Emergency Maintenance (5/19/2016)

Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently undergoing an Emergency Maintenance!

Emergency Maintenance Ended

  • May 19th @ 22:05 ~ May 20th @ 8:00 JST

Maintenance Contents

  • The development team has confirmed a bug where, under certain conditions, the Grind EXP can be increased by a very large amount when strengthening an NT weapon.

Maintenance Results

  • Following their investigation, Sega will temporarily suspend accounts suspected of abusing the bug more than several times. Items affected by the bug will be collected.

Emergency Quest Rescheduling

  • The [Unleashed Prestige] Emergency Quest that was scheduled for May 19th @ 23:00 JST and May 20th @ 7:00 JST have been cancelled and will be enacted again some time in the future.


40 thoughts to “Emergency Maintenance (5/19/2016)”

  1. what kind of joke is this
    SEGA I demand 10 tri boost 100% and 3 day premium as a compensation of wasting my precious time

    JK,what is the bug anyway,someone could run 4 times yamato or what? or hack ? my teamate see few in TD yesterday

    1. Hack eh? What kind of hack?

      I saw someone mentioned Returner 2 is back, not sure if it's true or not.

    2. super speed run,infinite PP and super fast PA,I also have meet em few times long ago
      never meet em?
      and I dont know about returner 2 is back or not cuz I didnt check but if it is then its understandable they do sudden MT
      so anyone know why MT? cuz its should be yamato right now zzzzzz,such a perfect timing for MT

  2. Lets pray Yamato EQ will not lagging again after this maintenance, although i believe the lagging is caused by overloaded server

    1. Can really agree… before Yamato came out the server start to lag alot. needed as example5 hours for makign DO's because of keeping get 630's…

  3. hopefully, this is to address the connectivity issues related to In the Driving Rain for western players, but I get the feeling it's the matterboard reset trick, since kicking around gaijin trash is just a hobby for SEGA at this point.

    1. I can understand if its like SEA when XQ is still new,to get the ticket from matter board by reseting them
      but I see no reason for people to do this these days,triboost etc is pretty good but not worth the trouble,or is there anything good from matterboard?
      and I thought im the only one getting dced often lately

    2. SEGA doesn't give two shits about lolgaijins one way or another, and even less of whatever connection issues they might have. And why should they?

    3. If SEGA had any business sense, they'd know gaijin trash still spends money.
      It's probably not even SEGA that's the cause of connection issues to begin with, though, seeing as it mysteriously happens to scheduled ITDR quests, sometimes other significant scheduled EQs, and sometimes rando western hours EQs, but tends to mysteriously skip more active JP hours EQs, incl driving rain.

    4. That we bring in money would be a major reason they politely ignore our existence in the first place. But sorting out whatever connection issues we might have from half the planet away is by no means their responsibility or concern – after all, technically we shouldn't even be playing to begin with.
      Probably related to traffic patterns in the long-distance connections or something.

    5. Guess it is. Except this moment it was near impossible to connect, since that moment I just had one or two 630 even with full Ship.

      Anyway, just remember a thing… Since the beginning of VG it's written in packages "For use in Japan ONLY"… Games you don't care importing from here 'cause you just want to play.

      Sure now there's more importance in these words but it's here since ever…

      (… I should spend AC sometimes too, I guess…)

    6. What are you even talking about? Please write in clear english sentences. What has the resetting matterboard "trick"(more like bug then) to do with "kicking around gaijin trash"?

      Also calm down people. At least SEGA is fixing the bugs, so what the fuck is wrong with you guys? Jeez.

  4. lol Someone could Grind +150 his weapon and he showed it off to everyone with his 2500 stk

    Jk. Don't know but I guess they will just fix it or just do like the last time, get out all Weapons NT XD

    1. Until when – next scheduled maintenance, half a week away? R-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ght. Totes a better solution.

  5. Alright this is getting a bit out of hand now. Why is it taking the WHOLE day just to fix one bug? Because this is two unleashed prestiges we missed. At first i was like its understandable. But after missing two of the EQs i realllllyyyy hope they compensate us

    1. for some people it is,lets say that he was busy with school/work until afternoon lets say 4,and the MT might happen at 5 for him and 10 hours imean until 3 in the morning which is whole day
      well,its was night here so I dont mind and just sleep XD

    2. It is still, per definitionem, nowhere close to "whole day" which is moreover something quite distinct from "your waking/free hours".

    3. Why are you all suddenly annoyed? It was a terrible boring emergency with stupid useless rewards, have you forgot already?
      They totally had to leave core bug for entire week and set up maintenance at any other time but night. That toooottaallly wouldn't be a groanzone and incompetence because our precious gaijin baby wouldn't miss his daily trough to latch on.

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