Phantasy Star Online 2 Skill Tree

RACASEAL Concept Artwork

 But First! A brand new image of the RAcaseal, drawn by the lovely Mizuno!


RAMar PSO2 Concept

And Certainly the PSO2 RAMar concept!

Speaking of the Ramar's rear, it seems to be quite firmly guarded this time. The protector armor gives off an impression like what's shown in foreign games.


Oh really Bonko?


Famitsu Skill Tree

Famitsu Online spilled the beans of the whole entire skill tree list. You can check out the list below which includes all skills from the Alpha Test. These skills and descriptions may change once the final version is out.

PSO2 allows you to set skills on the Palette. There are also active and passive skills. Some skills based on their description in the skill tree list below can be triggered.  (For example Fury Stance)

  • Hunter Skill Tree
    • Step: Nimbly and quickly step short distances
    • Step Attack: Attack during "step"
    • Step Advance: The time of Invincibility during "step" is increased.
    • Guard Stance: Shooting /Striking power decreases, while defense power increases (Stance Skill)
    • Guard Stance Up 1: Improve defense during a Guard Stance.
    • Guard Stance Up 2:  Improve defense during a Guard Stance.
    • Guard Stance Auto Mate: When receiving damage during a Guard Stance, automatically use monomates.
    • Guard Stance Poison: Recover from Poison status effect while in Guard Stance.
    • Guard Stance Burn: Recover from Burn status effect while in Guard Stance.
    • Guard: Hold your weapon in front of you to guard attacks from enemies.
    • Just Guard: Reduce damage greatly by guarding at the moment of receiving an attack.
    • Just Guard Master: The time for Just Guarding is extended.
    • Guard Absorber: Reduces the amount of damage you receive when guarding.
    • Just Guard Stun: During a Just Guard, stuns the enemy at a low rate.
    • War Cry: Attract attention of Enemies.
    • Fury Stance: Striking/Shooting increases, while defense decreases. (Stance Skill)
    • Fury Critical: Improve critical hit rates during the Fury Stance
    • HP Up and Response Up are self explanatory.
  • Ranger Skill Tree
    • Weak Bullet: Exclusively for Assault Rifle, you can charge a weakening bullet.
    • Bind Bullet: Exclusively for Assault Rifle, you can charge a binding bullet.
    • Dive Roll: Quickly move short distances by diving.
    • Dive Roll Advance: Invincibility time during Dive Rolling is extended.
    • Tool Mastery: Damage from tool type skills are increased
    • Upper Trap: Set a trap that launches Enemies.
    • Upper Trap Custom: Damage from Upper Trap increases.
    • Poison trap: Set a poison trap.
    • Poison Trap Custom: Increases the chance of poisoning with poison traps.
    • Ability, Reaction, and Range UP are self explanatory.
  • Force Skill Tree
    • Flame Mastery: Fire Technics power increases
    • Flame Mastery 2: Fire Technics power Increases
    • Photon Flare: Temporarily increase TEC Power in exchange for your maximum HP which decreases.
    • Flame Tech S Charge: Shorten the charge time of Fire Techs
    • Ice Mastery: Ice Technics power increases
    • Ice Mastery 2: Ice Technics power increases
    • Freeze Ignition:  Give an explosive heavy damage to enemies that are frozen
    • Freeze Tech Boost: Increases the rate of freezing.
    • Bolt Mastery: Lightning Tech Power Increases
    • Bolt Mastery 2: Lightning Tech Power Increases
    • PP Convert: Temporarily increase the PP recovery rate, in exchange for your maximum HP, which decreases.
    • Bolt Tech PP Save: The PP Consumption rate of lightning techs decreases.
    • PP Regenerate: The amount of PP recovery increases.
    • TECH Up, Mind Up, PP UP are self explanatory.
    • Mirage Escape: By disrupting visual information, you are invincible and can move  short distances. (Pretty much a fancy way of saying you are invisible)


Armors and Units

Your protective armor consists of your costume and units (leg, arm, and rear slots). As for casts, your costume is divided among body, arm, and leg. Units that you can attach to your costume are restricted by race and level. Among them, there are certain units that you can equip to any of the slots and there are units that attach to a specific area. Some units have graphics, and some do not.



Mixing Normal Attacks with Photon Arts

So many times before we've said that you can mix normal attacks with photon arts. Famitsu provided their own interprepation of how each attack works. Let's follow the path!

The top specifies Normal Attack Combos, while the bottom are Photon Art Combos

When you initiate your attack you can start with either A or 1. Afterwards you can move to B or 2, and then 3 or C. If you follow the arrows you can see that you  can vary your attack path with A > B > 3  or A > 2 > C.


Lobby System

There are two servers in the Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test. Within the servers, there are BLOCKS, each block is essentially a lobby. Each block has a cap on the amount of people connected to it. You can move freely among blocks, but you can not move your character to a different server. So when you are playing with a friend, decide on what sever you want to use beforehand.

You can chat to other players like in the previous series, a chat balloon appears above the character. You can change the shape of the balloon for emphasis and a thought bubble.  In addition, you can also use manga iconography like sweat drops.


PSO2 Volcano Cavern Screen


PSO2 Volcano Caverns

[kotaku jp]

 Original Combo

Sorry Bonko… This is a screenshot of setting up the Palette with Original Combo. Now we can truly see how you can mix around photon arts.

  • Slot 1:  Gun Slash [PA: Ein Raketen > Rage Dance > Novastrike]
  • Slot 2: Assault Rifle [PA: One Point 【Piercing Shell | Grenade Shell】
  • Slot 3: Gun Slash [PA: Novastrike > Ein Rakaten > Rage Dance]

Piercing Shell and Grenade Shell utilize the Quick Palette.

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