Gurhal Heroes PSP2i DLC and September 2011 GBR

  • Name: Gurhal Heroes
  • Access: Story Mode / Multi Mode / Internet Multimode: Extra Mission > Clad 6
  • Date: August 31st, 2011.
  • Notes: A brand new VR Attraction called "Gurhal Heroes" begins!  Run through the history of the heroes' battles, and try to reach for the highest score!  Fabulous prizes await you! Also in story mode, based on the specific route/partner you have, a special event may occur. The mission screenshot above shows, "Heart of Poum" and "Eternal Psycho Drive", two unreleased weapons.
  • Gurhal Heroes Guide: [Click Here]


  • Name:  Rapico General Merchant
  • Access: Exchange Mission
  • Notes: Trade Extend Code for the Extend Code Infinity.


Kanetake Ebikawa

コスモクラッド CosmoClad
Female Cast Parts
300 Yen

A new generation of female parts, using a special coating, you can fight in outer space! Secretly, the Sky Clad Company advanced development of this project,  and now it's finally complete!


メテオライザー Meteor Riser
50% Dark Sword
200 Yen


メテオランサー Meteor Lancer
50% Light Spear
200 Yen


September 2011 GBR

Each GBR listed in September contains :

  • 3xDrop Rate Boost
  • 2x EXP
  • 2x Type Point
  • 60% Enemy HP.
  • August 31st to September 7th, 2011
    • 進化のカタチ Shape of Evolution
    • 聖地奪還 Holy Ground
  • September 7th to 14th
    • 聖域の回廊 Sacred Corridor
    • 飛来者の記憶 Visitor's Memory
  • September 14th to 21st
    • 暴走SEED特急 SEED Express
    • 忘却の城郭 Forgotten Castle
  • September 21st to 28th
    • 踊る珍鳥 Dancing Birds
    • 密林の侵入作戦 Woodland Raid

Mission Codes

  • Name: 北風と太陽 ( The North Wind and The Sun*)
  • Date: August 1st, 2011
  • Area: Snow
  • Monster: Moatoob / Neudaiz
  • Boss: Dimmagolus
  • Effects: WPN Drops: Ice Element: 80%、EXP x1.35、Reward Meseta x1.50、Drop Rate+20%

 This mission's name is an Aesop Fable.


  • 早く勝ち組になりたい  (Want to be the Fastest Winners?)
  • Area: Beach
  • Boss: Vol Brothers
  • Monster: Moatoob / Machinery
  • Effects: EXP x1.35、Reward Meseta x1.50、Drop Rate+30%、Attribute Granted+5


Nagisa PVC

Model of Entertainment Collection PLUS showed off the prototype of Volk's  new PVC figure Nagisa! It's not finished yet so certainly it won't look exactly like that.

 [Thanks Mrac]


PSP2i Lobby Artwork

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity added artwork from the previous Illustration Contest. The full versions of each artwork is linked below.

What the Chief Photon Master Should Be  [ai]



Nagisa [hii and hitoha]


emiliarappy []


Bonds [エイチス]


HappyRappy [Gano]


Welcome to Little Wing [Nue]


Nagisa and Fragment [shiroaisu]


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