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As Maximum Attack X undergoes EXTENDED server maintenance, we'll do some catchup with items that are now currently on the Japanese Playstation Store.

All Maximum Attack related missions and exchange items will be updated within the original Maximum Attack X Overview post. Please consult it as I add data collected by users through the various Japanese wikis.

マキシマムアタッククロス II

Maximum Attack Cross II: A new mystical space was discovered within the Ark. This time this location simulates the Planet Parum. Continue investigating and uncover the mysteries of the Ark.

Download Items for 4/28/10

凍剣アンカーキング (Frozen Sword Anchor King)
50% Ice Sword
FREE of Charge


ファイアーアーム (FireArm)
50% Fire Rifle
200 YEN

コンゴウラ (Kongora)
50% Ground Wand
200 Yen

アンク・ギアズ (Ank Gears)
50% Lightning Axe
200 Yen


The next download item will be a present from the winner of "Gurhal's fastest".

Social Media Awareness

Phantasy Star JP now has an official Youtube Channel including an iTunes video podcast. Enjoy the Phantasy STARCH!

Phantasy Star Portable 2: Dragon Sakai Suit and School Uniforms

Ah yes, Spring has sprung in Japan at least. Looks like the cherry blossoms budding and waiting to fill the world with their precious colors! A new download item will be ready just in time for April fools day!

So today Sakai is introducing the Dragon Sakai Suit for both men and women! This sparkly outfit comes with an incredibly huge bowtie! Also, Space Channel 5 enthusiasts will enjoy the Hal Dress, PEAK UP!!! (I'm expecting these outfits to sneak inside that PSUJP 2nd Update.) These outfits are available only at the Japanese Playstation Store on March 31st.


Download Items

ドラゴンサカーイスーツ [Dragon Sakai Suit]
(Men OR Women Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen


ハルドレス [Hal Dress]
(Women Clothes and Parts)
300 Yen



One of the cool things I like about DLC is how you can introduce new story elements out of nowhere, thus the "Disciplinary Committee Executor" was born! The next download item for April will include brand new school uniforms! Executors keeps peace and order within "Clad Academy." Wait a minute, Clad Academy? Where did this come from?


Disciplinary Committee Executor

Each of these or what you could call "elite hall monitors", will proudly show their status through a nifty armband. There's also a signature flower like logo on top of their overcoats which will act as a lineshield changing color based on the element. The executors also come with a unique weapon but Sakai didn't want to reveal what it is at this time.


PSP2 Items in PSU Japan

Two items from Phantasy Star Portable made their way into the game as well as lots of other outfits but that will be in another post.

Twin Blaze (Double Saber)


PanzerFaust (Grenade Launcher)


Phantasy Star Portable 2: Maximum Attack Little Wing Extended, Hatsune Miku VN02 + Clad 6 Shopping Uniform DLC

Actual News

Finally some actual news that has nothing to do with Emilia being nude. A few brand new download content items are heading this way. This includes the long awaited Hatsune Miku VN02 outfit! Plus you can now wear the EDEN uniforms from the shopkeepers of Clad 6. As always you can only download these outfits from the Japanese Playstation Store.  CFW users can not use CWCheat codes to obtain the outfits. (Think about why you can't for a second…)

Maximum Attack Little Wing Cup has been extended due to popular demand. The new final date is now February 19th, 2010. Did you know that if we all achieve  a total kill count of 10,000,000 we'll all receive 3 Extend Codes? That's right! Three extend codes! Why bother completing all the challenge missions when you can get them for free! Extend Codes allow players to upgrade weapons of any grade to S grade. You can even embed the weapon with a special ability like Freeze. It will also have a shiny glimmering effect when you take it out.

Plus, the last "water" route opened up a few days ago and gives out the EX tickets. Please refer to the previous post on the cost per exchange items.

After completion of the Maximum Attack Little Wing Cup, Multimode players will now be able to access ALL routes on their own; Extend codes will also be distributed.

Sakai mentions that there was some dissatisfaction with the way this event was handled. He hopes to use our opinions to make future events even better!

The next download mission will include a new collaboration with Jump Magazine's  "邪王降臨" that concludes with the battle of the rare boss known as Olga Dyran.

PSUBlog's general FAQ is slowly growing but we need more questions, please post a comment preferably at the bottom of this post asking simple general questions to the game for example,  "How to unlock and play Megashi Eradication mission." or "How to get online after purchasing the game."


Download Items 2/17/10

Miku VN02 Protector
Female Clothes and Parts
Free of Charge


Shopper Suit White + Navy Blue
Male Clothes and Parts
300 Yen


Shopper Dress White + Navy Blue
Female Clothes and Parts
300 Yen


Clad Riser (Slicer)
50% Dark
200 Yen


Clad Cannon (Laser)
50% Light
200 Yen


Clad Bastone (Rod)
50% Light
200 Yen

[via pspo2blog]


PSU Japan Phishing

On January 21st, 2010 Phantasy Star Universe Japan was hit with a phishing attempt on a Chinese domain name. The url was reported to be passed around various message boards and emails. The actual site clearly mocks the login elements of the official site even going as far to include CAPTCHA to lure unsuspecting users to the site.   The news was first posted by The Council of Anti-Phishing Online.

Online Character Data

A new character data chart was posted on the official blog yesterday.

  • Females are the most popular sex.
  • Humans then Casts makes the most popular race.
  • Hunters then Bravers are the most popular classes.
  • Forces dropped from 10% to 8% since the game's release.
  • Rangers dropped from 18% to 15% since the game's release.

Notice how the Forces make up for only 8% of total players. Why do you think less people are interested in playing as a force? Please fix this Sakai.