PSP2i: Official Site Human and Newman Screenshots

Some more screenshots from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity were released today at the official site.

psp2i human

Human Double Saber


psp2i girl

Female Human Default Outfit


psp2i human female

PSP2i Female Pose

Humans were the root of all other races within the Gurhal solar system. They are the most balanced.  Humans mainly reside on the planet Parum. At level 10, they can use the Mirage Blast.


psp2i newman outfit

Newman Boy outfit


Phantasy star portable 2 infinity newman

Newman holds the lute at the base.


psp2i newman clothes

Newman Female Maiden

Newmans mainly reside on the Planet Neudaiz. They specialize in Technic casting. Their EVA, TEC, MIND is very high! At level 10 they summon a creature in what's known as the mirage blast.


Press Images

4Gamer released an article containing a rehash of information already known about Mission Codes, Infinity Missions, and Dyla Bravas. Some of the screenshots revealed some interesting things.

psp2i counter

Selecting Episode1 and Episode 2 at the Matching Counter?


psp2i online missions

Under the Matching Counter's "My Character" submenu, it appears you can access your storage, set the mission code, auto words, and equipment. Your character information now lists your own palette and mission code.


psp2i mission codes

Here you have 3 windows for the mission code. The first window is the "Base Mission", you choose a mission code from your list which will select the field. Then you select a mission code for the "Plus Mission" which is set as the boss. In the screenshot above, the plus mission is being set. After you combine these two, you will have a result mission at the third window.

psp2i result mission

Now the third window, "Result Mission", created a new mission that combined the two mission codes. 


Phantasy Star Zero Weapon, Blackhawk makes an appearance.

[via 4gamer]


Terada's Corner

Hey I think this is a great header for this guy. Every Friday Terada says something and we try to figure out what he means. Fortunately for me, Terada was extremely clear today. A nicer almost straight forward post that gets to the point about…. OMG SHIZURU IN A BIKINI??

  • Terada talks about the "theme" behind the story. He says in Episode 1, the theme was "Family Love."
  • Episode 2's theme is "Being Prepared."
  • The Swimsuit scene is now ready to be revealed.
  • The Dialogue in Episode 2 changes depending on what gender you are.
  • (There's only one character I can think of who needs gender based dialogue… Hyu….)

psp2i swimsuit scene

Swimsuit StoryBoard


lumia waber bikini fanservice

Guess who…


shizuru bikini

Sephi… Shizuru in a Bikini. Que squeeing fangirls.




New Hairstyles in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity

Many people have wished for clothes to no longer have a race restriction, and that came true in Infinity. But others have also demanded for hairstyles to no longer have that race restriction.  Well…


A newman wearing the Beast exclusive hairstyle.


A new hairstyle in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity


He's still a guy.


70 hairstyles for males?


 Naturally females have more new hairstyles.


This hairstyle looks familiar.


An angular hairstyle.


This hairstyle was exclusive to newman girls.


Many have requested for characters to have Bruce's baldness. You may think this "hairstyle" is easy to implement on created characters, but Bruce's head has a different model. If it were applied to a normal character's head, you would see gaps above their face. In addition, applying that hairstyle  increases production time and costs a lot, especially since they are on a strict schedule.  When you add things like this, you have to give up other aspects of the game. Like the screenshot feature was abandoned in PSP2, but after some hard work and dedication, it was implemented in PSP2i.

[via pspo2iblog]

Additional Comments

What's odd is the background for the menus are now white. Even though the background for loading screens were black since the TGS demo.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity: Infinity Missions

Post Extended.

A reorganized roundup of information posted from Sakai's blog.  Infinity Missions are customized missions that allow one to create their own customized mission. Scroll down to read information about Infinity Missions and Mission Codes

Important Notice Regarding Infinity Ranked Weapons:

Sakai in his later blog post stated that he made a mistake. To quote:

ミッションと武器に「インフィニティランク」が追加される、と書かれていましたが、 武器ランクに「インフィニティランク」は存在しません。代わりに「☆16」のグレードが追加されます。

I wrote that we added Missions and Weapons of Infinity Rank, however, Weapons of Infinity Rank do not exist. Instead, 16 star weapons were added.

Also to clarify, Sakai says Mission Codes drop within Infinity Missions, not regular missions. (I believe this means the mission disks that drop that contain mission codes, can only be obtained through Infinity Missions.)

[via pspo2iblog]

Important Notice for those who Reserve Infinity

The reservation campaign now applies to Download Version as well. You can receive the three preorder gifts by downloading the game between 2/24/11 – 3/2/11. You only have one week to download the game with the additional items! Good luck!

For more details, please read here.


What are Infinity Missions?

First Sakai wants you to understand the difference between Infinity Missions and Infinity Rank. Firstly, Infinity Missions are missions that you create by using mission codes.  Infinity Rank is the highest degree of difficulty above S grade . So don't you dare mix up the two.

Look Ma! A Mission Code!

Infinity Missions are VR missions, so in this case, Moatoob enemies can appear on Parum's field. To start the process of creating an Infinity Mission you must first acquire a mission code. You can get a mission code by various means such as through titles, by trading them, or downloading or finding them. For example, by preordering the game you get a (Bonds Mission Code) Kizuna Mission Code.


The Composition of a Mission Code

Mission codes contain four pieces of data:

  • The Boss who appears <出現ボス>
  • The Enemies  <出現モンスター系統>
  • The Field (Area) <エリア>
  • Special Effects  <特殊効果>


Special Effects

Some examples of Special effects are, "Monsters have Low HP" or "Weapons of Fire Attributes drop easily." The strength of the special effect is based on it's own level, and you can hold up to 5 within one mission code.

There's also negative special effects as well, for example, "Enemy's ATK power increase" and "Enemy's HP increase".

When one synthesizes (creates) a mission code, the effectiveness of a special effect can rise, new special effects are added, and some special effects can disappear.

During synthesis, when two negative special effects combine, they can cancel each other out. For example: Combining a mission code with "Enemy's HP Increase" with another mission code that has "Enemy's HP Increase" would result in the effect; "Enemy's HP decrease."


Trading Mission Codes

Sonic discovered this Mission Code

You can play infinity missions in story mode and both multiplayer modes. The leader of the party can set up such a mission and everyone can play missions of C/B/A/S/infinity rank of that mission code. You can distribute mission codes that you obtained through Friend Search, Multiplayer mode, and Online Multiplayer mode.  The original discoverer of the mission code will have his name embedded on it, listed on page 3. So when others trade your mission code, they will still see your name.


Mission Code Counter Menu. You can set 100 different Mission Codes


Synthesizing A Mission Code

You can create mission codes by mixing 2 mission codes together.  There are two slots where you place a mission code. The first slot is called the "Base Mission". In the "Base Mission" slot, you set a mission code which will control what field you will play on.  The second slot is called the "Plus Mission" . This slot controls what boss you will fight. For example:

Code 1 [Base] + Code 2 [Plus] = New Code [Result]

To reiterate, in the above screenshot, you have 3 windows at the bottom. In the first window, you select a code that will be assigned as the "Base Mission." Then in the second window, you select a code that will be set as the "Plus Mission." When the two codes combine, the third window shows the "Result Mission" or the new mission code you just created. The monsters that appear are inherited from both mission codes.

While creating a mission, the mission codes you set as the "Base" and "Plus" mission do not disappear. Instead you will use up your synthesis points. You will need these synthesis points to create missions.

Synthesis points are obtained through playing Infinity Missions or sending your mission code to someone else through Friend Search (explained below.)

One big characteristic of mission codes is how the drop tables can change depending on the field, monsters, and boss. So what may usually drop by such and such monster in an Open Mission, will be completely different within an Infinity Mission. Using this method you could obtain items that are hard to get from regular free missions.  Now that you could put two special effects together like "drop rate boost" and "Monster's HP is low", Mission Codes can be very advantageous to you.

[via pspo2iblog]


The Code Counter in Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity is in your ship.


Question and Answer Session

In regards to mission code variety…

The mission code itself has a name based on the field, and the boss that appears. There are about 8+ fields and 30+ bosses.  You also have 7 categories of enemies to choose from, but only 2 slots are selected.

For example:

  • Monster Appearance
    • 1. SEED
    • 2. Moatoob.

They do expect certain mission code combinations to be popular and spread around to the masses, but it's best if you try them out and see what you get. In regards to this, there's also a hidden device within Infinity Missions but Sakai does not want to say what it is at this time.

In regards to infinity mission limitations, and if open missions are necessary to play again…

There are no limits to the amount of times you can play an infinity mission. In a free mission, you can memorize the enemy spawn patterns, what drops, and the map variations. However, in Infinity missions, you may know what types of enemies will appear, but the enemies are randomized. It will still be necessary to play regular missions anyway because Infinity missions do not give out as much type points as Open and Tactical missions do.


In regards to rare enemy patterns and if some rare enemies will show up all the time…

Rare enemies don't show up all the time… however, there may be a mission where you will see rare enemies more often. It could have something to do with that hidden device Sakai talked about previously


In regards to those who can't find mission codes…

Even if you play during the early stages of the game, you will have 3 default mission codes set at the code counter. If , for instance, you just so happened to delete all your mission codes, you can still obtain mission codes through trading missions.

[via pspo2iblog]


Friend Search Recap

Friend search is the 3rd network function that allows one's PSP to communicate with other PSPs nearby through "Passive Communications". With this method one can obtain another person's character data and bring them along with you in a mission as an NPC.  Friend Search works passively in both Story Mode and Sleep Mode.


Additional Comments

Sakai is taking questions so maybe we'll figure out what the heck, "Planet Treasure" is… Also you can see a nice picture of those Exam Daggers.

So we have 30+ Bosses. That means about 5 new bosses would appear, that's Mr. Crab Scorpion, Dyla Bravas, Olga Flow, Volna Gravka, and final boss. I guess we should also expect rare forms as well.