Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud General Information

Welcome to PSO2 Cloud

Phantasy Star Online 2 is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on April 4th! Unlike other platforms, this version of the game allows you to instantly play without having to download those notorious gigantic updates! To get started on your journey, you'll need to download a 40MB cloud application.


Shared Game Data

Your progress from each version is shared among all platforms. Switch players can sign into PSO2 Cloud using the same SEGA ID from the other versions.


Multiplayer Capable

Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud allows you to play with up to 12 players. You can even go questing with allies from the PC version.


PSO2 Cloud Requirements

PSO2 Cloud is an online game streaming through the cloud gaming servers. Due to these circumstances, the following items are required:



A SEGA ID is required to sign into the PSO2 servers. Please take the time now to register a SEGA ID before the service launches.


Internet Connection

Since Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud utilizes a high-speed broadband connection, Sega requires the following devices:

Connectivity Requirements (A) or (B)

  • (A) Wi-Fi 802.11ac 5GHz
  • (B) Broadband Compatible Wired LAN Adapter.

Suggested Wireless Devices


Disk Space

Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud requires 40 MB of space in order to play.



Cloud Gaming Service

Similar to popular streaming services, PSO2 Cloud captures your character’s input and transmits that data to the Cloud. The results are then displayed on the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to play the game in real-time. Graphics and other game intensive data are handled by the Cloud, making downloading and updating no longer necessary.

Due to the nature of the cloud gaming service, the game will be set to 30 fps, and the player might experience delays based on the status of the internet connection.


PSO2 Cloud Limitations

PSO2 Cloud users will have restrictions in Cross Platform gaming. More details can be found at the [PSO2 Cloud Limitations] post.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild × PSO2

Playing the Nintendo Switch version allows you to obtain exclusive items such as Link's hairstyle, costume, Master Sword weapon camo, and Hylian shield accessory!


Learn how to unlock these items by viewing the PSO2 Cloud Guide.


PSO2 Cloud Product Information

Product ファンタシースターオンライン2 クラウド
Platform Nintendo Switch    
DL Price Free Play Cost F2P (Optional Cash Items)
Date April 4th, 2018 # of Players  1 ~ 12 (Co-Op)
Genre Online RPG Language Japanese
HDD Space Approx 40MB Cero Rating C
Play Mode TV Mode / Tabletop Mode / Handheld Mode  
Peripheral Support USB Keyboard and USB Mouse ※TV Mode Only  
Internet Connection Wi-Fi 802.11ac 5GHz or Broadband Compatible Wired LAN Adapter
※A Stable Internet Connection is required for a pleasant gaming experience.

20 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud General Information”

    1. That's correct. They will be adding Switch only and PC/Switch Blocks.

      Not bad, I guess, but still sucks the Switch version seem to be the lower end version of the game.

    1. From what they have said, it won't be crossplatform like you're thinking.

      iirc, there will be:

      PC/PS4 blocks
      PC/Vita/PS4 blocks
      Vita Only blocks
      PC/Switch blocks
      Switch Only blocks

      I don't remember exactly if that's all, but basically PS4/Vita and Switch players wouldn't be able to play together.

    2. Seem to be. PSO2 seem to be one of the only popular games that supports a decent cross-platform. As stated by LOSTBOB117, it looks like Switch players can only play with other Switch or PC players.

      Makes sense if you only have a Switch, but the PC version seems to be the superior version. PS4 being the 2nd and vite a the 3rd.

  1. So basically you're playing PSO2 by using SEGA's own computer and the game is streamed unto the switch?

    That's some pretty fucking neato technology they're tinkering with there even tho its simple in theory, executing it in open business practices is quite a task.

    Looks like Nintendo's experimenting with some Wireless stuff where you dont even need the console anymore just bring the gamepad and play anything you want from anywhere so long as you have good internet.

    1. This Technology isn't anything new. The PC had a history with such techniques for almost a decade

    2. It's not the streaming thing that's cool about it, t's the fact that the hardware you need to be able to run the game will come from THEIR end.

      It's a clever way of using streaming. What I'm curious about is what type of hardware do they have that'll let thousands of people run pso2 at the same time. It's pretty amazing if you think about it.

    3. You're really trying to downplaying this aren't ya?
      Yes that's just it its a PC per user
      PSO2 is a free 2 play game so, you are using their electricity, their hardware for no-profit.

      How are they making this financially viable?

  2. Look at that train wreck called OnLive. Even in the best case scenario of sub-100ms ping, the delayed feedback you get would make you feel as though you just drank the whole still dry while astral projecting. In a bad way. Probably only good for Civ. If you really must.

  3. I'm not sure if its confirmed, but I take it that the Champion's Tunic outfit(s) will only work on PC/Switch and Switch only blocks? or on other PC blocks too?

  4. So if 3 people that own 1 switch in the house log-in once at different times of the day,
    All 3 people will get the outfit just because they logged in?

  5. So i have played on PS4 with PSO2 but if i play on the switch i'll be able to play with pc player even though i have played on PS4 before ?

    1. If you play on Switch, you can play with PC Players as long as you are in the correct blocks. (Cloud Shared)

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