range.
  • Type Zero Na Zan
    • A Strong Kamaitachi (Whirlwind) effect occurs after blowing away the enemy.


June AC Scratch

Early June Update

  • New AC Scratch: Kabukimono Style
  • Kabukimono themed layered costumes
  • Fighter themed outfits and parts.
  • Arkuma and Arkumami themed slippers in the Bonus Scratch.
  • New posters in the FUN Shop.


Arks Orders

Early June Update

  • 4th Anniversary Web Event: ARKS Orders Rush
  • New Limited Quest (~7/6)
  • An All-Star Quest taking place in the Dragon Altar.
  • Weapon General Election winners will drop as New-Type Weapons.
  • Let's all clear the Orders for the Web Interlocking Event.


Star Gem Stuff June

Early June Update

  • Added a Treasure Shop where you can spend Star Gems
    • Purchase Emergency Quest Triggers at this shop.
    • [Gold] Tokyo Bonus Keys can be purchased from the shop with large amounts of Meseta.
  • Dark Falz Costumes in the Star Gem Scratch: Darkness Ruler
    • Dark Falz Costumes have trade restrictions imposed on them.
    • Play the Scratch for 80 Star Gems
  • Steel Prestige Collection File will be extended until August 10th.


Sonic May Update

Late June Update

  • Sonic Lobby (~7/8) Station Square BGM?
  • Collect the Rings to see the Chaos Emerald
  • Coa, Lilika, and Musashi will appear in the lobby (~ 7/20)
  • Obtain their partner cards.
  • They'll also appear in Emergency Trials.


Sakura Wars Scratch

Late June Update

  • New Scratch: Gorgeous Blooming Assault Force Flower Division
  • Sakura Wars Outfits and Weapon Camos, and a Mag Device.
    • Ogami Ichiro
    • Sakura Shinguji
    • Koubu Type 2 Mag Device
  • Country Style Layered outfit and Hagito's clothing.


Ep4 New Story

Late June Update

  • EP4: Chapter 3 Continues: The Voice of World Revolution
  • What will be the outcome of the showdown against Bethor?
  • Other Apostles of Mother Cluster finally appear!


Mother Cluster

Mother Cluster Apostles

  • Och Miller
    • Prodigy Mathematician (CV: Manami Numakura)
  • Phul J Lasswitz
    • Global Best Selling Author (CV: Yui Ogura)
  • Aratron Tolstoy
    • Archeologist (CV: Chō)
  • Ophiel Herbert
    • Surgeon with godly hands (CV: Takehito Koyasu)


Beefed Up Progeny

Beefed up Progeny of The Apocalypse

  • New Attacks from DF Double
  • Can you defeat an even tougher Profound Darkness?
  • New Collection Sheet (~10/19)
  • New ★13 "Ray" Weapon Series will drop.




Bruno es man

PSO2es Update

  • Story Quest Chapter 4!
  • New Character: Bruno (CV: Daichi Kanbara)
  • A new ally from team Darker Busters.


Levi Antagonist

PSO2es Update

  • Appearing next after Dante comes two new antagonists.
  • Levi (CV: Yuiko Tatsumi) and Phel (CV: Yuuko Iida)


EQ es Updates

PSO2es Update

  • EQ Boss: Banther Donna
  • Added a Story Viewing Room.
  • New Sigma weapons coming to the Recycle Shop (6/1)
  • Current Sigma weapons will switch over to Wind Element. (6/1)
  • Some adjustments will be made for the presents you acquire from the Weaponoid Stories. (6/8)
  • Balance Adjustments for Salus Punisher (6/8)


PSO2es June Chips

PSO2es Update

  • New Weaponoid Chips
    • God Hand, Miyabi Sen, Biskedrop, Vraolet, Yuu Kariwatashi


Shima Store

Shimamura and PSO2 Collaboration

  • Shimamura will appear on the Tokyo Field (6/8 ~ 9/7)


Shimamura Bonuses

Shimamura And PSO2 Collaboration

  • Receive one of five random Item Code Sets when you purchase a PSO2 Collaboration T-Shirt!
    • Set 1: Shimamura T Shirts Basewear + Tokyo Bonus Key Gold
    • Set 2: Shimamura T Shirt 2M Basewear + Tokyo Bonus Key Silver
    • Set 3: Shimamura T Shirt 2F Basewear + Tokyo Bonus Key Silver
    • Set 4: Shimamura T Shirt 3M Basewear + Tokyo Bonus Key Silver
    • Set 5: Shimamura T Shirt 3F Basewear + Tokyo Bonus Key Silver


Blu Ray DVD 5

PSO2 The Animation Blu-Ray and DVD Bonuses #5

  • Yumiko and Last Samurai Repca
  • Yumiko Skin Body Paint
  • Yumiko and Last Samurai Voice Tickets
  • Rina Hair 3 and Aika Hair 2
  • Ryokan Yukata Basewear and Haori Outerwear M & F


50 thoughts to “PSO2 Live Broadcast #42 Recap”

  1. ""Star Gem Scratch"

    Oh no

    "Cosmetics aren't tradable from Star Gem Scratch"

    OH NO

    "80 star gems per scratch"

    /OH NO/


    1. Just as a reminder, previous SG agenda was "why the hell these useless gems do nothing of worth lmao".

  2. >seasonal cafe change
    so the city was a lie there too, huh.
    >PA customizes
    cyclone and IF ones seem pointless. and why do they get more customizes anyway. okay with kestrel, maybe it'll be useful now. circle… well, I suppose parry timings might be semi-useful for the defensively-inept FI, but what that class needs is a new skilltree that isn't "LB OR GO AWAY" anyway. nice to see techs with makeovers, but could they have maybe picked a wind tech that actually needed to be messed with?
    >meh scratch
    but at least it's not a bad collab.
    >dagronz quest dropping the "version 2" stuff
    ah, coat edge version 2, the only 13* I'll always destroy as fast as I pick it up. with how hard sega wants to push the "persona is player" blatant lie (so many plotholes it just doesn't work. AND IT'S A GODDAMNED GUY. so it can't be a female PC, thus the scam falls apart because not everyone is playing "ash".) I suspect by now that they rigged that poll anyway. that slot should have belonged to talnarda.
    >shop to spend SG
    you know, this would feel reasonable if you actually got them at any sort of reasonable rate without cashing. as-is, it's just "lol cash more".
    >DF costumes
    I don't understand why someone would want to dress up as someone the entire playerbase is supposed to KoS.then again, we already had the "loser pretending not to be a DF" costume… but it's still stupid. I suppose this will cut down on people modding for the outfits, but it's still stupid. because why the hell do you want to look like someone everyone is supposed to kill? likewise why did they make that darker boost core accessory. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WANTING TO WEAR A BIG "KILL ME" SIGN.
    >EQ triggers
    you what. is this basically "we're tired of having to schedule things that aren't schedule-only, so now this will be your only way of ever seeing other EQs ever again"? talk about failing to use your own system, but then again sega's been getting better and better at not knowing what they're doing since they let that joker lose that took over ep3 halfway and has been basically unrestrained by his "co-director" in ep4.
    >sonic lobby
    >more anime characters
    double meh.
    >sakura wars stuff
    generic harem lead and generically japanese heroine aren't interesting. and sakura wars is home of the universe' most ugly pants for women, just forget that straightaways. >hagito outfit >dressing like someone who you're supposed to kill >dressing like a massive douchebag >of course we also have kasura's crap and that's another massive douche nobody should want to look like

    >story progression
    good. somewhat eh on the whole "here comes team rocket" thing. phantom sentai clusterger exists to be trampled, so playing them up seems… eh. and those names, bloody hell.

    >islandvillage collabo
    so… do we take bets on whether tokyo's entirely purpose in being included was actually so they could do more collabs with random businesses?

    1. oh, and. the option to buy gold tokyo keys comes off as them saying "yeah yeah get to the cap now already".
      on one hand it's a nice help, on the other hand, what's it say for their regard for everything below XH?

    2. oh, oh. and is there a betting pool on the "how to tector" thing completely failing to impress upon people how the class actually works outside of "well you're the only class that knows how to use buffs properly" ? 😛 seeing as sega seems to not get that tector sucks at techs unless you're sub FO and why would you be sub FO outside of leveling TE for the purposes of being FO/TE? and thus gave them no good way to build up their vaunted combo techs, which TE needs far more than FO does. (but but but people weren't playing FOTE enough! BUFF IT MORE! also fuck you rangers and bow bravers, the clusterfucks will continue to get worse and make you unable to do your jobs properly all the time instead of just half the time.)

    3. You seem angry. Unreasonably so. Like they did something to personally offend you. Also, reason for costumes? People have been wanting to look like that for ages! Are you stupid? Of course people would want to look like that! It's stylish!

      BTW I voted for Coat Edge so take your rigged accusations and shove it.

    4. okay, reviewing the tape now that yamato's done, they're trying to make IF into something people use by giving it some measure of short ranged utility, since they've gone out of their way to make GU unable to even midrange. I -guess- there's a point, but there's still other weapons in need of customizes that don't have them so TMG and WL getting more is kinda dumb. especially if they're gonna take another year to add more.(nevermind that gunner is still lagging horribly behind and is overdependant on chain to get anything done, which is useless among mobs because lolcooldown) kestrel's mod… didn't seem much different? the zonde thing looks impressive, but will it be worth using, that's the question. still not sure the point of messing with nazan. why not make gizan useful instead?
      and 30SG a month… given the rate they get consumed if you use them, is kinda insulting. but of course, it's the ep4 directors baying for cash. maybe if they made more good scratches instead of six billion collabs with stuff nobody cares about, they'd make money, idiots.
      also, if they're gonna keep giving me all these halfdolls they should let me carry more than one so I can actually use them up. they're rarely relevant outside SORO play, and one per run without campship trips means that if you're somehow actually outmatched you'll end up lowering your rank/failing anyway.
      "good" picks/rods should just be buyable from sophia instead of rewards; they don't do enough to warrant being controlled-distro, and stamina usage is still too high for it to make much difference. nevermind how we can't trade anything we actually would need to when gathering is the subject, anyway. sophia's currently useless after her four COs, so… give her a job as a gathering supplier.
      and lol at those rings that take "pure photons"; the freeze one might be handy solo, but otherwise… isn't it better to be able to recieve supertreatment's benefit? suptre, PP restorate, and orbit latent1 is a hilarious combo.
      weaponoid latents…they'd better do something interesting or people will skip them anyway. something like mabinogi's spirit weapons?
      kabukiman stuff in scratch, eh…. "casual fighter" stuff… well, I get the idea with the fleshy outfits, and the male cast… female cast seems kinda left field tho. the glove paints remind me I want the gloves from my thighhighs/glove combo paints as seperate things. pft at the faux PD and "shitty admiral fixing his fake ship" emote. kinda wat, too. drill arm accy screams "time for getter 2 cosplayers", shame there's no really good parts for it, whereas granida is getter 1.
      >teaser bit for SG shop shows someone with over 1k of them
      uh. not trying AT ALL to mask that you only expect people to buy them, not earn them, are you sega. FAIL.
      and I take back what I said about the keys. 5m? FIVE MIL? are you stupid, sega. then again… you think people would BUY excubes? unless they're planning to totally destroy drop rates and lose half the playerbase nobody would do that, even if they weren't 400 times the average sale price of things you can recycle. these people setting this stuff up have no clue what they're doing. ditto making a full stamina charge cost 360k. this NPC is such a failboat it's disgusting.
      I wonder how much of that SG scratch will be trash. and calling it now, they'll screw up the movement axes so that you can't use apprentice's goggles as goggles, if you're so inclined to walk around in a giant "KILL ME" sign in the first place.
      …while I'm talking scratch. we're getting the wedding lobby, but no new wedding outfits. you'd think sega would have leapt on making those layeringwear. revivals only this year?
      hooded girl's identity is fairly predictable, given how they avoid mentioning who she is and what's gone on so far.

      aaaaand the XIV collab is shaping up to be absolutely nothing of value, which doesn't suprise me. ugly clothes, ugly weapons, and an intentionally broken boss. maybe they should try finding another scifi game to collab with, or an actually good fantasy game. instead of "grind the whole raid cycle for things that are pointless outside of it and all your work in and out of it is pointless because muh equalization and nothing you get without raid hell is allowed to be as good even though you don't need any of it to be good because the e-peen crowd cries when they don't get to think they're special" the game.
      FF5 was the last good FF game, I don't see why people waste their lives on the series anymore. especially a form of it that you have to buy monthly and if you don't play all month your money is wasted.
      okay, enough ranting, back to my cave.

    5. the 13* based on other weapons came from the player's selection. not sega trying to push things on the players. but i suppose you never look on this blog unless you find things to complain about

  3. what he hell is a mother cluster? who the hell are these falz wannabes? so we are going from eldritch dark gods that wanto devour the universe to stupid teamrocket? also last time I checked the falz are not dead that and profound darkness cant die . so iam hoping this whole Tokyo story phantom thing is a dream while our character is in the cryopod.

    1. Oh yeah, eldritch dark "huge candelabre jellyfish" god that is protected by giggling cake castles. Out of 4 dark falzes, two were completely disfunctional, one immediately got rid of after achieving falz status and another is a pair of kids repeating each other which by the way wraps up their ENTIRE biography.
      If you're not willing to at read about what is actually so bad looking in ep4 story, could you at least stop pretending ep1-3 """"story"""" was as grim as you want it to look.

      Oh, and congrats to pso2es players with their beastman race kek.

    2. >jellyfish
      it's a flower. specifically, one that does not bear fruit. it's in the quest title, even.

    3. Most flowers don't.
      And that bugger looks way more like a jellyfish of a particularly convoluted structure… or an overly baroque chandelier. (whynotboth.jpg)

      The colossal energy jellyfish spiral funnel thingy it generates for the purpose of snacking on Nab doesn't really help.

    4. Spoilers:
      I guess the gist of it is somewhat like this.

      Mother Cluster is essentially a supposed omniscient entity of planet Earth of this alternate universe. The "falz wannabes" are actually more or less ARKS wannabes, that they are akin to the summoner class. Ether>Photon Summoner.

      Mother Cluster appears to be gathering and nurturing those with the ability to use Ether (Because apparently, they are very rare) which is the equivalent of Photons here. Ether isn't as powerful in terms of strength as Photons, but make up for it in communication capabilities. Once the profound darkness resurfaced, the communication abilities of Ether allowed Mother Cluster and her followers to connect with our universe and send in spies and stuff.

      Phantoms themselves are naturally manifestations of imagination and fear born from Ether. But the select few Ether users can appear to bring into reality everything and anything that is within there realms of imagination. Although giant phantoms like Yamato seem to eat up a lot of Ether resources (Just like the real Yamato).

    5. "mother cluster" is the organization those dorks belong to. their boss (which is probably one of the photoners' other failed attempts to copy our dearly departed planetmind) is simply "mother" by their reference.

    6. I've always felt something like "Mother Cluster" like some kind of "The return of Mother Brain with an other name and form" (Ya know this kind of entity that rule everything and it's OK as long as nobody know but when it's know there always be "fools" (heroes) to defy it". (You can also call "Mother Brain" "Mother Trinity" if you want)

      At least that's what I felt, as having no translation.

      Anyway, Falz never die… 'cause he's the essence of darkness, hate and all that kind of bad stuff. 😀 >_>

    7. drakowhatever> " last time I checked the falz are not dead"
      the only one that didn't die was persona. play the story, you might actually know things.

      >this is what I get for responding to bait

    8. "Dead" is a bit of a relevant term with that lot, even without Profound's time-loop cheating.

  4. Oh, so do those 2 PSO2es characters foreshadow the return of beasts or a beast-like race from PSU returning? They're definitely not members of the current 4 races.

    Also, a buff to profound darkness and Dark Falz Double is great, the fight was way too easy.

    1. No, they're not members of the Beast race, they just have the ability to turn into a differently colored Banther and Quartz Dragon.

    2. The beast race in PSU were human/monster hybrids; if beast races were to appear in PSO2, I would assume they would be much the same except hybridized with the native monsters of the planets we have access to. If these new characters can turn into a Banther and a Quartz Dragon, it doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't PSO2's version of the beast race; the Beast race could shape shift before.

      It seems possible that they represent a potential for the beast race to be integrated into the game; probable? Maybe not. It's mainly just wishful thinking on my part. We'll see when episode 5 starts to roll around I guess, lol.

    3. Technically Dewmans already fit the bill, what with being created through some kind of (probably rather painful, this being Luther's work) postnatal modification apparently derived from whatever bizarro Darker/Dragonkin chimerisation research went on with the Chrome Dragon(s)…

    4. According to the Phantasy Star wiki, it says Dewmans are natural mutations; while both Newman and Beasts by comparison are genetically engineered. Of course, I think the wiki is referring to their lore from Gurhal (PSU's universe), and I'm not familiar with Dewman's origins as it is in PSO2.

    5. PSNova is supposed to be the only one to have a link with PSO2, yes.

      So Dewmans are two "versions": Universe as mutations from Seed infested humans who have survived and Online/Nova where, if I remember correctly, "natural but strange beings" (I believe Io herself doesn't know what are Dewmans, if I remember correctly? But yeah, it's easy to think they are made from Luther experimentations at the beginning)

    6. The SEED event is actually mentioned by Astarte early in the game. And the events of PSO1 did actually carry over to PSO2, considering Naberius is Ragol, and the ruins are the ruins of the Central Dome and all.

    7. Fan theories (and maybe throwaway easter eggs) do not equal canon, Karu. And none of that matters for *recent events* in the PSO2 storyline anyway.

    8. @Random
      I'm going off of text spoken by the characters in the game, which should be canon information. PSU information may not be relevant, but PSO1 information is mentioned in a small part of the story.

    9. Pray tell exactly who and where, in-game, positively identifies Naberius as Ragol?

    10. @Random I don't remember well off the top of my head, but Possibly either the second Claries Claes when you walked up to her when you traveled back in time, or it was Maria. Both scenes had to be in the Ruins.

      Also there's the fact that the Rappies on Naberius are the rappies from PSO1.

    11. Would it kill you to actually go and look through the Event Chronicle yourself to, y'know, do the homework for your own claim?

    12. Uh… These are the same Rappies on Nova, so it doesn't prove anything…

      And I guess like, as the main theme have some common parts and notes between Online episodes, it's just references. For sure Naberius Forest looks like Residencial Forest Zone on Ragol and Amduscia Caverns are the second zone we access, as the lava caverns were the second zone we accessed on the first PSO.
      Want more? The Beach Resort of PSPo2I BGM have been remixed and is one of the parts of the BGM on Wopar Coast…
      It's just references, pal. Don't search for more ._.

    13. Theo is apparently one of the only (if not THE only) newman converted into a dewman. The rest are vat-grown like everyone else.

    14. Who's this "everyone else"? Last I heard only the *first* generation of the Oracle population was artificially created as a successor species to the Photoners; if they bothered with two sexes in the first place one assumes normal sexual reproduction has been the norm thereafter.

      Moreover, Luther *explicitly* refers to Dewmans as "new" in his first appearance at the end of Ep 1 (further reinforcing the Hadred connection). And since eg. Io and those nameless Void guys Lutty casually kills off near the end of Ep 2 just to prove his villain credentials aren't exactly few months old at the time it *rather* stands to reason every single one is a product of the modification process…

    15. I think it was Ulk who remarked in episode 3 that Theo must feel lonely, since he's one of the few dewmen who was formerly a newman. Xiao is also pretty sure that there's no way for him to go back.

    16. I forgot who it was, I think it was Regius or Xiao, that said that a good number of ARKS were artificially created, except for you.

      There could still be a chance that natural deumen could join the ARKS the same way we did?

    17. @ Maus – at most that implies most are/were made from baseline humans though. Which would actually kind of make sense, as Newmans have elevated photon-manipulation ability to begin with and that (as well as "fundamental research" into the whole topic) was likely the main goal of Luther and VOID with the project.

      @ Karu – you'll have to name the specific scene then, as none of the translated ones I've seen ever said anything of the sort. And AFAIK it's very much explicit that there is no such thing as a "natural Dewman" ATM – all the currently extant ones are rather recently altered Newmans or Humans. You'd have to wait about two decades to have natural-born ones in the ranks (assuming the racial modification breeds true etc.).

    18. @Random I guess you didn't read what I said and have no interest in having a conversation.

  5. the way i remember it, newmans were the smart people that were limited to their bodies so the switched to robots (even though they suck at magic) guess intelligence doesn't mean magical prowess. then they became slaves then they became free (maybe different factions) i think the timeline was a few 10000 years apart since profound darkness only comes back every 10 000 years. you were the last guardian or something. which means pso u was the time before

    1. No, CAST's were members of other races who's bodies were to frail to contain their photons, so the photon's were move to artificial bodies. Magic, intelligence etc has nothing to do with any of that.

    2. That's just Lisa though. Seeing as how there seem to be a fair few CASTs in patently non-combat jobs in the ARKS it would rather seem there's any number of other reasons for people to undergo that particular transformation.

    3. like i said in pso2 either they had different factions of the races in the past or they mixed up the story xD well from a western point of view you need smarts for magic .-. ask yourself why casts were like maids etc in atleast one previous games, you even see a cast cry xD so sorry if you thought they were fully metal

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