FFXIV Costumes and Weapons to Appear in PSO2

Sega has finally unveiled the collection of cosmetic items coming to PSO2 as part of their collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV. The collaboration was originally announced back in March, with a teaser for an Odin boss fight.

In addition to the previously mentioned Miqo'te cosmetics, players can enjoy costumes, accessories, and weapons from the Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and Dark Knight classes! A glimpse of a Moogle can also be spotted in this new footage.

  • Monk: Temple Set / Sphairai Zenith
  • White Mage: Healer's Set / Thyrus Zenith
  • Black Mage: Wizard's Set / Stardust Rod Zenith
  • Dark Knight: Chaos Set / Deathbringer Awoken

Look forward to experiencing this exciting update and more in July!



13 thoughts to “FFXIV Costumes and Weapons to Appear in PSO2”

  1. Video: *shows dark knight costume*
    Me: Uh, not bad. If only they have a sword camo I'll-
    Video: *shows sword camo*
    Me: … time to start saving.

    1. As for me, I don't know what kind of item is that Moogle but I will get it, for sure!!

    2. It looks like it might be a Mag form. Good thing it's in July, that gives me enough time to start saving up.

  2. The Moogle is rather big for a mag… >u> And has that purple sparkle…does…that mean it's a new Pet for SU?

    1. I had the same thought too, it's way too big for a mag. But if it's a summoner pet then…Is like the rappy situation all over again or is it gonna be a rare drop from the Odin boss…

    2. Let's hope it's a drop from Odin. And I thought we were going to eventually get the Rappy sooner or later. Just those who buy that special package thing get ir before the rest of us?

  3. I'm really curious to know if FFXIV players are so excited by this Collab' as you guys are. (And don't even know what will they receive too anyway)

  4. Man I hope all the outfits will be unisex or with male versions like FFXIV… I'll be mad if they only made female outfits and if only the Miqo'te outfit is for males.

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