Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters Event

Remember Phantasy Star Eternal, that game nobody cared about? Well they have now revealed the weapon you'll get for playing it on your Japanese mobile device with Flash Lite 1.1. Based on your GPS information, Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters will have players battle  different enemies and gather reports. The game is kicking off its first event called Infinity Festa. If you defeat all the characters that appear in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka you'll receive this lovely weapon for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.


エターナルハンターズ [Eternal Hunters]
(50% Fire Sword)

It looks like you can choose  different status effects on what you want your weapon to have. I'm assuming this is for extending but I'm not entirely sure. The choices 4gamer listed were; burning, freeze, shock, and sleep.


Phantasy Star Eternal plans to release more weapons for Infinity in the future. For now, those who complete this task can receive the product code which you can enter into the Japanese Playstation Network if it ever comes back up.


Partner Cards Get!

As you know, Maximum Attack Infinity Event is postponed on the PSP side due to Sony's Playstation Network fiasco. Shougai reports from a followup news article from Dengeki Playstation, Rapico and Heathcliff Flowen's partner cards can be obtained within the Maximum Attack Infinity Event. Receiving both of their cards allows you to achieve their respective titles.

[via shougai]

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