Three PSO2 Concepts and Phantasy Star Eternal Planets

PSObanwa! Quick post today considering it's a school day. This morning Miho Bonkohara posted three more concepts of Phantasy Star Online 2 characters.

Here's the HUMarl having a dignified/cold look on her face.


Here's the HUCast with his slim design giving it this nimble look.


This one was displayed last week on Twitter.

Our next goal is to aim for 5000 Likes! So what's in store for Phantasy Star Online 2? Well Bonko mentioned a new Phantasy Star Blog will  start sometime this week.

 Phantasy Star Series Official Blog

In her latest tweet, Phantasy Star Series Official Blog will open tomorrow. Also it is Sakai's 40th birthday today, yay!


Phantasy Star Eternal Planets in Beta

Phantasy Star Eternal Planets is a browser game launching within Yahoo's Mobage site. The game's premise is that resources are drying up and the Gurhal solar system is in a crisis. For counter-measures, Subspace navigation has reached the testing phases and now they are searching outer space to find a new planet suitable for migration. You, the player, hired as part of Little Wing, are tasked to search for unknown planets and excavate their resources.


The game is set up like a turn based, table top RPG. Your party will travel to planets and attack enemies on the screen and find items and rares. You can also purchase items in the shop, like weapon skins, armor, weapon units, and clothing


You could say this is Phantasy Star's first social game.

Adding Planets

You can add planets in the game by purchasing an "AddPlanet" or アドプラネット item in the Shop. It costs 15,000 meseta. In fact most of the features in this game require you to buy items with meseta to use them. If you want to change looks you need an item to buy which requires meseta. If you want to add new partners you'll need to buy an item for that too.

[via shougai]


(Personally if you ask me, this story sounds awfully similar to PSO2's ARCs finding unknown planets for adventure. It almost seems like this game is leading into another game in the future. Perhaps a new handheld game?)

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