Maximum Attack Infinity Changes

This post contains a mini update regarding different games.


Maximum Attack Infinity

With the Playstation Network down, the Maximum Attack Infinity Event on the Playstation Portable side has been postponed. Once PSN service is restored, please wait for a new date and time for the event to be announced at the official site.  Originally, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity and Phantasy Star Universe would both contribute to a cumulative total based on the amount enemies they killed. Unfortunately this aspect is now canceled due to the current state of affairs. Instead, each game will have their own separate points and separate reward weapons. 

The changes to the reward weapons will be revealed at the official PSP2i site in the future. Interestingly, this change came about after many Japanese players asked Sakai to change the reward weapons. Please keep in mind the changes to the reward weapons apply to the Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity side.

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Maximum Attack Infinity Japanese Opinions

This section will update with various opinions from Japanese blogs and 2ch as to why they wanted the reward weapons changed.

Plus posts their opinion about the consequences of having 100% element for specifically the Eternity Gazer. According to Plus, Eternity Gazer is the most powerful shotgun that has already been confirmed to drop within the game. "When the extremely powerful Charge Shot 2 for shotguns is coupled with Eternity Gazer's 100% attribute, it would break the balance of the game. " Once a weapon like this releases to the public, it overpowers all other weapons within it's category. It might shrink the life of the game where you could just simply equip this weapon to pummel through everything.  "Even though Chou Hii might be too powerful, it can not compare to Eternity Gazer's 100%" Another problem with Eternity Gazer is that it's level requirements is high. It requires a level 160 player to use. Plus said they personally did not send out this demand to Sega.

Ginger simply wonders if the PSN outage didn't occur, would this change come about anyway?


Famitsu Interview

Sakai and Terada were interviewed by Famitsu Weekly, they will reveal a little behind the scenes story which should make for an interesting read. Information about the interview will probably be posted by Shougai.


Game No Jikan

PSO2's promo will be shown on today's Game no Jikan at Nico Nico. Keep in mind that PSO2's Official site will show the higher resolution promo movie later today. Sakai will talk about Illustration Contest for PSP2i, and show the Item Design Contest winners. (I'd love to see how PF Dinobite looks like in game!)

[via pspo2iblog]

PSO2 is still For Windows PC!

Yesterday I had my own little fiasco where some misinterpreted the "focus on non PC gamers" to mean PSO2 was coming to consoles. The intent of that line was to show how they are trying to capture those who are not willing to play PC games and convert them over to PSO2. The exact specifics of what that meant, (for example, perhaps to ease their transition towards playing a PC game, allowing non PC gamers to play through a PC gamepad?) were not explicitly stated. 

The first time the post was linked, the original intention was kept intact and everything was fine.  The second time it was linked, everything regarding PSO2 being PC only was thrown out the window, even though the official site, 1st promo video, and 2nd promo video clearly show Phantasy Star Online 2 is for Windows PC. As fun as it is to speculate whether the game will come to consoles, please keep in mind that at this time Phantasy Star Online 2 is a Windows PC game. There has been no announcements nor information made available to show that it is coming to consoles. I'm sorry for the confusion this caused.


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